“Memorial Day” – remembers Dogs – Dolphins – Seals…

Tom & Shane 001


“Memorial Day” remembrance would not be complete without  “Thanking” those who do not speak our language – but learn to speak and learn to serve and work  in necessary fields  in our Armed Forces – Army and Navy.

First the above photo is Thomas H. Aldrich with his War Dog “Shane” – serving in Korea 1964-1965  – – Dog Platoon – – K-9 Corp  – Tom always had a dog at home – before and after being in the service. His passion was having “German Shepherds”  training them for his own home and for those who wanted a well trained dog – a dog that would  be  a family member – to protect you and guard your home. His training of a dog was  superb – in that you could talk to your dog and the dog talked with you – in other words –  instinctively – you each knew what and where  and how to get a job done.

Second, my younger son, Lee G. Aldrich  –  joined the NAVY  and was telling about when he was stationed in the San Diego base area – that –  they had  the NAVY’s Marine Mammal Fleet  – where they were training  the “Bottle-nose Dolphins” and the “California Sea Lions” – and the training was the same and or even better than   the training – –  that would be used for the “German Shepherds” – –  “Military Dolphins” did the same work that the “German Shepherd” did – but under the sea – in the water – along side the ships – – searching for the lost NAVAL swimmer or  even to do rescue work finding people and objects – where even the members of the ship could not go  – and or perform the work needed to done as well as this “K-Dag – Dolphin” making their work  highly   rewarded  – for what they were able to do.

One of the tasks that required specialized training was  to be able to equip the “Dolphins” in finding mines and this alone – saved LIVES of our young men – our specialized teams that do the training deserved every dime  – that – this government can give  – to promote their  work in the training of the “Dolphins” and the Sea Lions” for  the combined work – requiring the young men in the NAVY and the  best of our friendly mammals  in our oceans – those that can  make a  top notch match of performing jobs – that saves  LIVES!

My feeling is that we sometimes  forget the tremendous job  that our “Dolphins, Seals and German Shepherds” do for us  – – –  with the   specialized training  – they  are truly “LIFE Savers” saving  so many LIVES – that we just cannot  continue to work without their help to  provide protection  for the American People  and the American  Freedoms –  that  – and –  when we all work together   – standing United under our FLAG –  we are always willing to help each Nation requiring our help!

United  – we ask the Almighty Yahweh to bless  all of our MEN in all the Armed Forces  and  we  give Thanks – that the Almighty has thought to give  to us the “extra  special help”  we need –  – by providing us with some of HIS most talented   “Animals” that  – help “Save LIVES!”  We are Grateful and Thankful for YOUR protection  to each and every serviceman  and the special “animal” that he  will work with – in the care and  training to protect America!     AMEN     D.V.

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Tom Aldrich with “MAN’s” Best Friend!

Tom & Shane 001

Thomas H. Aldrich in Korea with   “WAR-DOG SHANE!”

This picture of Tom and SHANE   – his “WAR-DOG” – reminds me of a movie “Call of the WILD”  – the stars were  “Clark Gable and Loretta Young” –  – you will like it  – if you take the time to find it.   What caught my attention was  – was watching   “Clark Gable” with this very “WILD DOG – Duke”   – the control he had in getting him to obey him  and becoming his “BEST FRIEND!”  If anyone would even get near “DUKE”  – he would come after him and kill  – man or other beast!

That is what Tom had – that personality – that  – no matter what type of dog – TOM would be working with – the dog and Tom were able to become best of friends  – both knowing that Tom was the one and only  “MASTER”  – and the dog would know that he was protected by Tom and that the two of them would work as a “TEAM” –  with the both of them  – being able to read the other  – a move  – a whisper – a nod – – – each would know exactly the next action that would be taking place.

When you can work with “DOGS”  as Tom did –  –  my feeling is that you have received a very special talent  – an extra special “TALENT” that not too many receive  from the Almighty Yahweh  – and  more of us  should try learning very early  – what natural talents – they may have and work with them – to  the glory  with a thankfulness to their Creator –  – everyone should know that what you receive you should use and then you will receive more!  “Try it out and see it you don’t receive  so much more   – you’ll know where the “MORE” is coming from!”

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12-13-14 – Last Chance – Today???

Lee & Al 001

“Happy Birthday Tom Aldrich!”

This is a picture of Tom Aldrich with his brothers    – Donny and Lee Jr.,  – his DAD, Lee Sr.,  and uncle,  Uncle Al  E. Aldrich – and his Grand mother,  “Grandma, Louise…

This is when we were living in the “SUNSHINE   STATE”  –    Ft.  Lauderdale, Florida!  This is also before Tom join the  – ARMY  – and,  also before he decided to get married –  you might say   –  that is   before  “LIFE” decisions came to him and what he was called to do??  So many of us  – when we are young   – are absolutely – “CLUELESS”  –  as to what  – should we be studying for – and then have no idea    – where and what are we called to do!

Tom did have a passion for animals   – especially “DOGS” and when he went into the ARMY – went to Korea    – and served with his “WAR DOG SHANE”  – and that is where he found what he was sent here for!   There comes a time in all of our “LIVES”  – when we finally learn to make sense in all that is offered to us to do!   – Every generation – seeks and at that point in “LIFE” –  finds the place reserved   – just for them.

“Happy Birthday Tom”   –   and may this   “DAY”  –  be the very best of “DAY’S    12-13-14”   for you and everyone that this day is here for?!!?



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“Bitter Cold Snow” Today!

Tom - Korea 001

Tom Aldrich in Korea,  1964  Christmas. It’s ‘Bitter and the Coldest’  ever!

Guess what ?  we received a pile of that same white stuff last night, and the kids are in the “Sunset Park” with their sleds and having so much fun – FREEZING!

(Check out web site for picture of  back yard ‘SNOW’ on the ground and Missouri River,   with  the live snow on web-site!)   “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

“Happy New-Year to all  – – and to all – –  a GOOD NIGHT!”               

All of the  Almighty Yahweh’s blessings – for the best of what you need today – tomorrow – and forever!

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