“Listen – You just May be in Heaven”

If you are someone … that is wanting to go to HEAVEN, worry no more, I will put you there when you…  that’s right… you can just sit back!… Enjoy!


“Heaven” is available…”

Sometimes in LIFE – we feel like we need something and we just are not sure of what…  – what that  “need”  is that is making noises inside of us??

If we do not do something about it… that … gnawing feeling  – if we feel that we can do everything ourselves – when really we know that we can not – we all know of friends and relatives who develop  all kinds of  – accidents – boils – cancers – and diseases – and they may not really have anything wrong with them – they just have not taken a few minutes  – all alone – time to meditate on the “here-after” – maybe even “HEAVEN” –  just a few minutes to daydream – meditate  or whatever you might call up  admiration and or  amazement of the mind – and  to  let something new and interesting come into your mind and your total existence…  making a corrective  change  for the better –  – try checking out  – the above music and you could  even – maybe heal yourself  –   just by thinking that you are now in “HEAVEN!”

My brother, “Tommy” has sent the above wonderful surprise…     D.V.

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“Photos from 1961 and or 1962”

“Our Offical BED Tester”

and NOW…   There does come a time in the LIFE  of a FAMILY…when there will be a change in… “who will sleep here” and then…  who do we give this smaller bed to?

Looks like…”LUCKY LEE” will be giving his nice and old “BABY BED” to our expecting “BABY”… which will be here…any day Now! We did know that the Doctor said to expect after the first of the year… and when the “FIRST BABY for 1962” was announced on TV… just thought that I may as well start hoping and wishing for a good day… a day that would have lots of meaning for us.

So being as big as a house… just went about living these last couple of days being very careful and trying not to eat too much… as I was told…  that the Doctor does not like to deliver those babies…  when the MOTHER puts on too much weight.

My big problem was… in the Restaurant business…different COOKS would like for ME to try out something very special that they had made. How then could I turn down… that something specially made for ME?

and…So and now in another bedroom… we had this nice big bed as you can see above… and I wanted to take a photo of my “DOLLS”… nothing to do … but have Donald and Little Lee hold them up… and just look pretty.

The job to do here… my taking all the stuff that I did not want the boys to mess with…and or break… box it up… and store away for a hundred years… and or give to another family with girls.

and… Here is our Little Lee… and with a new-found friend.  Leave it to Little Lee… to find any lost animal in the neighborhood… and bring it home for us to take care.

“Just have to add this Nursery rhyme for children… as “Grandma  GoGo” has a note on the back of this PHOTO!”      “The pussy cat that goes to LONDON to see the Queen.” … 

“Enjoy with the little ones… see if you  also remember the words and song?”

“Like the Eye Doctor will say, “Is this better… or  was the other better?”


Will…have to go through many more …older photos… before there just is not enough ink…to see that which was so special at that point in time … that inspiration to take the pictures… in the first place.

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“Grandma Louise Aldrich-Stanley born 1881” TODAY

How could we forget… GRANDMA Lulu” –   the grand-children always have a way to shorten the “GRANDMAS” name – – to something simple and easy for them to say.  So… with  “Grandma Lulu” – – we also have … “Grandma GoGo” – – and everybody knew exactly who the Grand-children were referring to…  as they were learning to talk and connect to the different adults.

GM Lulu with Al 001 

This is “Grandma Lulu” – and she is holding our brand new baby “AL” – and we were then … living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Have a quick guess “Grandma Lulu” would be “82” years old. She did like to travel by “Greyhound Bus” – – and whenever there was a newborn in the FAMILY – – she always wanted to be there to HELP!

So… this trip by “BUS” was a long one – – – coming from Saint Louis, Missouri – – –  I  just had to ask her,  “WHY  Travel… by BUS?” HER  answer left me  really “thinking” – because her answer was, “I just LOVE   to talk to lots of people and when you are traveling by BUS – – you have more opportunity to meet people and learn about things – – that you never knew before!”Lee & Al 001

This … was very  HARD for me to believe – – as all the years that I knew her – – she was very “HARD of HEARING”  – – and whenever I would be talking to her – – I had to talk so LOUD that usually – – everyone,  but her  – heard and knew what I said.  BUT…let me whisper something to someone – not wanting her to hear – – you guessed right – – she heard every word!  – – – – The above FAMILY get- to gather – – and just weeks before “BABY AL”     was to arrive!

This next PHOTO is   – – just a few weeks later,   Grandma Lulu – with Grandsons… Lee Jr., and new baby AL!

Grandmababy 001

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“Must Make Many Cakes this Month of May”

Can you “Bake a Cake?”

Just have to start this off with a fact of LIFE… Most CAKES were made from scratch some sixty-three years ago… but when I had gone to the Grocery Store…a new item on the shelf… the Cake in a Box to make!

This was entirely new to me…just about to start High School in the Fall…and when “DORO” was dumb…she was really dumb!

What happens when I start feeling good?    Really good!    I would like a piece of homemade cake…  from scratch!

