Learning to Make Something

On Mondays, from 1:00 to 2:00pm, instead of going back to classes at school, we assembled at the tables in the playroom  This was for Girls only! Each girl had an assigned seat,  and each Monday, you were sitting ready to receive  your  bundle of  “Handiwork”  to  work on. Each girl  was taught by the  Nun in charge, Sister M. Colombo. You would learn to do embroidery work, and also to crochet, and she would find out what was best for you to do!

Since, I had not done any of this fancy stitching, had to start with a plain white cloth with  a lot of xxx’s on it, and told how  to pull the threaded needle up and down across the area . Then told to turn the hoop and start where I had left off and make an “X” a complete  “Cross-stitch.”

Now that I think about it – I did make quite a few squares of material with  Cross-stitch. Whatever the design, I did not really take notice, ( I was only eight years old) but I’m sure , with enough squares completed, if they are joined together, you could easily have a small quilt?

My eyes  were surveying  what the  older Girls were making, and how fast their fingers and hands were going – like they had a mind of their own!

I, need   to continue  this by answering  –  Why?  For What?  and More! 

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