“Do Exercise in the Sunshine Each Day”

Sometimes  and just for FUN…  I would ride around the block on my  hefty nifty scooter… just as fast as I could. Just so happens that my two younger brothers were not able to use my  latest and greatest of get-going fancy equipment… but they would stand by… just hoping for a chance to catch up and maybe even try. Nothing like putting on a good show for then… back in the day.

This picture was taken back in the 1940s during WWII days… just wondering if anybody would know this  corner location… let me know … and I will tell you… if you are correct!


When you grow… you need something bigger to get around on. This is in  the 1940’s later  than that in the  above,  and at the Orphanage.

Since this bike was in our basement… and  not being used… ask my Mom to have my Dad bring it out to me in his truck… so that I could be using it, as a couple of other families had sent bikes out to their children and I may as well be riding with them…for the FUN and exercise

Just something to do … when we were able to be on the playgrounds… and of course build up our leg muscles.

So… after graduating from the eighth grade and now at home with my Mother… have to go to High School.

Just for Fun… had my Mom take a picture of me on the new bike that she bought for me. It is a boys’ bike and in the picture you can see that is me in my school uniform.

To get to Rosati-Kain High School… from the other side of  the Fairgrounds Park  by car is 4.3 miles or about 13 minutes time to travel. So how long would it take if you used your bike to get to School… when the St.Louis Bus Service goes on strike?

Well…that was the situation one week when there was no “BUS” service.. . how do I get to School?

That is why I had made this photo of me with a “Dunce Hat” and on the top of it… is my School Beanie Hat… that  I had to have on at school, for we would have to be in Church for services at various times.

In addition to that… Where do I put my school books  and my lunch and a small purse and sometimes a few other things? This was the situation for at least a week… as a week of not being in school… could mean maybe a flunking grade or even worse?

When I was younger and doing all of that riding my small bike and scooter… it was because as the godd old saying goes… “There’ll come a day,  when you will need these strengths… and where will you be… If were not preparing  beforehand!”

Just remembering… I do not know of anyone in my class that had so far to go… back then, just to get to School…riding  their bike both to  School and then make that trip home… while managing that you do not lose your stuff and at the same time…trying to keep you skirt out of the spokes and not too high and flying, to show too much leg!” 

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“We All Need a BIKE to RIDE”

“Thank Goodness… or should I Just say… for Goodness Sakes alive… I do like to ride a bike!”

It is good to introduce your children to different things early in life… just to see what they might be able to do … and also to keep them busy and active doing things that will increase their body strength  and help them build up a muscle or two along the way.

So in this first photo… I must be at least three  to three and a half years old…  as  that is our new  baby brother, Tommy… and we are  each a year older than the   baby.

Looks like “Daddy – O”… has his foot on my bike to keep me from riding around while  the “Picture” taking stuff is going on… as I always just loved to be on the go… especially when I  have a set of wheels under me!

Looks like “ME” on the wheels again… a little older as the bike looks older and well put to good use. Evidently little TOMMY is getting older and  just loves tagging on… with me… wherever I decide that we go… I guess that I might be “baby-sitting!”

“When someone said to smile… looks like I put on my best “prune” face… as only I know how to do!”

Just have to make a small gap in here… there are a couple of pictures… that I may use for tomorrow’s post… if I remember the ones… that I want to use.

As “TIME FLIES”…  just thought,  that I would use this photo to end today with… as  you can see… I am usually held up… from doing that which I was planning on doing… by someone that  has a camera handy… and just has to take a quick photo … of what you might call… “Motorcycle MomMa”… sometimes called that gal that loves to fly around the block… just for the FUN of it!

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“A Terrific Memory If I say so, Myself”

“Sparton Radio” Day for Mary Ellen, Herself”

 “1947 Sparton Radio – instead of record player”

The best time in all  of the “seven years” of my “LIFE” of being an  “ORPHAN” would be, when “VISITING SUNDAY”  would finally get here!  At first, in the Orphan Home, there was only “one Visiting Sunday”  a month,  and then, that was increased to the second and fourth    “SUNDAY” of the month. 

So NOW,  after the NEW   “Record Player” was sent back to “FAMOUS  BARR  STORE”  –  I had to wait till my MOTHER would be out to see us,  and ask for a radio, since there was no hope of using our “records”  sitting in baskets  at our  home,  on  a brand new record player,  that the “NUNS”  decided to, not allow me to have! The “NUNS” said, “the  “records” would all  –  be broken –  by everyone throwing them around!”

