“Let Us Start to Decorate… the HALLS…”


When the HOLIDAYS…start to wiggle in slowly…. it sure does    help for all the FAMILY  to get in the mode to what  will be done…and by WHO??

SO… in the above photo…Grand-daughter Chris and Grandma are singing a song and it looks like they are hitting a couple of “HIGH” notes…with their mouths opened so   nicely … and the “MUSIC-MEN” …standing are Tom Aldrich on the left and younger brother Al Aldrich …strumming the invisible guitar!

We are all dressed in our  FESTIVE ATTIRE… as you can see the CHRISTMAS GREEN scarf that I always wear…especially during the HOLIDAY SEASON.

Our fingers may not be working as fast as our  MOUTHS… but we do have some nice CHRISTMAS RED RIBBONS and BOWS are  nicely attached to the wreaths on the door.

Give a LOOK to the BIRD CAGE…the Parakeet is so HAPPY to hear  us sing to him…and a  real “HAPPY” SONG   – –  as  usually the BIRDS think…that they should be singing to us!

Everyone is pulling out all those CHRISTMAS BOXES…filled with lots of HAPPINESS and JOY…all patiently  waiting  for  almost  a  whole year…to  be taken out  from …hiding …and  – NOW …will start to sparkle for us – – for as long as we want to enjoy!

Isn’t   it…  WONDERFUL…to  start with all of  “Yesterday -Years’ MEMORIES…just waiting in all those lovely boxes –  – – just OPEN  and ENJOY!

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