“Best of TIMES – and WWII made us stronger”

Just looking at this old PHOTO of 1942 – and what we did – we did it because we LOVE  our CREATOR – our Country, AMERICA  – and  learning to LIVE  and LEARN new LESSONS every day – HOW could we have had it any better?

ME & Tom 001

This is our baby in the family, little Tommy,  and big sister, Mary Ellen.



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“TIME waits for No ONE – Not even ME”


       Are you missing something?

When I was a little girl, and that’s been a long time ago, it seemed to me that “TIME” just stood still. I can remember sitting on benches with some of my little friends, and we were talking about – “How long do we have to wait for supper?”  We also were saying, “The clock just is not moving – how do ‘we’ get the clock to move faster?”

It was as if we did something or could,  even try to do something that –  TIME –  would move faster and we could have something to do? When you are little, and I’m guessing this goes for all little “SMART TIKES” – that’s the class of  “SMARTIES”  and or maybe even  –  know-it-all –  smarty-pants –  wiseacre , and the NUNS’ would call us a   “saucebox”   – just because,   they thought that we thought,   we were in  a higher class of smart people – and we had to get the world to move faster – because, we were wasting too much “TIME”  just sitting around, sometimes!

So now, I’m putting my foot  down on the “BRAKES” of time – we need to slow down “TIME” – it’s going too fast – I cannot keep up,  with what I need to get done  in one (24) hour day! I find myself complaining about things that are not getting done, especially since I am either too slow or the day  goes by  too fast!

There is so much that I have to do  – that I want to read, and if I take time to just sit and read – the day is shot – all gone?  And, I have a whole list of stuff, which just has to wait for another day – hopefully a longer day or a faster me?  In  my reading of  something,  that just seem to be exactly  that which, I needed to read –  it is inspiring  me to stop complaining,  about what I cannot change,  and think about the blessings that I have received, and ask blessings  for  everybody and every thing that is requiring more time,  than what I can give at that time! In other words  – I have to realize,  that as one gets older, one must also learn to slow down.

Today, we are on a very fast  journey, which is turning into a  “rat race” – and this older  “body”   that is being used today –  has already used up the best of its energy a long time ago. So, my change for doing a better job,   which is really needed  – I am “blessing” everyone around –   as I go through the day –   I’m  finding…  that by “blessing” everyone that I meet each day on my daily rounds – I feel like I have more energy and strength to get more done each lovely day  –  even more so…  than in the past.

The mouth can help you – and in this world “TODAY”  – this is what you might also like to try –  I just “LOVE” blessing everyone as I go – You know that…  “what you say – –  is what you get back” – and getting all those “BLESSINGS”  back,  as you are giving them out – is the best part of this  day by day journey!”

“Thanks be to the Almighty for being so generous with all   of  HIS  Blessings!”   D.V.

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“More Information regarding our THANKSGIVING Day”


     “Thanksgiving with Grandma!”

“Over the river and through the woods,  to Grandmother’s House we go…”   That is what I will be hearing, as everyone comes to Grandma’s  (my house)  for the  Thanksgiving Feast!

When I was a little girl,  and we were on our way to “Ohio” to see  our  “Grandma”   my Dad’s MOTHER, Leah –  we always sang  –  that is what children  will do,  when they are happy, and having  FUN – while traveling a long distance in an automobile.  As,  small kids,  and as the oldest  – my memories were that, we were always  happy!

Today, as old as I am, we are a family that likes singing and playing various musical instruments. I believe all children should learn to play some musical instrument, if at all possible, and have an  adult,   that will enjoy  being with the children to teach the children to sing  –  taking  all the time as available and as  early as possible  to start  the singing  with “gusto” – so that this becomes something that the children want to enjoy doing!  It’s so good,   and  the best part is that, you will always remember,  those  good times,  as your very best of all your memories.

