“Happy Birthday to our “Grandma Lulu” –


“A – “Great” Grandma’s Birthday!”

Grandmababy 001

“Happy Birthday to our  “Grandma Lulu” – today…  on the 31st of May, 2015…   from little baby Al and big brother Lee!”

This photo was taken when baby Al was three or four weeks old  – in what you would call  “cold” weather  – if you lived in Saint Louis, Missouri  – but lucky for us this was in January, 1962 in much  warmer   weather  – Fort Lauderdale,  Florida.

In looking at this photo… here is what I see…  today – Little Lee  is still trying to get used to the fact  – that he NOW has a little baby brother,  Al   – and since  “Grandma Lulu” is not always living with us  – just came to stay for a few months from Saint Louis –  so.. little Lee is starting to feel like he is not the center of everything   – he has to share his time with the new baby  – so… he is trying to give his “Grandma” a couple of hugs and pats around her neck – – – just as she is giving to baby Al … so…. –  in this way he is  still in the picture of things going on  and all with getting used to sharing  in some or  all  of the time , too – – with his brother and everyone who comes to visit and see a new born baby???

(What do you think???)

Just in case  and for those who do not know “Grandma Lula” she was born in Germany in 1881 and that would be celebrating her 134th Birthday today!  Grandma’s full name – Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley – and if I remember correctly she had twelve children – my husband was the seventh and that made him extra special. Grandma Lula had told me  that – when she came to America from Germany – she had no special shills  – so she took jobs cleaning and cooking in homes of well to-do folks.

One special memory that I have is that  –  when I first met her  – she was living in Dixon, Illinois – taking care of a woman – older than herself – she did light cleaning and cooking  – – – and on this particular meeting – we were picking her up  – –  to bring back to the Saint Louis area — –  but she  had to finish  making a “Pumpkin Pie”  –  for the “woman’s dessert that evening – and when she came to live with us  – she could whip up a “coffee Cake”  faster than anybody  – – I had to get a “cook book” out  to make one. Nothing smells better than to have fresh baking “Coffee Cake” for breakfast.

Looks like to me  – that the Almighty Yahweh  watches over all of His creations – and sends extra blessings to them  – just when they need them – “Grandma Lulu” was well blessed with a wonderful   Family of some of the best of  the very best children!

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“Mother” – Mother-in-law” – “Grandma”


The above  photo is of my baby Al Aldrich – and –  he is in the arms of  his “Grandma Louise” – who is also my “Mother-in-law” and also the “MOTHER” of my husband “LEE G. ALDRICH Sr” – and this  special “picture” taking is one of many  “first photos ” to be taken – since  baby, Al was just born on the 9th of January – and his “Grandma Louise” made a special trip  from Saint Louis, Missouri – – just to visit us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida —  –  since –  this is a very special occasion for all of us!

Grandma  Louise” was called by all of us  – “Grandma Lulu” as this was so much easier for the little children to say and  then  – we would  know exactly  which “Grandma” they were talking to and or about. In this picture Grandma Lulu is in her 80’s – and she enjoyed traveling by “Greyhound Bus” – and that is because she said she like to meet new people and talk with them all the way – wherever she was going?  The only thing that I remember about her likening to talk – that is in the house – she was unable to hear me – unless I was whispering?? That was something that I could never figure out?? But – when you stop to think about it – when you do not want to talk – you just do not answer – and give a silly look – and everyone takes it for granted – you are a little  on the hard of hearing side??

Just thought that I would include Grandma Lulu’s full name for those that might think that they  know her –  – – and want to be for sure – –   Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley. Louise was married to Mr. Aldrich – and something happened where he worked – that caused his death.  So, after some years – Louise was fortunate to meet a Fire Chief – at  the  local –  Fire House near where she was living  with her ten children – and Mr Stanley  did  like children  – and he  then  married  and  had a full and happy FAMILY with Louis – and believe it  – they were blessed with two more children    – – – Ralph Stanley and Florence Stanley LaFevre.

“Happy Mother’s Day” to all our  Mothers – MOTHER-in-laws  – and Grandmas –  – –  because without all of  you  – to be where you are and always right there  – – to help all of  us – –  to be where we should be  –  – You all deserve a “GOLD STAR” on your report cards!

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