Tom & Shane 001

This is THOMAS H. ALDRICH…and his WAR-Dog  SHANE.

The above photos show that some of us…have received  “gifts” from the Almighty – – that give us an empowering ways…that with animals…such as “Dog-Training” – – we can speak  with …and understand…the ways and actions of the dog – – in this case … TOM can speak and train “SHANE” – – in such a way that they each know and understand…exactly what the other is  thinking and which  actions are expected…to accomplish the mission that this branch of service must  realize…for the safety of all.

TOM had this talent as a very young  boy…when he had his own dogs and and other small animals  – – he  would keep daily records of what the animal did…what it was fed… what specific treatments and procedures were taken…when – – with his  checking for the correct knowledge of what was needed – – it was almost as if he was  a doctor – – – taking care of animals and being sure that they were well taken care of.

When TOM left the SERVICE… he continued with the training of dogs…some that – –  he raise and sold – – and others that…if you had a dog – – that was needing to be trained for a specific use – – then TOM… was the person to have… to  do this training. There are some people who can actually talk to the dogs  – – and get responses back – —  as to what they need – – and what is happening to them…when… they have owners that are mistreating them.

We must always remember to pray for all  of our young people…those that have talents – – and that the ALMIGHTY will help those that are going to serve … in the ARMED SERVICES –  – – so they can do an excellent job – – since their talents are developed so early …making them… so  naturally good – – – for all of us …that  – –  will receive the benefits.

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