“Memorial Day” – remembers Family Vets…


When there was a WAR  .. 1940s    – America  did call  several   members in the same  FAMILY – – –  and this is Al E. Aldrich from Saint Louis, Missouri  – – lived in Birmingham, Alabama  – – and later moved wife, Thelma and son  to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Al and his wife, Thelma operated the “Dobbs House” Snack Bar in Birmingham, Alabama  and were doing a very job  – – so much so that there was the possibility of opening up of the “Snack Bar”   market in Florida. Al communicated with his brother Lee, my husband – that –  the  “Dobbs” people were looking for someone to  open and run a new place in the southern part of Florida. This was just a terrific opportunity for my husband – – since he had been shot and was thinking of taking an early retirement from    the Saint Louis  Police Department  –  so we took a  “pre-view” trip to Florida and everything sure did look  “real” good to us!

Sometimes… we miss the boat – when we fail to communicate with our Family  – – -opportunities are  sometimes missed and also the relationship of brothers and  their  Families  – – – so that is  NOW – why I have to Thank the Almighty Yahweh – that there was good  – very good feelings between Al ‘s Family and my husband Lee  and all of us  – all together and forever! 

Thank you – Almighty Yahweh – you knew that Lee, my husband did not have many years  left here – after having been shot  – – but you worked special behind the scene  activities – so that Lee could have some very good years in Florida  – – with his brother Al and all of us. Thank you – – – for the best “Army Veteran  and brother-in-law, Al –  for giving so much thought to  the special needs  of his brother Lee and FAMILY!

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Veteran – No. Africa – Desert War


Still remembering  “Veterans”  in our  “FAMILY” – This photo of Al E. Aldrich  – who spent time in the “African Conflict”        –  time frame  –  1941-1943

Seems that  – just as our young  children  –   reach the ages of 20-25 – a new “WAR” is boiling “HOT” – and calling for the lives of our young  people!  Check it out  –   we no sooner think  –   that this is the “WAR” to end all  “WARS” when  the “GREEN EYE MONSTER” is going to take from our families – their “FIRST” born – again and again!

 “Al ”   is one of seven (7) brothers   – all had to do their part in the “SERVICE”  – except one – that would be my husband  “Lee” –   who was already on the “POLICE FORCE” in Saint Louis. I guess that the world  would have to be coming to an end – before taking the “POLICE” Officers  – from where they were serving   – unless someone wanted complete   “CHAOS.” 

Someone – who ever is running the show – wants all Law and Order  – to be thrown out  – why else throw out the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” – from the schools?  With no rules and regulations –  anyone can do as they feel – and that is why we are always at war with everyone   – including our own neighbors?

We do need to start repenting and praying for better leadership  – and I feel the one book that should be put in each child’s hand is the Bible   –  time to learn that  – Laws  broken   –   have tough consequences!

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