“Decoration Day!” – “Now… Memorial DAY and BIRTHDAY”


“Memorial Day” – and “Birth DATE!” of the late “PAUL A.  JUNG”


“WOW!”  – “What a day to be born on…  May 30th – and guess what?”   –  “My Mother always – called me her  little… decoration” – since I  was born on the day – that she only remembered as “Decoration Day!”  “This is what “PAUL  A. JUNG”  – as you see – above –  in his military photo,  – so  very… and many years ago – told me !”  –  “Paul Jung” with his brothers and sisters were also in the “German Saint Vincent Orphanage”  and  PAUL  – – graduated in the same class as I did.” 

Today –  is the “DAY” that President Kennedy had requested  – that all of America  take the time at 11:00 A.M.  – – to spend a few minutes to remember all  of our “fallen soldiers” –  give a few  moments or minutes in prayer!   “A FEW”  – does that still mean at least “FIVE” ??? – why can we not give more –  than only  “FIVE” minutes –  –  time to remember –  those who gave all that they had – their precious  LIVES!”

“Here’s one  more thing – might just say   – “Food for Thought” – give a few more  minutes in prayer for all of our “service men and women”  – and also include asking – the Almighty Yahweh for more protection for America – since we have so many people who want to change all of our “Biblical Beliefs”  which  would completely ruin America – should we ever forget  – that our Creator –  the ONE – who gave to  us – –  all that we have!” ********* “In GOD We TRUST” – – D.V.

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