1948 Family 001

When we were this age… our parents would come and get us…and take the  three different buses – – that were required to arrive at our  HOME – for any HOLIDAY…and also… there were a few extra trips  to our   HOME…that we were able to do – – – since – – there were times …when my FATHER – – would just show up…at the Orphanage …and tell the NUNS to get his children   ready  – – as he was taking us HOME!

The above photo could be… 1947 or 1948… and I am taking this photo! That is my brother,  Tommy on the left – then  DADDY – – next is my brother,  DENNY – – and then… that is my MOTHER  – – and as you can see – – – it must be very  COLD – – because…my  MOM is freezing …as  she  is just trying to keep warm.

As I …was… one of those kids …that just knew how to get …by bus…wherever she needed to be… in  the last two years of our living in the Orphanage  – – my  FATHER and MOTHER did not need to come to get us – – as we could take the buses ourselves…HOME!  Even before that…there were a couple of times…when someone needed to see the “EYE DOCTOR” in the downtown  Saint Louis area – –  and I would take that child to the Eye Doctor.

In the last couple of  years at  the Orphanage – – my MOTHER needed someone to cut the grass at her HOME…and so on Saturday…after having done all my chores…I would  receive the buss fare – – and off,  I went HOME…to cut the grass and whatever other work…that my MOTHER   would need to have done.   So…on Sunday evening…I would take the same three buses …back to the Orphanage.

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