August All Gone!

When it is – the end of  “AUGUST” and “SEPTEMBER” is just about to begin – I get the feeling that tomorrow will be “CHRISTMAS” – because the year 2014 is “SHOT!”

This weekend – everybody is hurrying for the last good sales – which really are not “GOOD SALES” – the prices are higher than ever – and the merchants feel that if they don’t get you in their store -NOW – they will have to wait till they can offer you some “deals” for “Christmas” – so there you have it in a “NUT SHELL” – “Christmas” is tomorrow!

September – we must finish up this month in a hurry with last minute “BIRTHDAYS” – “Oh –  I almost forgot – “Grand-parents Day” – I put in all these years and  with me – getting the “Family” to multiply – just so – I could enjoy being a Grandparent!” “CAN NOW CELEBRATE!”

October – Wow – What a month this will be and everyone in a big hurry to get to the end of it just so they and finally dress-up  – and think they can scare someone – they forget, that –  all year long they have been scarring everybody – never cleaning up and wearing the same old costume  everyday for work and play! Do you see anyone dress-up for “Church” – I look around and wonder – “They are in the same ole outfit as  they wore last night – and now they are in “Church” praying for a crop failure!” So much for “Halloween” – too much money wasted – trying to have “FUN” and I do not think anyone – today – really knows how to really have a good time with their “FAMILY!?”

November – This month could be long – for some – since they have a list –  a mile long – of all the things that they have to do – that they could have done this summer – but “NOW” will be looking like they – alone – will have to do everything – just to make a big splash for all the FAMILY – with the biggest “Turkey” – and everything just so-so! It is the same old story – hurry and hurry some more  – nobody is working fast enough and nothing is being done as fast  as it should be and then there is that “TOP – Sergeant” in the FAMILY – that knows how – but does not do – and everyone’s nerves are on edge – ready for an explosion?  READ the newspapers and you will see – no cooperation – everyone does it only their-own  way??

December – It’s over – before we begin – nothing working out the way it should  – no planning earlier in the year – now it is too late ! Let’s just forget everything we were going to do – let’s do it next “YEAR” – it will be cheaper – – let’s just stop all the silly stuff we used to do – let’s start doing everything a new-way – and just play it by ear???

“Didn’t I just say – tomorrow will be Christmas?”  – “Tomorrow never gets here anyway – It’s always TODAY!”



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