“Your Grand Children Have so Much Talent”

“Grandson Makes Grandma’s Day”

“YOU heard that “JOKERS ARE WILD” – –

Well … what do you think of this “JOKER”  – – –

that, I am standing right… next to?”


Several years ago, when at work, I was bragging to some of my  fellow workers and  also showing to them the  “prize”   that I  had  just won,  and  I am thanking   the “LORD” above… for giving  to me, such a wonderful and  talented  grandson!

My grandson,  Alan  Aldrich has such good ideas,  when it comes to me asking him,  to put on paper, something I have in my brain and I am describing these thoughts,  and expecting for him to show to me…  my thoughts in drawings?

He does  just that!

Then… also, in my case we have to think up… just the right words to make these drawings come alive! 

“A terrific  slogan – words with pictures  –  is what I am after.”

All of  this is for another  “Contest” at my work  place… as   Alan has  helped me to be…  one of their many  “Winners!”

The gal, in the cubicle next to mine, is  Jane Amati,  and she came over  to my cubicle … just wanting to find out… if I could get my grandson, Alan to make a “Court Jester” … and also… just  maybe make it… at least  6-foot tall, to hang on one of the pillars in our section? 

And  the best part  of all  of this is, that … she would buy and bring  all the necessary materials to make this project… to me at work … even the very large sheets of the construction paper, if  Alan …  could and or would?

Also, the “Court Jester” had to have one of those three-pointed type headpieces.

This is something that  Jane  told me about in great detail… in as much…  as that this  alone… would make our “Court Jester” the top drawing attraction in our section at work!

Alan said he would  try, and he made some rough drawings to see what I thought,  and they looked  very good to me… so we  started  to work on it,  time flying and  it was getting late…  and I would have to leave early in the morning for work … I mostly looked  at what Alan was doing…  as I am not a very creative type person… and so, I just left Alan in charge of what he was doing… and so, I must  now leave  Alan, on his on,  just hoping for the best  of projects,  to be ready in the morning… I hurried on up the stairs … and  then … to  just go, right to bed.

The next morning , there “It” was,   the project all wrapped up… and  all ready to go to work! 

Jane could hardly believe  her eyes… that Alan was so  able to get  “It”   all done! 

So we started to hang “It”  on the  entrance pillar…  on the isle of our section at work and for the next couple of days, more  workers in our section, were bringing  their  own and some other goodies to hang.

With the “Court Jester” in full color, and  with movable parts, our isle at work looked like  “Bourbon St., New Orleans  –  Mardi Gras ”  style!

The “Court Jester” looked  so extra special… we  just  had to leave  “It”  up,  for months  and months…  as  all of the other departments  were now  sending  people  over   to have   their   picture   taken with  Alan’s, “Court Jester!”

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  • Alan says:

    I remember working on this project. I stayed up all night finishing it and had a great time. That is the best thing for a young mind, a real project. You were the best at giving us kids things to do like that – fun assignments that exercise our creativity. Love you!

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