“Grand-Daughter Has Turkey Dinner For All Grandmothers”

“On OUR Way to Grandma’s’ for Thanksgiving”

Everyone knows, that there is “ONE” day in the year… that we…the whole family will travel to Grandma’s house for that big day… for all of the family to celebrate the best  dinner…that only a GRANDMA will prepare!

In AMERICA, it seems to me, that no matter how often  members of the family move from here to there… there is always a “BRIDGE” that we will have to cross … just to get to our destination … GRANDMA’s house!

Through the years… it seems to me, that we always had to cross a “BRIDGE” or two on our journey… and so  very often… in all of my memories,  some  of those times …we would be driving for at least an hour!

Over the years… some trips were a little longer and sometimes… maybe, just a tad shorter, but no matter what… we always… as I remember… were having  lots and lots of FUN on the way.

So… You are now…probably asking yourself, “HOW do you have FUN on a long drive with little children in the vehicle?”


You see that “BRIDGE” above?

As  we would be driving and no matter what we were doing in the vehicle… as soon as we  had the front tires on that BRIDGE, I would start singing…

Over the river and through the woods,
To grandmother’s house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh,
Through (the) white and drifted snow!

Over the river and through the woods,
Oh, how the wind does blow!
It stings the toes and bites the nose,
As over the ground we go.

Over the river and through the woods,
To have a first-rate play;
Oh, hear the bells ring, “Ting-a-ling-ling!”
Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!

Over the river and through the woods,
Trot fast, my dapple gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.

Over the river and through the woods,
And straight through the barnyard gate.
We seem to go extremely slow
It is so hard to wait!

Over the river and through the woods,
Now Grandmother’s cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

Depending… on how long that “Bridge” would be, we would sing  so loud and with all of the  gusto of  our smiling and laughing, that we could muster up… as we were so wrapped up in having so much more singing to do…  and fun … all the while… as we are trying to outdo each other … until and when we would arrive at our GRANDMA’s house.

Never ever…  did we sing all the above verses to that  song… as there are not … in any areas  that we have ever traveled… “that long of a BRIDGE”…  to drive over, and with the speed that we travel  today, in and around any of the places…  where we  have ever lived.

So… and since “Thanksgiving Day”  is being celebrated all this week and maybe even next week….   just depending on who and where your family will be celebrating… just so all of the family will have FUN getting together again…

Why not start trying to sing the above song … with all the family in the vehicle… and see for yourself, and your family… if you have as much fun as we have.

Remember to start singing when the  vehicle  is about  to go onto  the “Bridge” …  the “DRIVER”  will usually start…  and then…  no matter what word you are singing…when the end of the BRIDGE is under the tires of the vehicle… stop singing… even with…  just a half  of a word in your mouth… that is when you will all start to laugh… seeing each other’s faces with just a partial  word of the song   just  about to come out… and  the song… never ever finished! 

“Have lots of FUN this year while traveling to Grandmother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving!”

“Once you start to sing the above song… when you approach that “BRIDGE”… and then stop with just a part of a word… in your mouth… and all those that are in the car… are starting to laugh… and looking at each other’s face….

Sing this FUN  song each and every time … a “BRIDGE”  is  being crossed all year long… Holiday or not… It will keep all of you in the vehicle… happy and laughing!

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“A regular and national Thanksgiving Day Celebration”

“Thanksgiving Is a Celebration of Freedom”

The origins of the national holiday have little to do with Pilgrims and Indians.


Dr. Glock is a historian.

Usually the Thanksgiving turkey is served plucked and cooked, but American ethos is to invest old symbols with fresh meaning.
Credit…Buyenlarge/Getty Images

As with so much in our lives, Thanksgiving has become a cultural battleground. Politicians and pundits debate whether we should use the day to memorialize the tragedy of the Indians or to celebrate the new liberties of the Pilgrims in America.

Yet the true origins of Thanksgiving have little to do with the Pilgrims and the Indians, and everything to do with the American triumph against slavery. Far from being divisive and outmoded, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for our modern era, demonstrating how we can both uphold and renew our traditions. Most important, Thanksgiving reminds us of how America took its earlier promise of freedom and used it to end the stain of slavery.

