“Put More Music in YOUR LIFE NOW”

“RUSH HOUR” traffic – Take a Helicopter”

“Bowling Green Airport – Terrific Music for FLY-IN”

Every year… and  for at least a week,  the “BOWLING GREEN AIRPORT” has the best “MUSIC MAN”…

“GENE PATRICK”  and with his lovely and talented wife, NANCY!

Together…  they have just the best and… that extra special music, that  you want to listen to…  and all the while…  you are up and flying in the heavens above!

“How’s this PHOTO? 

Like they say,  a PHOTO is worth a thousand words!

GENE is all set for what the crowd wants to hear,  and will also  be ready to call those names,  of  all the “WINNERS”  as there will be  many “Raffles” going on… all day long! 

So many organizations  needed this attraction,  with crowds of people for days, to make some extra money!”

And something extra special…

“How  is this, Al Aldrich  landing…

right on that designated spot, all set-up at  GENE’s  place,  for the “MAN’ in his  “FLYING MACHINE” ********* 

“Big Al, himself” will be flying in to see “YOU”… too!”


“Beautiful  Set-down SPOT.” 

Everyone should have a spot for   a “Helicopter” to land, would make for  your LIFE … to run on a “smoother plane!”

Just think about all the “RUSH HOUR” traffic …  that  “You” would avoid!   

All that  slow moving,  in traffic…

but –  and also  when you are in a big hurry…

after all,   it is “five o’clock”   and NOW,  YOU are   stuck in  heavy traffic  and  maybe for hours, all of which, you could  really live without?

“It just goes without saying,   so much less stress in your LIFE, would lead  to a much longer and more productive LIFE! 

More time to share with the FAMILY and FRIENDS!

“What else is living the   “GOOD LIFE” all about?”     D.V. 

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  • Gene says:

    Thanks Mary Ellen for the wonderful memories.
    It was great having you ,your grandchildren and great grandchildren over for a wonderful afternoon. Denise was so happy to see Allen,Jamie,and Allisa and of course you
    ( My second mom) we will have to get together again soon.
    Wonderful blog.

  • Alan says:

    Such wonderful memories Grandma! I love these pictures, thank you for sharing them! Dad was the coolest and he knew how to have a great time!

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