“LEX wave your Hand to say HI!”

Just so very HAPPY to see you all gather together!

Looks like our little LEX was outside all by himself… and it seem to me… that he must have been looking for me… as he was just so HAPPY to see me, and was just so full of smiles and “HUGGS” for me … when, I bent over to pick him up!


It sure has been a long while… since I got to hold our little LEX in my arms… and I just love to be the one, that will be looking out for our little LEX… just to make sure…  that he is always where he wants to be…  and that he is always HAPPY with everyone … when he goes out doors to play with his little friends.

Some times when we are here… we are assigned certain tasks to do… and to do them as pre-assigned  and with due diligence  as sometimes…  they include certain people that are very special to me… and  also … to so many others…  that I also know and will care for.

So for me,  to achieve my goals…all time and place  and circumstances that  will require some extra  special attention… that I can help you with just have to be done in a way that  you will not recognize  me… as we work on different plane  of  existence know to man.

There are so many things that we just never talk about… that would make sense to those not on the same plane of time and place… but in my books… I have some information that would really be of a help to those… that would like to know more about that which I am speaking.

When you stop to think about a thing or two… that through out the day … we see and hear things that are so different from the normal… or that which … most motels would call normal… we could get in to a quandary of  just guessing what another is talking about… and in the end… no one knows what they are talking about and in the end… some talking about pure nonsense… if  they will ….. at all  be talking to anyone ever again?

Just so glad that our very special  “KING AL”  himself… the writer of many very good books … still decides when and where… that he will  be seeing each and everyone of us… as we all just LOVE to hear from him …  and just as often… as he has that extra special  time and will pick the place.

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