In early America, colonies set aside special days of thanks to “Providence” or “Almighty God.” Such days of thanksgiving were usually for good harvests or military successes, like the one proclaimed by the Continental Congress in December 1777 after Gen. George Washington’s victory at the Battle of Saratoga.

But the idea of a regular and national Thanksgiving Day was the work of one woman. Sarah Josepha Hale had already ensured her everlasting fame by composing the rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” when she decided to make a campaign for a thanksgiving holiday. Beginning in 1846, Mrs. Hale wrote letters to every president asking for an annual day of thanks to unite the nation. Her magazine articles spread the campaign across the country.


President Abraham Lincoln finally took Mrs. Hale up on the idea.

It was October 1863, just after the Battle of Gettysburg, when Mr. Lincoln declared a national “day of Thanksgiving” to celebrate the Union’s victories in the Civil War. His proclamation said it was “fit and proper” that the country should give thanks for success in a war that would eventually mean “a large increase of freedom.”

The timing of the first Thanksgiving is important. Earlier in the year, Mr. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation had turned the Civil War into a battle against slavery. Exactly one week before the first Thanksgiving, the president delivered a speech to commemorate soldiers who had died in that war.

In the Gettysburg Address, Mr. Lincoln argued that the Declaration of Independence had created an America “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” He said it was “fitting and proper” to consecrate the battlefield to those soldiers who had fought and died for that ideal. Mr. Lincoln knew that the ideal had not been fully realized, but he hoped that the Civil War would ensure a “new birth of freedom” for those for whom the promises of the declaration had not yet been fulfilled.

Sarah Josepha Hale would have appreciated her Thanksgiving holiday’s being turned into a celebration of the battle against slavery. Her first novel, “Northwood: Or, Life North and South,” published in 1827, was one of the earliest denouncing the sins of slavery. In it, she explained not only how slavery destroyed African-American lives, but also how it corrupted the life and morals of the masters as well.

Mrs. Hale spent years writing other articles and stories about the baleful effects of slavery. Like Mr. Lincoln, she also wrote about how the Civil War could reunite the nation on a new and higher plane of freedom.

After the war, white Southerners remained suspicious of the “Yankee abolitionist holiday.” When early Reconstruction-era governors proclaimed Thanksgiving Days in the South, white people ignored them, even while Black people and Republicans feasted. It took decades before Thanksgiving became a truly national holiday. It also took decades before most of the country layered on the tradition of the Pilgrims and Indians as part of that holiday.

A Thanksgiving celebrated by former slaves and abolitionists is one that we too can embrace. Those of us exulting in the day don’t have to ignore our nation’s sins. Yet we can remember that our nation was founded on a peerless ideal, one that promised the expansion of freedom to ever greater numbers of people. For the long and difficult struggle to achieve that ideal, and for our many successes along the way, we can and should be thankful.

Judge Glock is an economic historian and senior policy adviser for the Cicero Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles.

SO…  Here are some tips. And here’s our email: letters@nytimes.com.

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“We Give THANKS on THIS Thanksgiving DAY”

“5 Creative Ways to Pray on Thanksgiving”

5 Creative Ways to Pray on Thanksgiving

How to go beyond just saying what you’re thankful for.

Bob Hostetler's Tips for One-Word Prayers - YouTube

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How do most Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? Many furnish a lengthy table with an abundance of sumptuous foods, a la Norman Rockwell. That means turkey and dressing, potatoes and cranberries, pumpkin pie, apple pie, blackberry pie, rhubarb pie (are you hungry yet?) followed by a lazy afternoon watching football with a belly so full it feels like it’s going to burst!

Oh, and we give thanks. For some, that means going around the table taking turns saying one thing we’re thankful for. For others it means a few moments of “grace” before the meal—maybe a little longer than our usual “grace,” because after all, it’s Thanksgiving.

