“Birthday Week and Still including Old Memories”

“DADDY and ME!”

You can tell   – just by looking at this old PHOTO  — that this is when the world was in some much “better times” …

When you are able to  take some free time to  just think about the past  – and start doing  a little thinking  of the NOW and THEN comparing  – putting some real thought into the how and what we were doing… way back in the 1930’s …

And  then… just give a thought or two  about  everything going on today… just makes one wonder… about a few things and… so I ask you the reader, what  in this world …do you think??



Looking at me –  – in the strong arms of  my “DADDY” …

I am sitting on top of the world!

 Being the first child in the FAMILY – -I am taken everywhere – -I am getting to meet all of the FAMILY  and FRIENDS …

and from what my MOTHER told me – everyone liked me and wanted me to visit them – evidently –  the one thing that which –  I do  even  NOW – 

I was doing then – – and that  was  asking questions

–  asking  “WHY” … was the one word – that I used more than any other…  just wanted to know  “WHY ” everything was the way it was?

One story that –  my MOTHER told me  – was  that  when  she had the refrigerator  door open – she was  getting something  out  –   and walked  away just long enough – and I was just the right size to stand there –  looking in at all of that food …

and what a “mystery”  it was to me – just seeing things…  that I did not  know, what they  really were… as I  was  thinking  some things were toys, such as  that… wire basket full of “FRESH EGGS?” 

 I had round balls –  that were small – about the size of those eggs –  and must have been trying to make a connection  – as to “WHY” my toys would be put  in there??

So…  before she knew what I was up to doing…  I had taken hold of one  of those eggs…  and threw it down on to the floor –  and  now… just looking at the broken egg on the floor, and not   able to figure out why…  

This  little “ball”  didn’t   bounce   up and back to me.

The mess…  just did not look right…  so I am guessing  and or thinking  that something was wrong , and so I had to see what was wrong.

I grabbed another egg, and threw it…  also down to the floor!

As my MOTHER turned around,  and saw the mess.

I started to cry, as   there was something happening here – – and I did not know about eggs, and  also… that these were not little  balls for me to play with.

I am guessing that after that… someone would be telling me more  about  that which… I could touch and also … what to keep my little nosy hands off  – of…  before there was too much damage done…  and all done  by ME!

This…   “PHOTO” of me and  my DADDY is just one of my   favorites!


You can see that I have my shoes and socks on, and I always knew … I was then, ready to go somewhere.

And as you can see, my “HAND”  is busy pointing to where we should be going, and it sure was good to be up so nice and  high,  so as to see and  also… be able to be  the “director” of where we were going, and what we would be doing!

“It sure does pay… to be  DADDY’s”  little girl!”  

It was always FUN… to get to travel in style … just  being carried in the arms of …  your  “DADDY!”

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