Sep 27 @ 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
7401 Florissant Road – Normandy, MO  63121

BBQ & Kids smallSt. Vincent Home for Children Picnic

Please bring your family and join ours!

St. Vincent Home for Children wants to invite you and your family to our Alumni Picnic. We will provide the food, fun, entertainment, and


beer/wine/beverages. The picnic will be a celebration of our wonderful past and an opportunity for you to meet our Executive team and see how our programs are working today.

Most of all we want you to come to enjoy a great fall afternoon among friends!

RSVP: Number attending to Mike Garavalia, Director of Development here.

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  • Hi Grandma!

    Yesterday was a lot of fun visiting your old stomping grounds and seeing Tommy, his family and even your old friends! It was interesting hearing all the alumni’s stories as they were reminiscing during the tour of the place.

    Most of all, it made me feel very blessed and filled with gratitude to belong to such a beautiful family. I always cherish all of our “get togethers” and time spent laughing and enjoying each other’s love and light~

    I also especially appreciated you printing out photos of you at the orphanage as a child to share with us. (Grammy asked if we could pick her out from a photo of a classroom full of girls, and as I scanned the photo, I picked out my Grammy right away!! She still has the same look after all these years 🙂 and plus I recognized my own face in hers!)

    I am very grateful for my Grandma! I love you Grammy!! What an uplifting day this was…

    Cheers to honoring the past, and even more importantly GUARDING THE PRESENT MOMENT- right “NOW” is all that is, all that ever has been and ALL that ever will BE. This moment is what creates the ripple effect out into the vast interconnected universe so it is wise to be AWARE of this power THIS MOMENT has…

    Today I will be meditating and giving thanks to the Universe~ feeling the resonating GOD within me FLOURISH ABUNDANTLY with JOY, LOVE and LIGHT which through my conscious being I will echo back into the universe for ALL ETERNITY. <3

    Thank you & God Bless ALL now & always~

    XOXO Love, Alyssa XOXO

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Like I have mention – so many times before – – the Almighty Yahweh has truly sent special blessings to me … especially with the whole FAMILY – – I had to read and re-read…your comment – it was a perfect PRAYER… NOW – I know that we will continue to be BLESSED…

      LOVE to ALL the FAMILY…xoxoxoxoxo…. the BIG G – herself

  • Chris says:

    Greetings, Mary Ellen. Thank you for sharing your stories and insights in the blog. I am enjoying reading your posts. I came across your blog while researching the St. Vincent German Orphan Home. My father and his siblings were residents there at the same time as you and your brothers. I only know this because the 1950 census results (released less than 12 hours ago) list all of you who lived there when the census was enumerated. I’m going to order a copy of your brother’s book as soon as I get home (currently riding in the back seat of the car, returning from a spring break trip down south). Thanks again!

  • Mary Ellen says:

    “Thanks for checking out… always glad to share about the things I remember… from way back and when”

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