“Story – Tellers”


My husband,  Lee and his friend, Mr. Brewer could tell me something – and as they were telling me – they were so convincing – I believed every word.

Mr Brewer, would bring his wife into the restaurant  – that we had in Florida – as she would be relieving  my husband – as cook –  for the next shift.  Mr. Brewer would arrive,  at least an hour earlier  and on the sly – he would check with my husband  – to see, if he wanted to get a drink   with him – before going home?

So, Mr. Brewer would sit at the counter, and holding his head – he would try looking like he was sick , and say, “Lee, I don’t feel too good – could you take me down to the doctor’s office to get a shot  – for whatever I caught?” All of this conversation would sound legit – so I and all those listening in on this “sad-sack” story – believed  – this  poor old guy is not feeling too well!

Almost an hour later – the two of them would walk in the restaurant – and Lee would ask if I was ready to go home – as my shift was now over.  Shortly – gathering whatever I was taking home and loading the car – off we went – home.

Well –  – after, maybe weeks of this scenario – taking place and no one – that is “ME” – had any idea  – that this poor old Mr. Brewer – wasn’t actually on the sick –  side   – and Lee would so nicely take him to get a shot . As it  happened – one day  – Mr. Brewer came in and was saying he thought he needed a shot? I  – also –  was not feeling too well,  –  so I said –  “if you have time  – I’d like to go and get a shot – maybe I’ll feel better, too???”

So,  we all get in the car and away Lee goes and driving with- in a block’s drive – he is pulling the car into a parking lot  – that does not look exactly like a parking lot for a doctors office – as our restaurant was surrounded with doctors’ offices. “This is a short-cut” Lee said, with a straight face and I am just following, them – as we get out of the  car and walking into the back of a business –  “Into the back of a “Tavern” – we enter”  – I said  – “this does not look like the “DOCTOR” OFFICE” – that I go to?”   … “Ellen” – “this is where they have the kind of shots that help us!”  …   “You mean to say that this is where you, two have been going, all along?” … “Yes!”  –  “we said  – we were getting a shot and that’s what we did? ”  … “You can have whatever kind of fancy drink, you like, OKAY?”  …   “I guess, so?”

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