“Gramps, Once More with His Grand Children”

Every day that you wake up… YOU start to thinking… what is the PLAN for this day … for ME and THOSE…  that, I LOVE the most!


This is Grandpa AL with his second  Grandchild little Miss Ruby, all snuggled up in his  strong arms of LOVE!

When you are putting in an order for Grandchildren… you will for sure… want to put in an order…  for more wonderful  loving and so sweet children, like our little Miss RUBY.

It has been quite some time, since I have seen a  sweet  and attentive little child, like our little Miss Ruby, as she is  so ahead of her class in all that she is doing.

Ruby can talk  saying words that you would never  ever  imagine a small child to be able to say and or even understand. Also, she can ask questions  and  is really paying attention, to the full and clear answer given.

Little Miss Ruby will try to do everything, that she sees her older brother  Lex, do… and as she  feels she can do,  and  she will even try to do so much more… than we have ever expected.

It is a real blessing that our Creator,  will Bless us and our family and  also our children, with  lots of extra special things, that they can do and also understand…  that they have those abilities,  to be able to do… all that we are trying to teach them… in those very first years of their life.


This is our great Grandpa, AL…. and holding his most wonderful Grandson Lex… and they are at the AIRPORT… and this is a very favorite place for them to be… as Grandpa AL is a Pilot, and I do believe, that one day… our little Lex will be a Pilot, too!

When you go to the Airport… there are so many  and very good reasons to be at the “AIRPORT” … and a number one good  reason  for us to be at this large and friendly Airport… is to take your very own young Grandson Lex, to visit and to also be shown some very good things to learn to do… that will make him feel happy and welcome and safe visiting the “AIRPORT” at all times!

“Little Lex” will be taken up on an Airplane,  while he is visiting the Airport  today… and so  “Grandpa Al” is showing  his “Grandson Lex” some of things that visitors can do while they are standing on the ground… and they see  their friends and or some of their very own family…  get into their own Airplanes and start to taxing on over… getting ready for their takeoffs!

While you are standing on the ground… nearby  to where your “GRANDMA” is in her Airplane and is  now going to take a minute or two…  to see to it… that  forsure, everything is in its place and that she has everything running correctly…

“Grandma” takes a look out of her window… looking to where she can now see you….”Little LEX”  in the arms of your great “Grandpa” and now you see her…waving and waving… and so “Grandpa” is showing you… little LEX… how to wave back … holding your arm and hand moving fingers…  like he is doing and giving a real nice wave back… with lots of “LOVE”  from the both of you!

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