“Eve Karen McClarren Gonzales Scott”


After a good many years…my sister’s name can be condensed down to only…KAREN  McClarren  SCOTT.

Sometimes one should watch out …for that which their mouth is asking the Almighty to give to them…and that is for me …to always remember.

When I was just a very little girl…I always wanted a little sister…but I received a little brother,  Denny. I was still asking my parents for a little sister…but –  then I received another little  baby brother, TOMMY. I did continue to ask for a littler baby sister…but nothing was happening and then…my MOTHER lost that baby…and in  a past  story… I did take the time to write…all about the situation that happened…causing that loss of maybe  my  little baby sister  – – which would be  just …for me.

Well…for a very long time…when I wanted something…I would continue to ask for whatever that was…and sometimes I would receive that which I wanted and sometimes…there were somethings that I did not receive and it did look like I was not going to receive a baby sister.

When WWII came to an end in 1945… there must have been a whole lot of LOVE and excitement going on in the world…and the two people that could …did that which was necessary – – and low and behold…we were going to have a baby in the FAMILY – – – and I was HAPPY to hear this GOOD NEWS…but… what is GOOD NEWS for one…may not be GOOD NEWS for others.

More to come…

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