Learning to Make Something pg.2

Continuing  –  When I was eight years old  and learning to do  Needlework  –  learning that the more you do it  –   the better you become with the project!  Also,  was learning , “Haste makes Waste.”  You need to take your time and be careful so that the small stitches produce the look and design intended for the project.  Large sloppy  stitches and carelessness won’t pass muster,    with the Nuns!

One visiting Sunday, I had told my Mother, that I was learning to do  “Cross-stitch” and she thought that was  “Terrific!” Some time later Mom brought  me some threads of various colors, and a small linen hand towel, requiring  someone to select the right colors of thread and do the design .

Well, that’s what I did, but I was in a hurry, and when I had completed it   –  I did not like the finished towel.  I could see first hand sloppy work  –  looks bad no matter how you look at it. All I could do was to now be very careful to undo everything, I had just done?

It  was close to  “Christmas”  –  and I made up my mind  –  this is going to be done right –  there’s no other way! This needs  to be done  and  done perfectly,  because I will be making this  “Towel as a gift for my Mother!”

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