“Look Up To See ME Fly By”

Mid mornings … when the skies look like, what you are looking at … in this PHOTO below… just take a good look at these skies… so that when you see them in the future … you will let your eyes  start searching  those skies above … and you will open your ears, to hear from  me… always that one and only PILOT… that said … he will be flying back to EARTH… just to see and watch over his favorite people!


Just to be able to FLY on EARTH … for all of those years… that I have been a PILOT and always did enjoy flying with all of my family… as they took to flying just like I did, at an early age… when you feel just like a young “bird” that knows, that it is just so wonderful to fly … as we were told so many times, and also we  all know that flying will get you to your destination so much faster, than to have to drive in  such slow and heavy traffic day after day… everywhere and everyday  and getting no where fast!

To be able to FLY… when and whenever I want to too… is just so much more FUN for me NOW!

I remember back to those early High School days,  when some of my class mates were just a little on the “scaredy-cat” side of the fence… when I told them… that they could go flying with me …  and to… just to let me know when… the date and hours  that they had in mind to go flying… as I did have to pre-arrange those dates and times… as those small  planes, only have so much room.

If you remember back to when and where you were flying with me… all those years … long gone and almost forgotten… check in with my MOM… as she most probably can find some of our old PHOTOS,  and then…  she can post those good old memories of those great  flying days… that  we remember enjoying and having so much FUN… and as we  all had flying together!

To ail of my Flying Buddies… that do, still get up nice and early… especially this week …I am guessing,,  that you did hear us flying around, so very nice and high above all of you… but to attract attention and so that so many would take a small pittance of  their  time to step outside their homes,  and take a look high up and view the skies above… looking for all of that noise that they were hearing and was flying by… just to attract attention and let you all know… that I and my friends…   would like to give you all a wake up call… just letting you all know… that we are also always thinking about you all … down there…too!


I do enjoy thinking about you as…  you all are also thinking about me, each and everyday!

Your Blessings are being received by me… as all of my Blessings are being sent each day to each and everyone of you… that I LOVE!

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