“Merry Christmas to One and to ALL!”

“Merry Christmas”… to the SON of YAHWEH – – – the ONE and ONLY  person  – – whose BIRTHDAY we all CELEBRATE – – but we forget to do anything for on the day that was selected to be HIS BIRTHDAY – – December 25th – – so to share my thoughts – –  from the Bible … where HE speaks that to HONOR  the FATHER with all our LOVE – – and the second commandment is likewise – – to LOVE our NEIGHBOR  as ourselves – – with those words – – put into action – – what a wonderful WORLD – – this would be – – so this first card – – shows lots of LOVE! 

This second  “CHRISTMAS Card Wish”  is… my interpretation – –  the three children… could  represent as the BIBLE explains this scene.. the SHEPHERDS tending their flock  at night  – –   when all of a sudden the  STAR of STARS’ so bright is sending a message to these young children — something special is happening this special night of of NIGHTS.

Sometimes when a message comes to us… we do not quite understand – – and in the case of this scene – – on this extra special night – – even the  bird… “Robin Redbreast herself”  is receiving this message – – and declaring this message to the  “Shepherd Children” and even to the flock that is in attendance. This special message is the  TRUTH that we need to receive and believe in our HEARTS – –  that  our FATHER in HEAVEN is sending  HIS SON – –  to show us the way – – the straight and narrow path – –  but we must read  the BIBLE – – and believe only the TRUTH.

“So many forget what this “SEASON” is for – – and why we are celebrating – – and without HIS LOVE for us – –  we could just miss the boat!”      D.V.

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“Today is the “14th” – Is the AMERICAN FLAG FLYING”

On my way to the “DOCTOR’s” office – – –  I did not see any “AMERICAN FLAGS FLYING”  proudly  – – by any businesses and no homes? Do Americans not think that “TODAY”  is an important day to have their  “AMERICAN FLAG”  proudly flying?

It used to be standard custom of all “BUSINESSES” to have a Nice  tall FLAG POLE – – and so proudly would we see our  “AMERICAN FLAG”  wave – – for all to see and know  – – that we live in the LAND of FREEDOM! 

This PHOTO below… shows something that I feel has been forgotten.  “Proud to be an AMERICAN!”

Back in the day – – you can figure out what ‘year’  this PHOTO may have been taken – – just looking at the shoes on the children. When have you last seen a young boy wear a tie  to SCHOOL?  From day  ‘one’ – – when I first started to go to SCHOOL – – we stood in our class room and recited the “PLEDGE  of Allegiance” every morning – – before any class room  work would start on anything else.

On FACEBOOK… a week or so ago – – someone posted  a PHOTO of the elected men and women   – – we just entrusted   by election…to work for America  – – for the citizens in the STATES that they are to represent – – and these men were sitting at their desks and with heads on the arms – – sound asleep! – -In my opinion – – if everything is so boring to them – – that they do not want to look alive – – and take part in the decisions to make or brake AMERICA – – “WHY not just go home and sleep for as long as you like – – and let some NEW… fresh… young… blooded AMERICANS – – do what you were elected to do?”  “What COUNTRY – – wants  or needs – – lazy and uninterested men and women receiving  a  “FAT PAYCHECK”  for sleeping on the JOB?”




“May the Almighty Yahweh bless all Americans – – NOW AND FOREVER”


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“Congratulations and BEST of WISHES to “TOM ALDRICH” – – my job is to   represent  all of my fellow  and the favorite “DOGS”  that OWNERS like you – – the humans that LOVE us … large and small… good and or bad – since you train us to be PERFECT and well respected “CANINES”  – – to also be “GUARDIANS” to those that LOVE us – – so from all  of US to our favorite MASTER THOMAS – – “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and a very big “THANK YOU”  – – for putting us all in GOOD homes!”

“Thomas Aldrich is standing  on left of this PHOTO – – with some of the men in his group  – – this is a young man in the ARMY – – in Korea.”  They are posed so well – – that you would almost think that this was a “MOVIE ” shot of our men – – playing an important role  – –  and like most MOVIES – – the ending is always terrific!

This PHOTO was taken near “CHRISTMAS” time in Korea – – and our ARMY  was sharing FOOD and FUN for some of the children that may not really understand the kindness of these men in the service of AMERICA – – but maybe someday – – one may see this PHOTO – – and remember – – that our men in uniform were there to help – – and brought “GOOD NEWS”    with their relief  – – hoping that maybe someday – – more people around would understand KINDNESS and LOVE – – and in sharing – – the whole wide world would be a much better place for all of  us to LIVE together and prosper – – as our CREATOR instruct us to do – – if and when we  seek first the TRUTH!     D.V.