When my MOTHER would come to visit us, she would always bring a shopping bag of all kinds of good stuff, “especially”  some of the things, that I would ask  “MOM” for, on a “POST CARD.”  I had a regular grocery list, and sent it,   just the week before visiting day.

I liked, “Hi HO Crackers”  – “Bosco Chocolate Syrup” – “Sardines”  and “Grapefruit.”  Sometimes my MOM would  also bring a pan of homemade  “FUDGE”  which was always the best of treats!   Since my MOTHER was a saver of  my “mail,”  she  did have,  some of my old “POSTCARDS”  and  of course many  years later, while  going through lots of old  stuff, that is, after leaving the Orphan Home and, WE DECIDED TO MOVE TO A NEW LOCATION.  I was lucky to find some of those  old postcards,  which I still have somewhere,  so  many good old memories,  just for  today!

“Visiting SUNDAY” –  “WOW” – Now, I  will have to sell my “MOM” on the idea of getting for me, a portable radio. Something,  I can plug in, when and where  I can, but  also, be able to play when not  near any electric outlets?

 The good “radio stories” that they had on radio, in the 1940’s and 1950’s were terrific!  The same as  those, that we would listen to,  when we were home with our Parents. Then, too they had  good “MUSIC”  like  the “TOP FIVE” Hits of the Day,  there was one song, the  “Twelfth Street RAG”  – which I would like to dance to, as did some of the other girls in my class,  and even some of the older girls.

Then, there was was  a  “someone” around,  as always some of the other kids,  had “No Visitors”  and always enjoyed being around my “MOM”  as she always had lots of good stuff to say,  just as, I do today!

A part of living,  is always,  to enjoy having FUN and LAUGHTER,  just to  make, one-self  feel good! 

Even though, they are not  exactly, where they want to be,  a “buttinsky”  type of person, a someone that liked to listen  to the “Ball GAMES” of  which, I was not really “big” on doing  and  was not planning on doing, has time to put her “two-cents” in, and  when my MOM heard  the word “Baseball”  she said,  “she was not interested in getting a radio for that  purpose!” 

NOW, I had to really turn the conversation around and even ended up promising  my MOM,  that, I would not waste my time listening to ballgames!

 When my “MOM”  had to leave us, at “Five O’clock”  on that vising Sunday,  I really did not know, if she would,  or would not,  buy a radio for me?  I  just had to start praying, like never before,  that,  she might  change her mind, and buy a radio – for me! 


“WHO said, that “PRAYERS”  are not answered?”

The  very next “VISITING SUNDAY”  there my MOM is, walking in with a “brand new portable radio,” just like the PHOTO –  as seen  below!

Sparton 6AM06

This “Sparton Radio” looks just like the one I had  back then.

It did take a couple of days  for me to recall the name. The one above,  looks as if it has been restored. The one that I had,  I never had any  problems with,  and had for a good many years, even in moving  from place to place, no problems, but I  am guessing, “someone” must have liked it better than me,  and just  helped their selves to it.

“Can you dance this fast?”

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“Meet Joe”


Joe Wos

Meet Joe

Joe Wos makes his home in Pittsburgh, PA and has made his living as a professional cartoonist since the age of 14. His career path over the past 35 years has taken as many twists and turns as one of his mazes, as he finds new and innovative ways to pursue his passion for the cartoon arts.

Some highlights include spending 30 years touring nationwide as a performer, illustrating stories live as he told them; founding and running a cartoon art museum in Pittsburgh; illustrating symphony performances live with Orchestras nationwide and exhibiting his art in museums worldwide.

An A-Maze-ing Cartoonist

Joe has also been the visiting resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum for the past 19 years. With MazeToons — a unique hybrid illustration that is part cartoon and part puzzle — Joe has fulfilled a lifelong dream to appear in the funny pages.

Joe has been drawing mazes since the age of 7 and is regarded as a master maze maker. In 2012, he created the world’s largest hand-drawn maze. Measuring at 140 square feet, it features more than 100 illustrations. The maze garnered international attention with articles in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and media coverage throughout Europe. One of his mural-sized mazes is on permanent display at StarKist’s international headquarters.

National Day Calendar is thrilled with this A-maze-ing Ambassador who has developed over 1,500 mazes so far. Joe is frequently inspired by National Days and his prolific creations can be seen on his website https://mazetoons.com/

Of course, his favorite day to celebrate is International Left-Handers Day, being a lefty himself.

