“Happy Thanksgiving…to all!”


Just imagine this table full of FAMILY and FRIENDS and another table just as long and with … more FAMILY and FRIENDS…

Today was  the beginning of the “THANKSGIVING”  celebrations… when you have two “GRANDMAS” and a  Great GRANDMA siting at the same table…you know that there are  FIVE GENERATIONS  sitting around the tables…celebrating and giving THANKS… for just being in this very special FAMILY…and all with so much to tell each other of what they have been doing…and then what they are expecting to be doing in the NEW YEAR 2016 – – and that is only if the   ALMIGHTY CREATOR  has decided …to close this door and open up a new window …for our  new and well thought …earthly plans???

So…this week …depending on who will be able to travel to   nearby and  surrounding Cities and Towns – – there is always  some special extended FAMILIES and FRIENDS…that we need to visit and let them know…that we all are sending our LOVE…as they are always in our thoughts and PRAYERS – and we want to be able to do the best thing that we can –    and that requires that some of us do some traveling from City to Town!

This month and next month are when FAMILIES  remember what means the most to their survival…from a child and as they grew up – – HOLIDAYS  –  were when you would remember …hearing… – we must visit… the   OLD HOMESTEAD – – must remember our HERITAGE – and renew our FAMILY bonds – – as we also… all heard at least a   hundred and one times…”Blood is thicker than Water” – – so what ever you are thinking about doing…remember your FAMILY…and start NOW!


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