My Mother,  was positioned on a swivel type  piano stool  (still have the photo)  and she would sing, for the entertainment  of those at the  FAMILY gathering – and it sure was good that  “little MARIE”  had a good voice and was able to remember so many songs – and songs that they all liked.   Remember,  she was the 13th child in the  “Brady”  family,  and some of her older brothers –  were already married!  “Mom”  looks like she is scared  –  but she sang,  she had a very  beautiful, good and sweet voice.  That was  before radio and “TV”  days  – the days “when” families  celebrated  the Holidays  – together,  each member of  the family contributed  something  to the occasion  –  where  merriment excelled!

The Brady Family had a large “piano” and our “Aunt Irene”  to be – did learn to play the piano – and there were the standard songs,  that all of the “BRADY’s” would  sing together – as they gathered around this piano.  From those days until  today – a certain amount of musical ability runs in the FAMILY – and,  I am certainly glad,  that I had my sons take piano lessons – as they were learning to read those notes and play the different instruments – that  – ‘music’  also opens up those extra special brain cells – that help increase in the learning of more  courses of study,  than the average child – that receives no music lessons. So,  I am for all children,  to learn  “MUSIC”  and to go as far as they like –  as  it will  be a terrific help,  to that person – all their life long!

Just in case,  you missed the “POST” with my favorite song for this time of the year,  here it is again!


“Added this  little extra piece of good information – that,  maybe you did not know – but,  NOW – you will feel more informed about,  the  Thanksgiving DAY!”      D.V.

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Making my first Christmas Gift”



Learning to Make Something

On Mondays, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm, instead of going back to  classes at school, we assembled at the tables in the playroom,  this was for the “Girls” only! Each girl had an assigned seat,  and  on each Monday, you were sitting ready to receive  your  bundle of  “Handiwork”  to  work on. Each of us  girls  were  taught by the  “Nun in charge, Sister M. Colombo.”  You would learn to do embroidery work, and also learn to crochet, and she would  soon find out what was best for each girl to do – without wasting time and materials!

Since, I had not done any of this fancy stitching, had to start with a plain white cloth with  a lot of  “xxx’s”  on it, and  was told  and shown, how  to pull the threaded needle up and down across the area . Then told to turn the hoop and start where I had left off,  and make an “X” a completed  “Cross-stitch.” – “WOW was this ever exciting – as I was only “eight” years old!”

Now that I think about it – I did make quite a few squares of material with  Cross-stitch. Whatever the design, I did not really take notice, ( I was only eight years old) but.  I’m sure, with enough squares completed, if they are joined together,  you could easily have a small quilt?

My eyes  were surveying  what the  older Girls were making, and how fast their fingers and hands were going –  those fingers were moving, like they had a mind of their own!

Now that I think about it – this is a very good age to start teaching your young girls how to use a needle and start to stitch a few squares to make something – if only for the little girl’s doll house – or even for a girl friend’s  little doll  house. The reason for saying this is – that at this time of the year – we all do not have enough money to buy all kinds of  gifts – for friends and family –  some things that,  they do not  even want – and may never ever use – but,  my idea is for a gift that will last forever –  and that would be something amazing,  because your hand-made gift,   it was made especially – just for them.

Which reminds me, since I was learning to do these “Cross-stitches” – I thought that I would make something just for my “MOM” –  a small “Hand-Towel”  that had  been stamped on the one end, with  a design of something  – that was just filled with  these little “XXX’s”  – and since that is what I knew how to do – that is what I did,  with just the right colors of thread to make it look beautiful.

All of  the free “PLAY” time that I had – I would be sitting there and making my little stitches just as I was taught. It was in September that we were taught this part of needle-work,   and now,  when I started my project,  it was November and December – as I knew that,  my brothers,  Denny and Tommy and I would be going to our own HOME for a couple of weeks to celebrate   “CHRISTMAS”  with our parents – and I just had to have something for a nice gift,   something that I had made – and something that they would like –  just knowing all  of   that,  I had taken my free time to think of them all the while,  that I  was making this “Hand-Towel” gift.

