“A Wonderful PCNIC To Be Remembered Forever”

“Grandson LEX, reading Grandpa’s Book, AEROS”

  • When it comes to having a PICNIC… nothing like having some of your published books on hand… to hand out to ALL … those attending…to see what they like?

Nothing to do but to give to young Grandson LEX, a copy for his very own…

…. as he wanted what everyone else was receiving… a “Hot Off the Press”  latest addition of the adventure of “AEROS” and…  to be signed to him, from his Grandpa Al… himself!

and… So glad that some guests were watching and grab their cell phones and began to snap photos.

Just looking at this photo… it seems that our little LEX has found something of high interest… as his looks indicate… that he is very interested in what he has found in the book of “AEROS”… and,  as I look at this photo … I see a very young child highly interested in reading and learning… he holds the book so well…  that he can read and observe that which is of interest to him… and most importantly… his posture is so good… sitting up straight and book resting on tabletop securely… and with all of us so interested in what LEX is doing… Little LEX is not distracted… at all… by all of us!


and… Then, the loud sound of many automobiles on the street… suddenly attracted all of us, to leave the back yard and go to the front of the house… to see, what  in the world was going on?

Seems that a parade of highly decorated vehicles… decided to parade in celebration of one of the neighbors…  “65th” Birthday…

… since we can not celebrate with large get-to-gathers… due to “coronavirus” that is keeping all citizens homebound… so now… we see many cars having  balloons flying all over… in seconds a few balloons left their hands and headed to the sky… so high above… seeing  all of these balloons  just flying away, Little Lex wanted one, too.

and… We all  started going back to the picnic patio and little LEX went back to the arms of his favorite of all the guests… up and into the arms of his “Uncle Alan”… the one and only with nice strong arms to hold and rock little LEX… for long periods of time.

“Low and Behold” one of  our guests evidently went over to where that big “Birthday Party”  was going on… to see if…  he could get a couple of Balloons for Little LEX.

“Coming through the backyard gate… everyone could see… two very nice and extra large  gas-filled balloons… flying just so nice and high… this way and that…  and they were handed to our  Little LEX.” 

This was just one of the  very best things, that could have taken place… as this  gift to LEX, made this to be… just the happiest part of the whole day… for little LEX.

Just to make sure that these balloons did not also fly into that high sky above… each Balloon had a very long ribbon… and on  to that end … was  added a weight… heavy enough that LEX could hold  it… but if … he let go… the Balloon would stay  right here on Earth… where ever LITTLE  LEX set it.

Nothing like having a very nice afternoon with family… one that we will all remember and remember forever… and all  of us, had  so much fun and with good eats… with lots  of very good things happening  for all of us  to remember … so that we will all get together soon again.            D.V.

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