Tom 64-65 001

This is THOMAS H. ALDRICH and some of the team…that he was working with in KOREA…1964 -1965 – – Dog Platoon – – K-9 CORP…

TOM is the man standing…top left of photo – – and I sure  am grateful and THANKFUL…that he gave  to me…some of the photos that were taken of  himself    and the other men… that he was working with. The only thing that happens… when the person,  who gives you the  photos is no longer here – – then …there is no way to have the names of all of  the men on the photos???

If you enlarge this photo…you may be able to see the name of these men on their uniforms…and one never knows – – someone just may know one of these young men – – – as they all look very young …to me!

Do not forget to remember to say a few PRAYERS…for all of our young men and women- – as they may have served and may not be here…today??? But – – with the way the world turns – – you never know who may be called up next to serve – – – and  – everyone that gives up the best years of their LIFE…for all of us at HOME – – to enjoy FREEDOM – – needs as much support as we can give … not just today – – but for all time – they deserve so much more than what they are receiving. Almighty Yahweh… protect us all…especially all our young men and women that are called to serve in the AMERICA’s ARMED FORCES!      DV


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