“Remembering the VETERANS… FOREVER”

A Veteran Speaks out… Lee Aldrich Jr., my son son, USN

My son’s thoughts, as he was listening to  Taps,  on  the  radio, this Memorial Day, Lee,  remembers  as a young Boy Scout, in uniform, he and his Troop went to Jefferson Barracks   St.Louis, MO., to put American Flags, on the grave  of each  Fallen Solider.

The above being done, and not knowing what the future holds; that in just a few short years, he would be wearing a  Navy Uniform,  aboard the,  CV61 USS Ranger – The Flag Ship of the Admiral of the 7th Fleet.

Lee said,  “Brings me to  just earlier this week, getting out  the, American Flag, to run up the pole for… Memorial Day,   because I know…  I am a Proud American…  and – –  I Love My Country!”

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91.5 FM radio…

Did you hear the Complete Story program this weekend, Dick Bott, produced for Memorial Day?  You must go online and listen to the whole program. The information and history of Decoration Day,  the original  name, then changed to include all War Heroes,  combining all services and Unknown Heroes, now celebrated as Memorial Day, the last Monday of May.

If you are not as old as me, you may not have heard,  “Red Skelton”  recite the “Pledge of Allegiance,”  – this is necessary for us today,   to  remember  God,   He   must  be acknowledged by  all   of us – Americans!!!

“America”-   was sung by “Charlie Rich” –  and when you hear him perform and sing “America” –  you will want  only him, to always sing “America”. It was “Top of  the  Charts!” And Dick Bott  had as the  ‘send off ‘ for his half-hour program, “Sandi Patty” –  singing the, “Star Spangled Banner” – which gave me  ‘goose bumps’!!!   It was the best  rendition  I’ve heard,   and his whole program should win an award!!!

Remember the reason for the holiday, and give  –   “Thanks to  Almighty Yahweh –  for all those  who serve – especially those who had to give their LIVES!”

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82nd Airborne… TOM  Mc Clarren, my  ‘little’  brother and  he was  ‘six-foot’ … in the 8th grade!

If someone in their formative years, continually, seeks out different  and unusual ways  of making an entrance, would we be amiss to discover his Life’s Vocation? Today, as fast as , Living Life 101, is going for each of us, we are not directing our children into the  Field of Study, that would take them on and into a career  more in-tune with their , ‘natural abilities’.

I believe, we all come with,  strong intuitive powers,  but… by the age of seven we have had so much early correction, we are more, logical minded. In Tom, he is highly intelligent, with strong reasoning and remembering ability.

So, with all his, high flying Dives on Broadway, (small joke), it is good to note that Tom did well with the 82nd Airborne Division’s, 504th Infantry,  Fort Bragg, N.C.  ‘Three Cheers’,  for all the Service Men and Women, this Memorial Day!!!     “God Bless America”

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