“More Easter Times”

Talking about “Easter Times” – reminds me that Easter was not only about Easter Baskets and Chocolate Bunnies and colored eggs – but that there is a reason for us to celebrate by going to Church. When I was born, my family lived  across the street from the Perpetual Help Church and when my Mother was expecting my brother Denny – it was time for us – a growing family –  to find a larger place,  so we moved to the new location before Denny Jr. was born.

So, after several moves, we once more moved back to the North Saint Louis area – and we were again in the Perpetual Help Parish and of course at this time – I was old enough to go to school at P.H. – that’s what we called the school. When you go to a Catholic School – there are NUNS and you start to learn all about “Jesus” and also your part in participating as a good Catholic child should.

In those days – 1940s – you did a lot of walking – something that children and their parents do not do too much of today??? Of course – there was WWII going on and we in America were all doing our duty – that  – being to give up on all of the “Luxuries” that we could have had – to the “WAR” effort. We wanted to be “WINNERS!” So, I was walking to and from School each and every day – and the walk was several blocks long.

It was very important – also  for me to be in Church every Sunday – as the Nun that we had – would ask on Monday   – when you were in School – “Did you go to Church and was your family with you?” Also – in those days – there were lots of extra functions that took place on the School Play Grounds – and if you did not get to Church for the Sunday Bulletin – “HOW would you ever know what was going on?”  You did need the weekly bulletin for; The Bing-go’s – Friday night Fish Fries – Picnics – and all the important Church activates – Weddings – Births – Christenings – and Deaths.

Well, I guess that I must have felt like a big girl – as for this  “EASTER SUNDAY”  – I received a mustard color of yellow tweed suit – something extra special for the whole day to wear – but I had to wear it first to services on “EASTER” – and if you are old enough – you know that whenever you got new shoes, clothes and or anything special – you wore it first to Church. They didn’t tell me why – but now that I am older – I guess it would be nice to let the “True Giver” of all  good gifts to  see you  – and  so you could  give HIM  – a special thanks!

So, it is “Easter Sunday” and my family is as I am – getting ready for Church and  then – off we go- I do not remember how many blocks that we would walk  – but it was a very beautiful day! The Sun was out shinning and we were enjoying the walk and as kids, skipping around as my parents  walk and talked and finally there we were in Church – and since it was Easter Sunday – it could have taken a little longer than an hour?

“WOW!” What a difference an hour makes – when we started for home – all of a sudden a heavy “Spring Shower” hit – and we had no umbrellas! We were getting wet – and all of us in our Sunday Best – just getting soaked – faster  and nice and  wet – so my DAD said, “Head for the Drug Store- up on the next corner – we will take cover there!” The “Shower” didn’t last too long – but for my new little suit – it was shrinking? There was a silk or satin liner inside for the suit to hold its shape – but this suit was not suppose to get  all wet – for cleaning  – it should go the “Cleaners” – so that they could clean it – to keep its  nice shape!

That was one “Easter”  that I’ll never forget – as all that I ever had for years later was the little yellow purse – the suit –  I never saw again and never ever wore a second time!





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