“Memorial Day” – remembers the wounded!”

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“Memorial Day”… will last the whole week – and maybe even a few extra days –  – at this time of the year – –  since I feel that we should remember  all  of  those who  – –  “fought the good fight” – –  for the “FREEDOM” that we all  …  now enjoy!

The above photo is of my father – Denny H. McClarren Sr. when he was stationed in Manila, Philippines – doing his  three,  two-year stints in the Army.  He was injured and this could be his passage back home – to the United States.

 At the time…  when  my FATHER signed up to join the Army – he was  not yet old enough – –  but “TIMES” were bad – and so –  from a small town in OHIO –   with  too many other mouths to feed in his home – the ARMY looked like the best place to go. This is probably the same situation for a lot of the young men in those times – and  in his signing up for the ARMY – he would be taken care of – – and those at home would have it just a little better  – without  an extra person  to feed – also in those same times – –  there was little or nothing in the line of work to be done by under age young men!

So, with the great plan of the ALMIGHTY –  – – my Father-to-be was protected and his injury to his back  –  his  having to be in a “body-cast”  for six-months – – was gradually leading him to the Saint Louis, Missouri  area – to where he will meet my MOTHER-to-be – – –   so…  then these two new “LIVES” – with lots of challenges… some good and bad choices… and a whole  load of consequences to  follow –  – – up and  down … over the years  of LIFE – turns out to be a sink or swim situation…

Since I do not know any other LIFE – I cannot comment  on some wild wish –  but I am grateful for the LIFE – that I was given…  and I can only guess that –  if … we all think about where we are and where we could  have been   – that  … somewhere else …would not  maybe …be as good… we should all be grateful and thankful  –  that the ALMIGHTY did  send   protection to and for all of our SERVICE MEN – who were injured and were able to come  HOME  – making a FAMILY  –  that we can all we proud of! 

With lots of PRAYER for all of the SERVICE MEN  that  served in all of the past WARS and CONFLICTS and for those who are still defending AMERICA – today   – –   we should daily…  Pray for Blessings –  for their Guidance and the continued Presence of the ALMIGHTY  – that –  those that served are always and forever…  remembered!

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