“Remembering “MAMA” reading to us”

When we … children in the 1940’s were “LUCKY” – – to have a “MAMA”  – – that would take the time to read   – – as in those days – – there was no “TV” to park your children.

Mom & all 4 001

WE had in our Living Room… a “Davenport” – – that is a sofa  that would open up – – into a very large bed – – but during the day and no company that would spend a week or so with us – – we would sit in a row – – with MOM in the middle and she would start to read to us.

One special thing about my MOM – – was that she would   change her voice to indicate a child speaking or whatever the story would require. Another thing when reading – – there was no word that she could not say – – and every story would come to LIFE in our minds – – as we could see exactly  what the “author” of that book wanted us to see – – to really understand fully the story.

The one story that – I  really  remember more so than any other is  of little “Hiawatha” – – – especially  when MOM would be reading… 

 A much-anthologized excerpt begins:      “On the shores of Gitche Gumee, / Of the shining Big Sea Water, / Stood Nokomis, the old woman, / Pointing with her finger westward, / O’er the water pointing westward, / To the purple clouds of sunset.”

  and as this was coming to LIFE  –  these poems of “LONGFELLOW” – – just  found a permanent place in my brain – – so that when I had my children and they were very young – – I also bought the  same book… “HIAWATHA”  – – and my MOTHER also read the same story – – just the way she read it to me – – and to this day – – I still have the book – – as worn out as it is – – it is a real treasure to me!

For those that want an idea of this great story of little “HIAWATHA” – – have it added for you … listen if you like?



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