“November VETERAN ROSS G.”


The man on the right of this photo is ROSARIO  GRECO… and the other men…well …when I received this photo – – can not remember if… I had ask or wrote down the particulars – regarding where this photo was taken – – and or the occasion. The year could be 1954-1955???

For the inclusion  of this photo – – is that we remember all the men who spend the first young years of their LIFE…protecting the LIVES of all AMERICANS…because, we in AMERICA are brought up to remember the Almighty…our CREATOR first and foremost…and next we want to protect those things that we hold dear to our HEARTS’ – – and that is our   COUNTRY and FAMILY – – because without a good foundation – – and if we do nothing…we will have nothing!

If we could all just remember to say THANKS …as often as possible to all those who serve…to protect our Country and also have daily “PRAYER GROUP MEETINGS”   – – some special daily time set aside for PRAYER for AMERICA – – we need lots of HELP…and all of us…need to do our part!

Remember…we can all sleep better at night…when as we are closing our eyes…and thinking back…did we do this and that  TODAY… did we give a thought  about this being NOVEMBER…the month of giving THANKS…and just before we call it a night…did we say a PRAYER…for anyone at all – – how about our VETERANS…can we get a real good night’s sleep…with the very last thoughts on our mind…remembering VETERANS with the most sincere and grateful PRAYERS – – because by their standing watch … through the night – – we find ourselves falling into the best sleep – ever! “Our being Grateful and Thankful…makes all the difference…in the world!”

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“Memorial Day” – remembers U.S. Servicemen…


Memorial Day –  –  on the DAY   – 30th  of May   – that was originally called “Decoration Day” –  when the clock turns to 11:00 A.M.  – we are to all stop and take a few minutes in prayer to remember  all  men and women who gave their LIFE –  and for that  ultimate gift to us – we “Decorate their graves in all of the National Cemeteries across this  United Sates of America.

The National Moment of Remembrance is at 3:00 P.M.  on the last MONDAY of the Month of MAY – that time is local time –  – “MEMORIAL Day”  – – now taking in all of the “WARS” and “Conflicts”  – that  need more prayers –  – so that we never forget the extreme high cost of  LIVES  –  that are paid for our “FREEDOM” – –  – – – –  whatever time zone you may be  – remember and do not forget  – we all have plenty to be “Grateful and  Thankful” for…

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