The recipes are all so enticing and I  can hardly wait to see just which one… will I choose?  Every so often  –  when I think back in time to when I first was going to make a cake  – I don’t know    –  if I should cry or just start laughing so hard that I do cry   –   over the big mess!

When cake mixes first made their entrance to the store’s shelf  –  they were something to really consider    –  would they be faster,  easier, and taste better or what?     In the early 1950’s  –  I was about   “14”   and the cost of a box of cake mix was only thirty cents.

After school, I went to the “Food Center, on Warne Avenue” and got the different things I thought I would need.  When my mother came home from work, told her my idea of making a box cake?  We never made a “Box Cake”  –  the only way we ever made a cake was from scratch!  I think that I read everything on that cake box, and everything that it said that I needed, I got out and put on the kitchen table. (Everything  was at my fingertips.)

So, with the bowl and large spoon to do the mixing of the ingredients by hand  – I was ready.   You would have thought   –  I was getting ready for  “Major Surgery”  – without a mask! 

The pans were greased and floured… the oven was turned on… everything in the bowl… mixed and mixed  by hand and then into the pans… nicely level the pans  –  and into the oven!  The timer was set and I was sure waiting very patiently for cake made… the newest up-to-date way.

The time was nearly up... a burning  of the over-flowing cake dough all over the inside of the oven…“what’s wrong”… what happened? I could see a  “fine mess”  that I had made and now needing to be cleaned up and the sooner the better!

Started going over every step of the instructions on the cake box? ……….“Can you guess what happened?”

 On the table still sitting… as big as they were … the  “2”  large eggs that the “Cake Mix” called for in the recipe!

Such a mess…that runny dough burning all over every place and into every little crack that it could find…it started to smell like I had set the house on fire!

This taught me a very good lesson…haste makes waste when you are baking…take time to read directions…until you understand them…backward and forward…unless you like a real dirty mess… that takes forever to clean up!

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“Denny and Ted…Meet in Heaven Above”


Just received news… that “Ted Porter” passed away this last December 30th in Florida… the hometown that Denny McClarren was living with his wife Judy. (see notice below)


                     “The Three Musketeers”



L to R – Ted Porter – Denny McClarren – Richard Garger

This picture of the “The Three Musketeers” was taken on the grounds of German St.Vincent Orphan Home while there was a “picnic celebration”   going on and so the above…  “Three Musketeers” made this … their extra special day for a  get-together for all of the good old time memories… that they shared in and for so many years with lots of    “Fun and Games!

So we must also remember my brother Denny…now going on five years since his passing on to his reward…

Denny H. McClarren

Died: August 09, 2015

U.S. VeteranDenny H. McClarren, 76, Holmes Beach, died August 9, 2015. Born in St. Louis, MO he moved to Holmes Beach in 2001 from Wheaton, IL, was a member of St. Bernards Catholic Church and was a Veteran of the US Army. Survived by wife, Judy of Holmes Beach, FL; sons, Tim (Sharon Vosmek) McClarren of San Francisco, CA and Mike (Desiree) McClarren of Porterfield, WI; daughter, Kelly Schultz of Winfield, MO; brother, Tom (Rose) McClarren of St. Louis, MO; sister, Mary Ellen Aldrich of Florissant, MO; grandchildren, Ashley, Kristina, David, Elizabeth, Kayla, Brandon and Jesse; great grandchildren, Ayden and Adisyn. Memorial Services will be at a later date. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory 43rd Street Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Memorial donations to the Alzheimer’s Association at www.alz.org. Condolences to www.brownandsonsfuneral.com.

(May Denny and Ted rest in peace…  D.V.) ***********************************************************

AND NOW… Have FUN with the memory of this…   “MOVIE SCREEN ” – – “MUSKETEERS”

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“Happy Birthday to Gail…Lucky 13th of May”

Remember this day…

and… We the eighth graders are posing for a photo and… it seems to be a day just like today…rain all night and day… as one can see by looking out those windows.

We were supposed to be learning all about “COOKING” and I do not remember a good class … that we had ever made anything to eat.

“Do you remember everybody… I see you right there next to Elma … do you know where I am?”

and… This is a good photo of you… I just now… was trying to remember who took this picture of us? Guess we should have taken a couple of more pictures and had a variety of us on them… so as to be able to know…some hundred years later…who was who… and with their name!

“Do you remember this day…and where you are standing on this photo?”

I know that I am in the back row…as I could see myself…when I could see better. As soon as I can get to the “Eye Doctor” will have a better pair of glasses and will make a list of “Who is Who” and where to find them.

Just some good old time memories… and do you remember what “Sister Michael” used to say to the two us… since we always had so much to say…when we were told to stop talking and suppose to keep our mouths shut, “The two of you will still be talking… forty years after you are dead and buried!”

“Guess that I …still have too much silly stuff to say to someone… and so I will just keep writing … since you and or someone are not here … for me to talk, too!”

“Have the best Birthday and celebrate all week… that  is my  recommendation to getting used to getting one year older… do it slowly!” xoxo

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