“Planning to FLY Over To See YOU”

Some days you just receive,  that extra special feeling… you just know…  that there is something… right NOW… that you just got to get  your  whole body … soul and mind in gear  to receive … and wait for no dilly dally delays of any kind … you are feeling it all the way down and into your bones… you gotta  just get  to that  going… just as fast  and faster than ever before…  as you can!

Just take a look at my hair… the wind is blowing me  almost off my feet… just a real good thing… that I have my heavy boots  on… just  so good, to keep me on the ground, when the wind takes a notion to get so wound up…  as if it were a hurricane … and or getting my attention to get a much  faster move on!

When you just love to be flying… you see all of these obstacles as top priority challenges and you just have to start working faster and keep your mind on  just exactly that which  you are doing… watching out for something  off base… coming in a hurry and just so off base… makes  for you to start to wondering… am I taking any unnecessary  challenges or what?

Just letting everyone know… that I am up and  way up and above and doing… all of that which I was taught… from day one…

Just keep your eyes up and looking for me… when I fly by    and wave!

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  • Alan says:

    I love this Grammy! Dad loved flying, I like to think he is still flying around up there. Love you!

  • Mary Ellen says:

    “When someone, like my son AL… enjoyed all aspects of FLYING…. YOu can just count on him flying back and forth… to see and visit all of his family and friends, Now and forever”

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