But if you’re looking for something a little more creative, a little more, well, thankful this year, why not try one of the following ways not to talk about being thankful, but of actually praying your thanks on Thanksgiving:


1)  Fill in the blank.
Once everyone is seated for the meal, instead of each person saying one thing for which they are grateful, ask each person to complete the following sentence as a prayer: “Thank you, God, for _______________.” Or, for a little variety, suggest alternatives: “Thank you that ____________” and “Thank you for not ____________.”

2)  Take a photo.
If everyone at your gathering has a smart phone or tablet, make an announcement an hour or so before the main meal. Ask everyone to take a photo on their device of something for which they’re grateful. Then, before eating, ask everyone to bow their heads. . . and pass their photo to the right, in silence, as a visual prayer, until all the photos have been shared.


3) Have a Thanksgiving tree.
If your Christmas tree is already up, tie prayers of thanks written on paper to some of the tree limbs and then read them aloud during your celebration (you can also make a cardboard tree or simply place a written prayer at each table setting).

4) Create a gratitude garland.
Cut brightly colored construction paper into strips. Well before your meal, ask participants to write a prayer of thanksgiving on at least one strip and place it in a jar or bowl. Then, with a roll of tape handy, invite everyone to take a strip out, read it, and then form it into a paper chain, one strip at a time until all the prayers have been prayed. The gratitude garland can then be hung somewhere or even saved for the Christmas tree.


5)  Plan a Thanksgiving communion.
It doesn’t have to be fancy. Simply provide a cup and piece of bread to everyone. Then read Psalm 116:12-19 and “lift the cup of salvation together,” giving thanks for Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Of course, you may have a far better idea. Or you may choose to combine two or more of these Thanksgiving prayer exercises. Whatever you do, don’t just talk about your gratitude, direct your thanksgiving toward God.

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“We have a “KING” in the Family”

“Research and research until Photos were found”

When one first starts a new project… there is no  real thought … as to how long this project will last… so…will I enjoy doing what I am starting… can I give at least one full hour and… or much  more time if it is necessary to do an adequate job… will I always find the necessary materials to make this project interesting to others… and  also to fully enjoy that which I have started? 

“Preparation is the name of the game… as one does always… want to put their best foot forward… especially when…  Photos of chidden are involved and  requiring lots of good  information… just so that the whole and correct… a most beautiful story is told!”

So referring back to the post… “We have a KING in the Family” …I did some research and did find those PHOTOS that I had …  and finally able to now decide on those that I will add to our day in the “FENTON  PARK” showing just exactly how our “Little Billy” looked as he gave the JUDGES a big smile and a wave of his right arm… as I had inspired him to do!


and…  “This is our…  little Billy with his Mother Mary… and he is raising his  right hand and arm… as I did show him … so that…  he would know what to do while standing in front of the “JUDGES” …  giving  to them… a big “WAVE”  as he is talking  to  them, the “JUDGES” …  and saying… “MY name is BILLY…” … and as you can see him… with a very big and HAPPY  smile!

and… This is our   “little BILLY”…  when he was called up as today’s  “WINNER”… to be crown the  “KING” and reign for a year!  As you can see… “Little Billy” is a very HAPPY child … and is still sharing smiles with everyone!


and… This is “Baby Alan” with his Mother…and “Alan”  and younger brother to “BILLY”   get to be in the PHOTTO taking for maybe a chance at being selected  “KING” that day  and…  I am now  guessing…  maybe only six weeks… as his birthday was  on “July 1st…”  and was a very good baby… considering the crowd, and having to wait for your turn to be brought to…  and presented to the JUDGES’ desk.


and… This is the baby that Won…I think because the Mother is holding the baby in a position…so as to see more of the baby… and the MOTHER is so full of smiles!

If you take a look at the people to the right of this photo… that LADY dress in a black shirt and white pants… so tall and good looking… I hate to say…that is ME!

and… Just another of the small children hoping to be selected for KING … but since they gave this photo to me…

I am sitting on that picnic table and holding little Billy… either he has already been up and did his thing or is still waiting…it was a long day for the children that were there… as you can see they did have a very good crowd of people.

