“Listen DEAR ,and YOU shall All HEAR”

Just have to add a few  words… but something special…  from the author, himself… King AL.


As I flip back the pages of time,
I remember traveling at light speed leaving Capricorn and the Jewel solar system.
Cancel culture took over my kingdom like a virus, and my people had started to apologize for being Capricorns with privilege.
I King Al gave my people everything, but the lowlifes from the kingdoms of Kent City, and heathens, complained about me… King Al, the son of a god, giving  to my people… the Capricorn privilege, and my people being so weak, did not stand up for themselves.
They could have told those lowlifes, that they worked hard and earned everything they had. And  that… I, King Al, was a  very great leader.
So, I  King Al got pissed off, and I had a need for speed, so I blasted off of my kingdom in a low-rider Harley bad boy cosmic space shuttle rocket bike.
I was halfway from the Jewel solar system, and halfway to the Milky Way, when an S.O.S. rescue signal, lit up my dashboard.
When the GPS on my dashboard zeroed in on the location, it was coming from a small red planet that had two rusty moons dancing around it.
I said to myself, “I hope this isn’t one of those heathens with cancel culture on his forehead.”
It’s been a while since I’ve had my army boots stuck in some heathen’s ass!



Sometimes, I think that everyone would like to write a book.

The most surprising thing   about writing a “BOOK” is when your very own son, Al R. Aldrich  will tell you … that he has written a book… so  NOW,  you can hardly  believe your ears… and stop to  think, when and where did he get all  of the time needed, for  such a project as writing a  “BOOK”…  one does need hundreds  of hours and or more hours to write, and now you are wondering  about all of that “TIME”… that he would have had needed… such a large  and  available amount of  time… so then… you start asking him…. “What is it all about?”


When your son will take the time to tell you  all about this project of writing  a very special  “BOOK”  and  also, that he wrote it, himself…

You just  have to sit down and let your  son go into all of the great details of writing a book and then… so nice and sweet, he tells you , that you are also included in the book.

Now you sit yourself so nice and comfortable, while you start to look through the new book, that your son has just handed to you.

As you are now looking through this book, your son is now also  telling  you, about the different parts in this book … and then he tells you,  to turn to a certain page, as you  kind of just are trying to follow him, as he is also telling you so much  more, all about his  ideas, way before he wrote the book, and then he  appears to you… to be in another realm … as he continues on … with some of the story!

This is just one of the best of times…  you  are having with your son, AL as he is enjoying himself too, he knows of somethings that had happened to me…  so many years ago, and by changing some  names and the circumstances…  just a little more this way and that… he has you reading and reading … and as you are reading … you are also  in that land…  where  you will find more excitement and all in such exciting ways… 

I just can hardly believe, that which had happened …  so very many years ago, is now written  for  so many to read and enjoy… and enjoy for ever more!

In the above PHOTO you see our “AL” sending autograph and signature as requested by persons sending for copies of his “BOOK  AEROS”.

Also a note :  AEROS: PRONOUNCED  (Air-OHS)

There are several printings of  the “BOOK” … and another,  that I like … has the title … “The REALM OF AERO”.

Over a period of years “AL” has written several books … because there is so much in SPACE and TIME…  that we do not know about and each of his books has so much  more  good and also new usable  information…   for all of the family to enjoy reading together and then talking about  all the different parts of the these books  and there is…

Personal information…  that will help each and every reader to enjoy  all of this world and also our  outer space… as each of us, has our own journey through time and space and we all need new little tidbits of information…  to help make our lives so much more exciting in our travels!

Tonight,  at the Dinner Table … when all are seated … and when one of the Dinner Guests asks permission to speak… about the book,  that he has just read, “The REALM of AERO”… some will stop eating,  and for awhile… all of the things…  you are now hearing…  will tickle your ears, as all of your family, stops their  eating and is NOW … just listening…  for more and more  about “AEROS”!

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