“Let’s Start Preparing for our Thanksgiving Day”

“Have the very BEST of Thanksgiving DAYS”

                    “We are getting ready!”


Of all the places to  WORK… the above photo shows a small area of the BAKERY… and that is Sister Augustella…one NUN…  who…  everyone enjoyed working for… and would WORK …24/7… if that was  ever a choice.

This photo is from the … Anniversary Edition …I would have  to check the correct year … where I have an old copy –  and I am so glad to have  this… once in a LIFE-TIME  EDITION… all of the old photos,  from those years … when I was there… just to show… how things were…way back and when!

Sister Augustella would have a large “laundry  size” basket  – just full of those treats… that we would get at our  “RECESS TIME” – – in the morning and afternoon… RECESS times –  and that would be a basket for the GIRL’s side… and also a basket for the BOY”s side –  and that was a real treat, for each of us… to be able to get something  “HOME MADE”… and extra sweet!

We did not go in to the “BAKERY”… as you see in the above photo… as Sister Augustella and her workers were  always busy “baking” and there really was no room for interruptions.

During a particular time of the day… there would an older girl assigned to work in the Bakery … she would be using the Bread cutter to prepare the slices of bread for the dining rooms …  and so… just for this PHOTO… and  for all to see something good coming from the Bakery… a PHOTO  of those many loaves of Bread   has  been taken… just for you to see all those loaves of bread… and wish you could have “HOME MADE Bread” everyday of your LIFE!

Back then… when I was the size of some of those girls in that photo line…

I would work in the BAKERY –  and one of the jobs that I had… was putting those loaves of bread in the bread slicer.

Then …one or two girls would spread each  slice of bread  with “HOME-made  grape jam”… which was also made  from the grape vineyard on the Orphanage grounds –  and we also had “HOME-made Apple-butter” – from the green apple trees… also growing on the Orphanage grounds.

When you think back… these jobs that we had when we were very young…were very  good training for all of the things that you may consider doing when you are older and would have left the Orphanage.

As … we all need to work at some point in LIFE –  and what better way is there …than for young children to learn how to develop skills in a variety of   occupations…

So as to get an idea of the  type of work –  which  would be of a benefit in more ways than… one can think of –  the motivation factor in determining  –  what are our  natural talents  –  will they maybe provide the exact “road” in our LIFE… to pursue!

When it comes to this time of the year… Thanksgiving TIME…

Just having had the chance to work in the BAKERY, with and for Sister Augustella,  has been of a great benefit to me.

As now, that I  am thinking back…  I have such good memories of getting ready for these  extra special HOLIDAYS… and I sure do enjoy telling everyone, the  how and why, of all that,  I do…  and what I do –  since everyday of my LIFE… just seems… that each  and every day, and going  all the way back  to then… was a real good  learning lesson… just  preparing  me… for each and every next day to follow and the very next “NEW” year!


… Remember to have the very best “Thanksgiving  DAY, this  year”…

For  our World…  as we know it TODAY…

Has the habit  of  always changing !   

We just never know … what  each of our tomorrows… 

Will  bring  to each and everyone of us? 

Blessings  and with Good Wishes

To Each and Everyone!

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