“DADDY holding baby, KAREN and us ‘three’, too”

” Our baby sister, EVE KAREN  is in DADDY’s arms”

“Take note of the  “HAT  on DADDY”   AND … on “Clark GABLE”  my  Dad’S … DOUBLE.”

Image result for "Any Number can PLAY" - movie

Just have to add this PHOTO …  this is my DAD’s  true look-a-like!  Especially when… my DAD  is clean shaved and dressed… “WOW”

Image result for "Any Number can PLAY" - movie

When I first saw the movie, “Any NUMBER Can PLAY”  just as big as LIFE itself… “Clark Gable” and in this movie he looks just like my DAD!

The scene where “Clark Gable” is smoking … dead ringer for my DAD. Just something… the way the cigarette in the mouth and that way the face… mouth holding on to that cigarette…  twins in my book. 


There was another shot  in the movie… if only I could steal those shots… that are doubles of my DAD… this is  that kind  of a movie…  that I could watch as often, as it would be showing  as always something that I had missed before … and all I could really see  would be my DAD.

They are both from the state, “OHIO”  and close in miles  and  only a  day  or two apart in FEBRUARY … in my book … they could have been related  as there is  something very strong in their  personality… that I really like.

To the readers… if ever you take the time to watch  – -“ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY” …  write in and let me know  what you think of this movie  as there is something about it… that just wants  for you to watch  it… again and again.

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“Every CHILD has a FATHER – to be REMEMBERED”

“When do we start to  REMEMBER – –  WHAT do we REMEMBER – – and for how long does the “MEMORY” last?”

This PHOTO of a young child being thrown into the air… by the FATHER – – reminds me of when my brothers and I were small… DADDY would take turns with each of us – – swinging us up into the air at this spot – – and then catching  us a few feet away. Each of us got our own turn… up and flying like an airplane… and caught in DADDY’s arms – – and making a safe landing.

While watching DADDY throw my brothers into the air – – and waiting for my turn… again – – I would and my other brother – – would be jumping up and down – – like we were flying – – and singing out… “DO IT AGAIN!”  We would just jump up and down – – so full of energy – – this was one of those special times – – that we just never wanted to stop. DADDY never  dropped us – – and he would spend quite a good time with us – – flying us around the room – – we  calling out for more.

Now that I recall… DADDY worked at the POST OFFICE – – and they had to be able to pick up “100 pound”   sack  of mail – – so just maybe – – this was his way of keeping in shape.

This is also one of those memory posters – – when you think back to when you were a small child… there is no way that you are going to be able to do all the wonderful things – – that you see older children in the neighborhood doing – – unless you have a FATHER – – who will take the TIME to show you how… buy that first bike – – those first roller skates – back then the kind that have to be fastened on to your shoes and ankle – – and then the most important thing is to spend the TIME that it will take – – using kind words… giving praise for each little correct way that you are catching on – – and just working with you – –  either till the day is shot – – or you have just given up – – with the promise that “DADDY” will work again with you tomorrow – – and until you accomplish  that first  new venture… as each young child has in mind to accomplish.

As the first child… in our FAMILY – – it seem to me that I was to learn how to do everything and help to pass this world of information on to my brothers. It seems to me that I was born with a “bossy” type of attitude – – and if I did not  help with the passing on of information – – some how – – I received some ‘rear-end’ advice… if you know what I mean?

But… that is the ‘game of LIFE’ – – learn as much as you can – – as fast as you can – – and for PEACE in the FAMILY – – be the first to share and strive to advance those that are coming up  – – someday… should you all live long enough – – you can all sit back – – and remember all the  ‘first-times’ of learning – – and laugh  – since what most people think of as bad times in the past – – but as you recall – – you remember them all as the best times of your LIFE!

AND…no matter… how you remember – – without DADDY or if only for a short TIME – – we must give THANKS to our ALMIGHTY CREATOR – – as He gave each of us a LIFE – –  at a TIME when each of us would have a very important part – – to learn and to do our part – – so that when  we did all we could to complete our journey here… then one day we will enjoy ETERNITY  forever with all of our LOVED ones – – those that sought after TRUTH.   DV

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“DADDY sure did look good in uniform!”

Just have to add this song… as it reminds me… that…  DADDY just had to have one more cigarette…




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“Father’s Day at Fairgrounds Park”

Doubles 001

Nothing like a “PARK” within walking distance to your  “HOME” – – because you can enjoy  all  of the big  FAMILY and RELATIVE with FRIENDS and even the Neighbors  getting together  –  you will have “PARK” benches with lots of nicely mowed green grass for he children to play and run around playing GAMES – – while you find the perfect spot to set-up the REFRESHMENT table – – and bigger containers filled with blocks  of  ice … to keep all those favorite drinks ready  – – to cool down – – at just the right moment.


2-4-13 001

Here we are… my brothers,  DENNY Jr.,  and TOMMY and “ME” – – and to have  this wonderful lake  – – right in the middle of   “FAIRGROUND PARK”  – –  and  also the bridge – – as you can see in the background – – sure  does make  for lots of FUN —  as we have so much ground to run around on – – and  then  know to  finally…  end up  near the “LAKE” to cool down  – as you see us having our picture taken – together!