This type of event taking place with children… does take hours… and all children do tend to get tired and on the cranky side… so,  just be prepared for that … and have some  of their favorite treats…  and or something to keep the children happy… if you want them to WIN!


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“LEX wave your Hand to say HI!”

Just so very HAPPY to see you all gather together!

Looks like our little LEX was outside all by himself… and it seem to me… that he must have been looking for me… as he was just so HAPPY to see me, and was just so full of smiles and “HUGGS” for me … when, I bent over to pick him up!


It sure has been a long while… since I got to hold our little LEX in my arms… and I just love to be the one, that will be looking out for our little LEX… just to make sure…  that he is always where he wants to be…  and that he is always HAPPY with everyone … when he goes out doors to play with his little friends.

Some times when we are here… we are assigned certain tasks to do… and to do them as pre-assigned  and with due diligence  as sometimes…  they include certain people that are very special to me… and  also … to so many others…  that I also know and will care for.

So for me,  to achieve my goals…all time and place  and circumstances that  will require some extra  special attention… that I can help you with just have to be done in a way that  you will not recognize  me… as we work on different plane  of  existence know to man.

There are so many things that we just never talk about… that would make sense to those not on the same plane of time and place… but in my books… I have some information that would really be of a help to those… that would like to know more about that which I am speaking.

When you stop to think about a thing or two… that through out the day … we see and hear things that are so different from the normal… or that which … most motels would call normal… we could get in to a quandary of  just guessing what another is talking about… and in the end… no one knows what they are talking about and in the end… some talking about pure nonsense… if  they will ….. at all  be talking to anyone ever again?

Just so glad that our very special  “KING AL”  himself… the writer of many very good books … still decides when and where… that he will  be seeing each and everyone of us… as we all just LOVE to hear from him …  and just as often… as he has that extra special  time and will pick the place.

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“What Are YOU Thankful FOR”

“WOW” … “What a Question?”

But… since today is the twenty first of November and a MONDAY… and this Thursday is  “Thanksgiving Day”… makes for one to start thinking of all of the most wonderful things… “one” does have to give “THANKS” for!

Today… I just have to give THANKS for being born in America and being a natural born citizen of America.

On the “TV”… we see so many young children born in Countries … where one Country is bombing the Country next to them… and so many young children are dying … due to starvation and the bombs  dropping on them… so much malnutrition going on throughout those parts of the world.

In America during those WWII years… I remember  other children my age and older collecting  newspapers and magazines and all usable metal for the WAR effort and our families had to use “ration coupons”… as we all did learn to use a lot less of everything and make due and not complain… as our AMERICAN Soldiers needed everything and even more… to win the WAR!

My father was in the Army and as so many others from our family, also enlisted to do their small part in securing “Freedom” for all AMERICANS.

As one grows up in America we do have the choice of Schools to attend and as I did…I even  went to Summer School… just so that… I could get a job and help the family out. As most first children in the family generally plan on helping their family with what ever they can do… mostly to give back a portion of the best of times with the family… having been that  first child!

So now we find just the best job and working place… something that we like doing and also…  somewhere  you will be making good pay checks… as having some money to spend sure does help AMERICA  as the worker plans… for their future.

All of these young years you are going up that ladder… you do see an extra special someone … that would be just so right… and just  for you. It just does not take too long, for you to find that one, and only one… that extra special person… that you will marry and  see even more wonderous things taking place in your lives.

You are starting off on that same road in LIFE… that your parents took… and are now looking for that extra special HOME for you and your family’s castle among  the new subdivisions and as new homes… that are now  being built… in neighborhoods so much better…  than those that your parents had… as that is what is expected today… for each child to do… and to find and pass that same information on… forever down that road of LIFE!

A real good LIFE is what we all are looking for … and also for each and every child in our family. We as parents want for our child … all of that which…  we did not get, and or receive… even though we did try … to do and to give each child, the very best of what was on that table… to offer to them.

With the HELP of our CREATOR …. the FATHER of all of us… and the giver of all the best of gifts … we ask and pray… that we do that which we were taught… and give unto our children…  all that HEAVEN above allows us to … TODAY!

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