“This is TOM’s DAY…Happy Birthday!”

Tom & Shane 001

This PHOTO…is… TOM ALDRICH – – he is here with his  “WAR DOG SHANE” – – and …if ever I saw a PHOTO of someone…and immediately  could see…that this PHOTO…tells the viewer in an instant… the whole story about the person.

If one can determine as early as possible in their LIFE…what they like…seek it in books  and whatever it takes to understand…what is needed to pursue the DREAM …that they have  selected, for  them   selves to follow on this temporary journey …to be sure that when all  is  said…and done…that they have accomplished that …perfect  DREAM…to fulfillment!

When TOM was very young…he was always curled up with a book…evidently books had what he was looking for. He studied all about “Angel Fish”  and “Betta Fish” – – had several tanks ,  kept records of everything they did, what they ate and the  breeding …so that he would have the perfect fish to enter into contests.

The Fish were easy to start out with…but as he got older… he wanted to know all about the dogs that he wanted for his own and to train. The dogs were his LIFE…always having them and the  training of dogs for others.  Another thing that he studied… was Soldiers from the   different   periods  of time.  He could make them …small and miniature in size…paint them  perfectly in all their  specific  detail and made  large display boards…complete with the terrain   that of the Country and Nationality  and  for  the  particular years…that they worn the uniform of  the ranks for the correct position…that they were on his completed display boards to be in the perfect position …  either in WAR and in PEACE time.

“Happy Birthday … Thomas H. Aldrich”

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