It is highly possible that, if I were to  take  the time to search,  through some old stuff that did belong to my “MOTHER”  – it is possible that,  that little hand towel would be found  –   as I  do remember seeing it around for years when my MOTHER was alive – she liked it  – and I liked the memory of my MOTHER  keeping the little “treasure” for all those  many years –  just as if –   it were worth a MILLION!

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“First Halloween for LEX”

Last night was Halloween – and I was as scared as the next guy – everyone was trying to scare someone – and I  had no idea of what to do!  Still thinking –  what is all of this big fuss about – –  I am wondering –  will these PHOTOS of me last – seems that they have an expiration date on them – so if you do not see me, LEX sitting here – in my warm brown  BUNNY-BEAR looking outfit – – I’m guessing that you waited too long to check out  “fourgrandmas.com” – – since nothing lasts    forever – hurry up – and let me know what you think of this silly HALLOWEEN stuff  –  that is going on?

This next PHOTO is baby, LEX and he has no mittens on,  to keep his  little baby fingers warm!  I think that LEX is trying to say his hands are cold –  and no one is paying any attention!


This is “Auntie Jaime” trying to help little baby, LEX  enjoy his very first HALLOWEEN –  but,  it just could be,  just a little too cold  out –   for a whole lot of  the FUN  –  that we are expecting our  little baby,  LEX to  really enjoy on his  very first and too cold of a night –  for  Halloween!

Wait till next year and watch for the difference!

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“Happy Birthday to Sister Mary Alvira” on 10/31/2018

“Sometimes it really will  pay for  you to subscribe to the “NEWSPAPER” – – as this next PHOTO – is one of those  rare PHOTOS – that is worth a million – just to see the “NUNS” that,  you knew way back in the  “1940’s” – when,  they never ate anything in  the “public”  view – but NOW,  in  1985 – if my guess on the ‘year’ is  correct   – are now allowed to be seen eating and enjoying  a real fine treat,  one  that we all like – the “ICE CREAM   CONE” – and I think the “NUNS” like the treat!”

           “Happy Birthday…Sister Mary Alvira”

“Happy Birthday to Sister Mary Alvira… and her Birthday is on October 31st…which is… also…  HALLOWEEN!”

Sister Mary Alvira is the NUN sitting on the left of this photo… enjoying an ice cream cone on the  “Anniversary” Sunday  Celebration taking place at the German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home.

The “NUNS”  did not pose for pictures, way back when I was a small child at the Orphanage, but  – today you see more  and more photos of the NUNS,  but for me   NOW –  “Sister Mary Alvira”   has passed on to her greater reward –  and it is too late to get photos that would be more current.

The above photo is a good likeness of  “Sister Mary Alvira”…as I remember her. When, I was  a very little girl  –  living  at the  Orphanage,  – I really did not like her, but –   many years before I came to this  Orphanage  –  she  and her own  four older  sisters were  also placed in the very  same Orphan HOME as I remember,  that their own  Mother  had died… and their  Father  had no way to take care of them – so they were  “ORPHANS” – and four of these  five girls did decide to join the  “Sisters of Christian Charity” – so that they were a part of the Orphanage  System  – most of their lives.

“Sister Mary Alvira”  was the youngest of these girls and was a teacher of the  5th and 6th grades,  at the time, that –  I came to live there.  One of the other and older  siblings –  “Sister Mary Emeline”  also came to serve as a “NUN” in the  same Orphanage, and was in charge of the “Boys’   Dining  Room”  and I was assigned to work for her…  and she was so nice and kind , that I became   a very good friend of her’s for LIFE.  Just because “Sister Emeline” was a blood sister of “Sister Mary Alvira” –  I changed my way of thinking about “Sister M. Alvira” –  and she too, became a  very good and long lasting friend – until the day that each of them passed on to the  sweet reward of ever lasting eternity, with our  Almighty Creator,  where they were each,   in hopes of going  to – on that final  and last day.

My memories are good of each of these “sisters” who also became  “SISTERS”  in the same Convent in  Wilmette,  Illinois!   


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