“Highly Creative Learning, is So VERY Good”

“Jaime’s First Published Book is Just Terrific”

“First Published book by Jaime Aldrich”

This is the cover of the book written and illustrated with her very own drawings…the title is “Changes Around Us” …

… and the author is Miss Jaime Aldrich, my Grand-Daughter.



Since … little Miss Jaime’s book is about the changing  “SEASONS ” just thought that I would include a page from her book and this page talks about this very “TIME” of the year that we are in now…

“FALL” … and on the page opposite this writing is…  one of her very own drawings just to show us… what the “FALL TIME”  of a year would look like and what we might be doing… when and at this time of the year.


This is one of the best “projects” … I feel that the SCHOOL System can offer for the very young children… something CREATIVE and using their natural talents that a very young child has.

To have some way of expressing their use of language, writing, and storytelling all in a very natural and highly imaginative way for their age.

Also, for those young children who like to draw and color or even paint, which are all qualities to spark a full development… giving them something that they may want to explore further in LIFE, with higher education and more training.

When given a chance early to start writing stories and with your own natural creative gifts given to us by our Creator… gives us advancement in more training and working our natural abilities into a career and or at least…  

… this first starter project is a FAMILY treasure and something to be proud of …  for all the days of their LIFE!

“One must be grateful and thankful to those TEACHERS… that have the inspiration to know exactly what will motivate children to learn and master  up good working abilities in small starter projects in SCHOOL…

… sparking something … that gives a Student a chance to develop LOVE… in projects…

… that  will also inspire others to always want to make things that are good for all of us!”

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