In Baby Karen 001the 1940’s this is what I  can call a very  perfect
FATHER’s DAY”    PHOTO … “FATHER and Children” and in this PHOTO – – – we even have our “brand new baby”  little  sister, “EVE KAREN” – – this is a very special day to all  of  us – to  be able  –  – to have this PHOTO of a HAPPY DAY – – when we were all together!  

In   LIFE… we are each on a “journey” and some of us are designated to be together …in a FAMILY setting – –  and then sometimes – – our “journey” takes one or two of us out  of this FAMILY – causing grief and sorrow – – and at other TIMES great JOY and LOVE – – but that is what this “JOURNEY” is all about – – we do need to learn different lessons – – on HOW and WHEN to make changes  – – look for the TRUTH and LIGHT – – that the CREATOR of us all is providing to us – – and  in the end …we each reap that which we sow – – 

Looking back… each generation from so far back… has done all that they thought was to be  the  “PATH” for them – – but when someone…takes the TIME to look back and see  the LESSONS each previous generation went through – and then…  what they accomplished – –  then… that “ONE” can start to understand  – – if only   there would have been a  more perfect  “LOG of EXPERIENCE”  passed on – – to the next generation…  – but in this LIFE – – each generation feels – – that they have to do it  “THEIR WAY” – –  not using any of the previous experiences – – NOW –   suffer to  redo the  very same old  mistakes…  all along   their…  way!


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“FATHER’s DAY” *** JUNE 19th, 2016

WAY back in the 1940’s – – the house that we lived in – – did have a very large kitchen – – compared to this  photo – –  and we had  a “GAS” stove and oven – an even older style than the electric  below.  – BUT – – my FATHER was a “CHEF” by trade – – and he could  bake and cook anything – and never had to check with a “COOK-book” – – DADDY – – was the “CHEF” and or “COOK” –  and that is what I remember seeing – 

During the “WAR” years – – my FATHER would be busy in the evenings making DIVINITY and FUDGE candy for the service men and women – – and the three of us  – my brothers,  DENNY  and TOMMY and myself – -would each have a spot standing around the large kitchen table – -waiting for our turn to do the testing  – – to test the  syrup  – – to see if  it was at the hard cooked stage – – and we each  just loved getting to tell DADDY what we thought – – but of course he was just having us there and involved – – making “LIFE-LONG –  memories of the good times – – when a FAMILY does something good and also “GOOD for AMERICA!”

vintage man cooking on stove smiling

Every flat surface in the house – there would be “WAX PAPER” – and the “DIVINITY” – waiting to be  wrapped and then boxed  – – then my DAD took  all the packages – – to the POST-OFFICE – and mailed over-seas to our servicemen – – because when he had been in the service – – his MOTHER – – would make “sweet treats” and send to him – – to be shared with friends in the Philippines – – and everyone knows – – that for…  the men and women  – away from HOME – – feel so much better – – when someone back HOME – – sends LOVE – via “SWEET-TREATS!”

I know… because when my son, LEE, Jr.,  was in the NAVY – – aboard the USS RANGER – – I would have  the “FAMOUS-BARR” store send to my son a couple of cases of candy and “fortune-cookies” – – and since they were at “sea” for long periods of time – – my son’s friends  were often  receiving “SWEETS”   – – – the best reminder  – – that someone at home – -is sending lots of LOVE!

Is this the  “DADDY”  – – that you know???  Would you also have a “DADDY” – –  that was in charge … of the KITCHEN,   too???

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“DADDY” *** DENNY Jr., *** ME…

ME 001

This is  “DADDY”  holding … Mary Ellen and our new addition… little baby, “DENNY Jr. – – and we are in the back yard our our…  AUNT Irene Brady Riley.

Since… little “DENNY” was born in the last part of January…  it is now time to get out side in the “SUN LIGHT” – –  and warmer weather    and build up –  in  getting some natural   vitamins    – – – as  I remember  – – when we were little – –  we always   received  “cod liver oil” – – and that is something that I feel more people should  do. The reason  being … I’m  going  with – –    that thought  – – is that you do take your vehicle in to the repair shop – to have the oil changed and  all  moving  parts …   greased and oil – – so that all parts move – without squeaking – –  so…  why not  apply the same oiling to the bones in the body. 

In addition to that… my MOM  – – would make for us a very good drink – – using “OVALTINE” powder – she would  order  – – the large five pound can – – from  one of the big department stores – – in the downtown Saint Louis area . That is still a favorite of mine – – and I know that you can still make a very good “Malted MILK Shake” at   home if you like – – once you do – – you will always be wanting more!

One other thing that I remember… while we would be visiting at AUNT IRENE’s house — I was always   fascinated by the little “canary”  in its own cage – – that she had in her kitchen. When we would be sitting around her kitchen table – —- it was FUN to actually talk to a little “bird” in its cage – – and bouncing from one perch to another – – and keeping  us entertained with the beautiful singing – – I always wanted  a small bird and cage of my own – – but I’m guessing – – with small children – – we would have opened the cage door and then  –  –  well – – who knows what happens in a situation like that?? 

Getting close to “FATHER’s DAY” – – and it sure is good – – to always have more “GOOD MEMORIES” –  and  to be able to give THANKS to the ALMIGHTY CREATOR – – – for  giving to me – – the best of FAMILIES – – to be born into!

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