Ben Stein – I’m Taking Action!

Many Thanks!   for your sincere  “Confession”    –  America had just about pushed  all of its  “Decency Buttons”  out of  control!

Our  Fore – fathers wanted religious freedom for all  – but they  relied  on the  “Bible” for the laws – do not kill   –  do not steal , etc.,    and for inspiration  needed  –  when they endured such hardships,   we   today  –    just could not bear up under!

Live and let live   –  Love your neighbor as yourself?   What ever happened to extending a  “little  Charity ”  to your fellow man   –  we could all use a helping hand  now and then and “Charity”  starts at  “Home”  –  in more ways than  we bestow.

“Prayer”  all the time I was growing up   – “Prayer”  came before everything we did!  There was  “Prayer”   when we got up out of  bed – while making the bed. “Prayer”  before and after eating   meals  –  each and every meal! “Prayer” before school  started and before tests  and before basketball games  –  before baseball games!  When the day was done  –  “Prayer”  before going to sleep!  How in the world could you ever think of doing anything with out  “Almighty God”     being a part of a safe venture ?

I’m hoping more will read  “the Word”  and take “Action” –  to reverse our “internal disease!”  Everyone needs  to  “put their  Trust  in God!”    What other country  –  has all their currency  marked,      “In God We Trust”       –      Our God Loves Us!

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