“Marie Brady… age 13…”

MOM 13 001

“Happy Birthday… MARIE –  she is the  one with  Baker’s  Cap  on…” and only thirteen – – standing on the right side of the photo.

This photo could be in the back yard of  Marie’s older brother, Jim Brady, and Jim’s wife  is in the center  of the photo.  On the left of the photo and to the right  of Jim’s wife looks  like Irene Brady – that would be Marie’s older sister – and not married as yet.

The children sitting in front… the little girl on the left of the photo and more in front of  Irene Brady – – is the  adopted   “daughter… that they called Little Jimmie”  – – and of course  and this would be many years… later when we were living in Florida… we had Jimmie Brady Shilling and her husband come to our house.  That was around Halloween  – as I think  – that I have posted some photos of their visit.

Some time after their visit – we  with  all of the family were invited to visit them – – at their home in  ” Cape  Canaveral” and that was very close to the Air Base  –  there are photos of our visit ing the “Space Station  – and our enjoying  Jimmie’s in-ground swimming pool – just such a wonderful  place and so close to the Ocean!

Getting back to the above photo – – the little boy sitting next to little Jimmie –  – is probably just a little play mate that she knows – as no names are available …for him.

Back in those days… when there was company – – there was lots of cooking and baking going on… My Mother told me  about all of the food  and especially the the baking  of fresh bread  – –  as Mr. Thomas  BRADY  – the FATHER of this large family – would never eat  “store” bought bread – – and that her Mother, my “GRANDMOTHER” to be was the best at all of  these domestic duties  – – and my Mother and Irene – – had to learn  how and what had to be done on each day of the week  – and every week – as they had a large family – – and there was always something to  be  done  – – just to keep everything …. “sailing so smoothly!”

“Happy BIRTHDAY…MARIE –  the best MOTHER…that I could ever have had!”   “YOU are my  –  “SPECIAL ANGEL”  – watching over me – till I can be with you for all eternity!”   DV


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“Happy Birthday”… “MARIE AGNES BRADY…”

Baby Marie 001

“WOW!”  “This beautiful little “IRISH-AMERICAN” girl…”MARIE AGNES BRADY” – – is  “One Hundred and Fifteen years old!” (115)

On the …”fourgrandmas.com”  –   Marie Brady is the third in order of the  Four Grandmas. So that everyone will  know who the “FOUR GRANDMAS” are – – –  just thought that I would  – –  and in honor of Marie’s BIRTHDAY on the 25th of September – – let  everyone have a reminder – so  the first of our four Grandmas is the one who came to America… from England with three daughters – and she was…Anne Smart. And so LUCKY… that one of the three daughters – –  would   find and marry Mr. Brady who come over from IRELAND. “How do you like that – they both came from other Countries – and found the one and only person here in AMERICA  – to marry and be forever HAPPY!

The second  Grandmas… to be a great influence on all of us  – is one of the three daughters, Anne Elizabeth Smart Brady – – mother to  little MARIE.

We are “LUCKY” that  – little MARIE was a survivor – – as she was number thirteen  (13) – – and the last child born  in the BRADY FAMILY.  Those were the days when it was beneficial to have a large  FAMILY – –  The only thing in the case of my MOTHER… coming into a large FAMILY – – and her MOTHER  being so old… was… that so many people thought that little MARIE …was surly the daughter of one of the older brothers – – –  who were already married at the time of MARIE”s birth!

So… continuing…  in the order of the Four Grandmas  – little MARIE is the third of the four. Now  – – with “NUMBERS” – – – – I said that  little MARIE was the  13th  –  and  “LUCKY” – guess what day of SEPTEMBER that I was born???  LUCKY 13 – –  and I was he first   (1st) of six (6) children.  So… was I   “LUCKY” … or was my MOTHER ???

Now it comes to  the last of the four GRANDMAS – the fourth of the four – is   “ME”… and I am so glad that  – I was named  “MARY ELLEN”  – because…what ever question is asked – – I can always answer …”ME!”   I do not have to go into a long ordeal as to who I am – – as it is always – plain and simple “ME”  is  “ME” – – and – then  –  with a very distinctive voice – – everybody knows  – and for sure… who I am…little old ME! 

“Thanks – MOM  for being YOU – and that you were LUCKY… to have  “ME” – – and that I can always tell the world – that I am so blessed –  just to be your daughter,   makes me extra HAPPY… that I have to always … and mean always remember to –   WHOM  is in charge of this world – – and that the CREATOR gave  to me – the best FAMILY to be a part of – and I am always glad to tell the world!   DV

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