Christmas Remembered pg. 4

Christmas  Day  –  It’s hard to be good  –  forever waiting  –  but it pays off!  My brothers received  a   red Wagon  –  with the high lattice panels  –  something we all enjoyed!  My “Mom” dressed us warm,  my “Dad” took the wagon outside   –  we all got in  –  and Daddy pulled  that wagon with us  –  singing and having  fun  –  around the block  –  again and again! I’m guessing it finally got too cold for us , and as much  energy  as Daddy had  –  going around the block  — his steam wore down  – and we had to call it a day to remember to do more often!

I received  “ice skates”  with the double blades –  no snow  – had to wait for  a day of ice and snow.

America was still at war  –  so there were lots of war type related gifts   for “Santa”  to bring   – a Nurse/Doctor  kit  for me! A good gift, that I enjoyed for a long time since I had patients  (my brothers) –  They needed me to bandage them from head to foot  –  and the  “cure – for – all”    – candy medicine!   While one would be recuperating  and or waiting for a  1st class bandage job  –   there was always my little bottle of red hot candy pills!

No “TV” back then,  but on “Sundays”  –  for just   “ten cents”   –  we got to go to the Theatre  – and watch the movies, cartoons and the news-reels of the day!  Also, there was a “Confectionery” on the way and  I could buy a bag full of candy for pennies. They had those long strips of paper with little dots of candy for a penny. There was no shortage of  “candy medicine”  for my patients!

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