“January – VACATION – Florida”


This is my brother-in-law Al – – with the lady in the center , his wife and small child next to her and on her right , their son and on the left of the photo – – Grandma to their baby, – that is the wife’s mother. (It is a shame that I do not remember their names  – as this photo was taken in January 1968! – Looks like I will have to do some checking out of old information.)

Every photo has a special “story”… “why else take a picture …if there was no  good reason… for taking it!”

Just the year before in “JANUARY”  – –  my husband, Lee died. Al in this picture is Lee’s younger brother – and invited me and the boys to come down and visit – ANY TIME??? – 

Well… when Lee died – it was too much for me to continue working in the nursing home as bookkeeper – too many people reminded me of Lee and how sick he was just before dying. I could not just quit working  – Social Security was not enough – and I was young enough to still work.

So… I called the telephone company and talked with my last supervisor – told her all that had happened – and ask her if they could use ..  me ….again??? I had worked for the   telephone   company four (4) other times – and this would be the fifth (5) time – if they would hire me???

Lucky for me – the best friend  you can have – is a good “Supervisor” –  – she knew that I had a terrific record – always there – work any hours  – overtime – and any shift  – never take a day off – just because I might feel sick – once you start to get ready for work – it’s a miracle – how fast you can be cured of whatever you thought  – you had! She made all the arrangements – all I had to do was to show up!

I was surprised… when the clerk came around  – this is several months  – after having been back – – and asking  “me” – when in JANUARY 1968 – do you want your one week “VACATION?” I even asked her  –  “are you sure –  that I would be entitled???”

So… there you are – if you need a job – this is my review – I enjoyed working every day – and probably would … do it again – check it out – I have friends that stayed and retired – my problem – just needed to move  and try out other things – but if “steady” good work and good pay – where else would you want to go???

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