“Memorial Day is a Day to REMEMBER…”

This first song…”My Country… ‘Tis of  Thee… sweet land of Liberty” …  with the piano playing – –   each and every note – –  hit so strong  and slowly.. giving the young  children… enough time to sing the  song together and learn the words – – so that each time – – the music pace is  just a little faster – – and eventually all the young students have the song memorized – – and hopefully…forever.



This next song… “AVE Marie” is one song having so much feeling  for me – – in that – – when my MOTHER  had died and the funeral would start at  “Saint Francis Assisi Church for Mass – – then to the  Calvary Cemetery … for burial – – – it was as if my MOTHER was there. The FUNERAL was on MONDAY morning and “SUNDAY” was “MOTHER’s DAY” —-  the students were in CHURCH  – – –  and the one song that I remember them singing… was the “AVE MARIA” – – and they sang…and sounded just like ANGELS in HEAVEN – – with the most beautiful of  voices – – it was the best thing – – that could have happened – – to welcome my MOTHER – – to the final resting place… for all of eternity.      “and  to hear…Ave Maria –  by Luciano Pavarotti  – – is like hearing the ANGELS voices”


“Ave MARIA” by “Mario Lanza” is the first way  – – that is recorded in a MOVIE in the 1940’s 1950’s time frame – – that is … the way he sang  it  – – his voice gave the song so much  to it. Since…  we,  ORPHANS  did sing this song in CHURCH – – that is  – when – we  did sing… we did  not put ‘in- to- it’ – – all of the gusto – – that a professional singer could give it.  And TODAY… when this ‘AVE MARIA’ is played – – I sing along  – – and I belt it out – – as if I am on stage – – but  – – my voice  still sounds… terrible!

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