Give A Thought?

Today is the 25th.   So…   little ones, start to settle down and pay attention to what will be coming up and  soon?   If you do  what  “children ” are always told to do  – – –   You are to be seen  –  Not to be heard from?”     You   could learn something   and also…  be way ahead   of your brothers and sisters…   surprises are right around the corner?

Not all families  celebrate  “Christmas” the same? Some families know  that   on the 25th of December…  we do  prepare for the  “Baby Jesus”  to be born!

Usually… when a new baby will be coming, to  a    “Family”  –   everyone  related and  friends  –  bring…    to the        “New Baby”  a  “Gift”  –  just to show   that you want  to   “Welcome   and  get  to know  this new addition to the  FAMILY the …   New Child!”

We have a gift for everybody and anybody, those we can not send a gift to, we send money, so that no one is forgotten? And, everything we sent is really something they already have and do not want or need .  Does anyone think about  the “Celebration and the Reason?”  “THE real WHY of this OCCASION?”

So, children – step up and ask your family  for what you want most!  ” Share more time together  “Love” every minute  being  “Together!”   – – And Always to be together… forever!”

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