Remembering “Beverly Theresa Porter”

Betty, Beverly,Me 001

In the photo above –  –  this picture  of the three of us –  – is being taken by Gail Porter. Also… in the above photo is Betty Jean Musgrove, and she is taking a picture of  me, Mary Ellen and I have  my left arm around  Beverly Porter – who is  a very good friend

This photo was taken in my last year at German St. Vincent’s Orphanage – as you see I have long hair  – – and I wanted it to be long for “Graduation Day” in the coming up June…. but the NUNS  – – had a thing about long hair – that is long hair on me. They told me that they would pay for me to get a permanent at the “Ragsdale Beauty Shop” if I would have it done  – as soon as possible???

It was January 1952 – and they promised me that my hair grows fast – – and it  would be long again for “GRADUATION” –  – I did not really believe them – but  – and so that I would not be    harassed    any more – about my long hair – disturbing them  – when we were in Church –  let me tell you … it does take longer than six (6) months to grow long hair.

This was to be a message to remember Beverly Theresa Porter Hitchcock – as she was a very good and dear …friendly- person …to everyone… for  all of her LIFE – and last year today … she  left here… for a much greater – a far, far greater rest…with her CREATOR…ending this journey here…



Well… I was able to add this much latter photo of Beverly Theresa Hitchcock … and she lived 74 very good years … with all of us –  – –  her very many friends and Family!

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