Look for our live coverage of events that feature Joe, including Wizard World Comic-Con. You can also follow Joe on Social Media using the links below. What a perfect way to Celebrate Every Day!

Right-click on the maze above, save it to your computer and print it for your enjoyment.

If you would like to follow Joe on social media, visit any of the sites below.

FB Icon Insta Icon Twitter

Joe is also on: TikTok

“Make copies for the kiddos to play with”


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“See EYE to EYE and TOE to TOE”

AND … Up and AWAY We Go….

Come to think of it… this must be where little baby Al… got the first feelings that he could FLY!

When you are in the strong hands of your Father… and he is able to FLY you through the room and even take you to the Living Room mirror… just for you to see… for yourself… that when you feel like it… you can always FLY high above everything and anything … here on Earth!

What a wonderful time you and Daddy were having flying and laughing and just having so much FUN…I just had to get the camera and catch a couple of pictures with you both laughing and flying around the house… just as if you were miles high in the clear Blue Sky above!

Flying just comes natural to some people… I guess when they start early in LIFe … just as you did … it is easy  and so much fun.

As I posted pictures of you when  you arrived at the Lambert Airport… having made that solo trip and only being eighteen months at the time and never cried and was happy all the way… while the Eastern Airline Hostess  would keep their eyes on you… being sure that your were safe and happy all through that long trip from Florida to Missouri.

No wonder that when you were in High School that you decided to start learning  all about Flying and started taking lessons… and in no time at all … you took your “Solo” Flying test and have been Flying ever since.

That is… I believe the one thing that everyone likes to see and hear about… young people deciding on something that they like to do… work and study how to do that thing to perfection… get their License and continue doing and or working in that  specified field… and if possible sticking with it… for all the rest of their LIFE!

And the topping on the “CAKE” is when you can say that members in the family also see that field of enterprise working  for you and since it is so interesting then, they also would like to do that which you are doing… most of the family is also involved in the same field of business…  you have encouraged  all to take to the SKY!

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National Merry-Go-Round Day on July 25th recognizes the amusement ride associated with carnival music. Invite a friend. Pick your horse or tiger take one for a spin!

Along with the roller coaster, the merry-go-round is one of the oldest amusement rides. Also known as the carousel, the merry-go-round rotates on a circular platform around a pole. The platform holds seats for riders. A motor spins the platform around the large central pole. Between rows of seats, passengers ride wooden horses and other animals. Poles anchor the animals in place. Once in a while, the colorful animals move up and down. The movement simulates galloping. Meanwhile, calliope music plays, adding a light-hearted atmosphere.

Often, carousels name their horses. The names add personality to the horses and bring them to life. Undeniably, names like Galloper, Jumper, and Roundabout became favorites among riders. While horses dominate the carousel world, lions, tigers, and many other exotic animals fill the platforms, too.

Not only are carousels fun to ride, but each one is unique. Artists carve each animal, bench, or car passenger ride. Ornately detailed elements decorate the poles and canopy of every carousel. What’s more, there was no limit to their imaginations! Ferocious tigers and docile lambs carry riders around. All the while the music plays its lilting tune. Undoubtedly, no two carousels are alike.

Besides carousels, any rotating platform may also be called a merry-go-round. By comparison, children power the playground merry-go-round. They push off using the bars or handles. The riders cling to the same bars as the platform spins. Since the riders determine the speed, the harder they push, the faster they go. Not surprisingly, one of the thrills of riding the merry-go-round included becoming dizzy.

Carousel Facts
  • The earliest known depiction of the merry-go-round is in 500 A.D. The Byzantine Empire’s ride depicts baskets carrying riders suspended from a central pole.
  • In the 1840s, Franz Wiesenoffer created the first merry-go-round in the United States in Hessville, Ohio. 
  • July 25, 1871 – The first carousel patent.


Go find a merry-go-round and have fun. Visit your favorite carousel and take a spin. Of course, you can always introduce the next generation to carousels, too. Post on social media using #MerryGoRoundDay.


In 2014, Bette Largent, President of the National Carousel Association, and carousel historian, Ronald Hopkins founded National Merry-Go-Round Day. They created the day to shine a spotlight on these beautiful, historical creations. The date commemorates the first U.S. patent issued in 1871 to William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa for the modern carousel. 

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