“Donald Lee Aldrich and sons”


“The Donald” – – every FAMILY needs one…”

Lucky for us – – there is more “Day-light” in Florida – so… as soon as we tied down the “plane” – we all jumped into the rental car and started enjoying the scenery – all the fabulous buildings  – double checking the locations and the restaurants –  – – so… we would have an idea  – as to where we would be getting our first “Florida” meal!

We headed toward “Donald’s place – wanted to be sure he and his   FAMILY  were up to joining us – somewhere special for our first get-together meal??

While at Donald’s place – he suggested we all get into his boat  – – get the feel of Florida.. ON THE INTER COASTAL  – since there is a real nice restaurant on the way and it will be something – that we would all enjoy!

Well…  what could we say  – but “YES” let’s all go and have FUN! – So… after parking the boat  – – we decided to take a few pictures. “HOW’s” this one – the back side of the “DONALD” – and he is trying to get his boys… to hold still a few seconds – – – so as to not get –  all blurry photos … – – like this one that I decided to take of Donald and his boys!.

It may have been my fault … that the boys were  act ting up… so much – because – everything that the “DONALD” was saying… to get them hold  – still – I just kept  – up with…- “It’s alright – they aren’t hurting anything!”  Guess – that I was too easy  – giving out the permission – that maybe they were not used to getting??

We all had a real good time – and the “boys” were really enjoying their selves    – as much as I remembered –  – – when we were little boys – and FAMILY and FRIENDS would come to visit us  – way back in the 1960’s  -in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

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