“Time to Celebrate a Big Happy Birthday”

Sometimes in LIFE, we do get to reach one of those eighty something years, and we still feel like we are able to do hard yard work… as there is just something about a yard… that all those weeds and stuff we do not want to see… just keeps a growing faster and better than anything else… that I know of!

Just seems as if that “yard” is receiving some extra special  nourishment … way beyond what I give and or put out there… as I do see the SUN shining every day, and then there is that RAIN… which does a terrific job of pouring down all that “WET” stuff … just when I do not want it… but someone greater than me, said “let the rain fall and water all that needs it NOW!”

So… as the time for all of us, to receive that  nourishment, that we people  also have a need for … as from our  small and very young infant stage in LIFE, need  the water and Sunlight, and so much more in the line of food and vitamins, and all of those many things are also available for  all of us… as needed! 

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So… this is ME… at only two weeks of age, and  the notes with this PHOTO … are that I am getting  ready … to be taken to Church to be Baptised.

More than likely… this is standard procedure for all of us.

Some people in LIFE, do read the necessary books of just exactly what you are to do, at this stage and when these circumstances appear for  you in your LIFE at this age and when such and such happens… as we all know,  of those many books that can tell us, all about everything… that will happen in LIFE and then, most importantly… how to be prepared!

There is nothing more important than having PHOTOS of the children taken… when they are young!

I just seem to be the happiest child  in this world, as the first and oldest child in this family … never remember having something to cry about.


For everyone… that day will come when you are now old enough to get a real good job, and start working… so that you can help your family, and also learn new and better things  which are now…  in that foreseeable future.

This photo was taken because,  I was now working for Southwestern  Bell Telephone Company and when I applied…  I was not quite eighteen and did have to get a workers’ permit.

After working for some months, had seen this material with the little telephones on it and bought the amount of yardage required  and a pattern for this blouse, and in a very short time had this ready to wear to work… just to let everyone know, that I was now a regular “telephone operator” and just  loved saying “OPERATOR” and taking the  required amount of  information for the caller’s call to wherever…  they needed to have a person to person call made!

I was lucky to work  in Saint Louis, Miami,  and Fort Lauderdale,  Florida…. and was  also working that afternoon when President Kennedy was  killed…. that switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree… everyone in the world was calling everyone and everywhere!


Now as you see me,  and with so much to do… wanted to post more pictures,  as I did go up that ladder in age… but can only go so far… in one afternoon… “Birthday Cake and Ice Cream” are now calling for me to come and celebrate with others… as they all know just what I like!

“Everyone start singing “Happy Birthday” …   NOW!”

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