Are You “Happy” – Now?

Christmas is over,  and hopefully everybody is not knee-deep in debt? You did listen to me and made  some little creation   –  that only you could do  –  using  all those creative ideas you have stored away for a “rainy day”   –  so now I have  Wonderful Works of Art  –   that  are Treasures  –  which  will  be on display  –  “Forever!”

I love to be able  “Show and Tell” about all  the special  items  –  that some one   “Very Special” to me  – thought they would take the time and make   –  just so I can  “Bragg About!”  Can not speak for all the  “Seniors”  –  but only for a few very close friends –  that have told me ,  they prefer first of all , something  handmade  – secondly, remade stuff from what does not work into something that does work a different way – in other words you had to put on your  “thinking cap” and  “turn  on the light bulb” to get results!

Thirdly,   a “Time Coupon”  your time to do something special!   A time to share doing whatever  both like to do. With good weather a nice walk and talk in the park  –  just what the “Doctor Ordered”  –  Your on the right road!

P.S.  If you did not  receive your “Fruitcake”   –  sorry –   all gone!

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