So…in remembering to share LOVE and KINDNESS around the WORLD – –  let us all say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to THOMAS ALDRICH – – and all the  other members of our FAMILIES – – – – that have a BIRTHDAY on the 13th of DECEMBER – –  but are NOW in HEAVEN… celebrating!  D.V.

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“Happy Birthday TOM ALDRICH”

  • Here are a couple of PHOTOS of  THOMAS  H. ALDRICH – – who has BIRTHDAY on…  DECEMBER 13th…


That is a pretty ‘serious look’ on “TOMMY’s” face – – guessing that their cold weather … over there … in  “Korea”  is colder than our cold weather here…  in the “STATES’ – – right??… Or Wrong?

“How’s  this PHOTO of  ‘TOM’  and his War-dog “SHANE” – – they are so  cleaned-up – – even nice and shinny boots – – with his  ‘favorite’   of  most  favorite dog’s.”

Here we are… before…  “TOMMY” enlisted in the ARMY – – and we are all  celebrating his BIRTHDAY – – which is on the 13th  of December and … little “LEE”  just had his “BIRTHDAY” on the 5th of  DECEMBER – – but that blowing out of the candles is something else…  not often done – – so little “LEE” has to have the candles  glowing  again and again  – – just for him – – to practice his “blowing out” skills – – while there is a good chance of getting his way!

“Tommy” is sitting at the head of the table – – clock-wise… around the table…  on the right is   ‘the’… “DONALD”  in charge of lighting the candles for those…  that want to practice blowing – –  next is  “DADDY” “LEE ,SR.”,  also… doing some blowing.    But “LITTLE LEE,Jr.”  – – he is winning by a mile  – – he just has more air and always ready – – for  those candles  – – they  just do not have a chance to “glitter”  — – so we just have to put an end to the candles  – – and get to the best part of this BIRTHDAY Party” for TOM!

Take a second look at the “CAKE” – –  – – that is what I like to do. When we were in Florida – – and I had  the time – – and…  always a “BIRTHDAY”  to celebrate – – I could really make the “BEST of CAKES” – – my “DAD” was a CHEF by trade – – and he made the best – – and  so… when you taste the best – – that is what you always strive to do – – make each “CAKE” better than the last one!

“That is the best part of having a  “BIRTHDAY” – – a terrific “Birthday Cake” that is the  ‘BEST ONE’ – – but…  only and  until the next  “BIG BIRTHDAY”  comes along – – and then we say… “This is the…  ‘for sure’  “BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE” ever!” – – and as soon as we say that… well…  “WE” can hardy wait… till the next “BIG”  Birth Day CAKE!”  D.V.

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“When I am not inside the HOUSE – – I’m OUT”

“NOW you know what I look like!”

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On this day of your life
Mickey, I believe God wants you to know …

… that awareness is not a gift that some have and others

cannot attain.  Awareness is your birthright
and your inheritance. You have it now.
It is not a question of whether you have it, but
of whether you are using it.  All human beings have
the gift of Awareness.  Yet not all are aware
that they are Aware.  When you are aware
that you are Aware, your experience of Awareness shifts
to a new level. That is why this is being sent to you today.
You called this forth, out of your own inner Awareness.
This is You, waking you up.  
Today, walk in Awareness.
Do so by simply choosing to do so. Allow yourself
to be aware of every person’s feelings, of what fits perfectly
and is ‘right’ in every moment, of what is wanted and needed
from you as a healer and a messenger Right Here, Right Now.
Walk in this Awareness, and watch your life change today.


Love, your Friend …    
D.V. xooxxooxxo913

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“Black Hole Story” verified!

Nothing like writing a book… and seeing it everywhere – – and to top that – — – read the article below… Scientists Spot Strange Black Hole – –  is there something that we know – – or that we do not KNOW???

Image result for Al Aldrich - book


Read this book,  “AEROS” – – by Al Aldrich and make your own decision – – “Who Knows… WHAT” – –  where and when???

Considering the science fiction-like nature of ETs, it almost makes sense that a similarly-futuristic tool such as AI would be the way to find them.

Researchers gazing into the vastness of space have discovered an intriguing supermassive black hole that has left astronomers scratching their heads. The wondrous find is both the oldest and most distant black hole ever observed and is an astounding 800 million times the mass of our sun. The point at which scientists observed the black hole in its development is quite remarkable as it achieved this incredible size in a mere 690 million years after the Big Bang occurred. That has proven to somewhat paradoxical for astronomers. Learn more.

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