“Serious Is, as Serious Does”

The other day,  when I was posting this PHOTO of   Great Grand-Son, “LEX” – I knew, as I was caught  by that  stare of  little “LEX”  that,  I had seen this very same look,  somewhere  but,  just could not remember where,  and only after looking over some of the other POSTS – ran across the matching PHOTO.

… NOW,    check out this face… and the face of  big Sister, “Alyssa”, watching over her new  little baby sister, “JAIME” – see if there isn’t something similar,  there being a  likeness or very strong  resemblance in the face.

http://fourgrandmas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/img155.jpgThere is defiantly something in those eyes  – that is thinking  about the time and situation – and only in their eyes and in and on their mind are the words – but, because they are too young – just can not express in words for us to hear and or to know.

People go to  “Museums” for all sorts of reasons, but some just to study  our cultural heritage, and or to preserve and promote   the source  of cultural heritage, – but I think – there are some people that just like to sit and gaze at the faces of different people and try to figure out – just by looking at the face – “What in the world was on the mind of this person” as they  are sitting for hours,  just to have their portrait made for millions of people to just come  later in time of years, and stare at the “Portrait faces”  for hours on ends.

Everyone that looks long at a  “PHOTO” has some idea of what they are seeking – maybe a “re-union”  in their minds of what could have been – or maybe,  what would we be doing, “If we were still together” or maybe, “Did you really do all that  they  say and is now  printed in the  “History Books” or is, all of  that  just a lot of  “malarkey?”

“Come to think about it – there are a million questions that one can ask  and wonder about – while just looking at old Photos,  and even the new ones – just taken days ago?”   D.V.

“For generations to come – the  top Photo  of  little  baby, “LEX” is the son of   “Alyssa, my Grand-daughter” – and “Little Master LEX, is my  “Great Grand-son” and,  I am so grateful and Thankful to the Almighty Yahweh, for all of the most wonderful gifts – that He only,  can  provide for  us, His children!”

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“Best Wishes to MY BROTHERS on Brothers Day”



Observed every year on May 24, Brother’s Day honors the brothers in our lives.  Whether we have one or many, our brothers hold a special place in our hearts.  Even if for those who don’t have brothers, someone in their life is usually like a brother to them.  Brothers from other mothers are found in a best friend, a brother-in-law or a cousin.  They are the men in our lives we count on even when we don’t talk very often.  We share memories, challenges that frequently began with the phrase, “What’s this!” soon followed by a few stitches.

They are the men in our lives we count on even when we don’t talk very often.  We share memories, challenges that frequently began with the phrase, “What’s this!” soon followed by a few stitches. While minding their own business, they are also prepared to step in when necessary.  That’s what brothers do.

Of course, they’ve been known to put toads on your head or gum in your hair.  They may have been too cool for you once, too.  Brothers come in many shapes and sizes and so do their relationships.  Whatever yours is, take the time to celebrate your brother on Brother’s Day.


Enjoy time with brothers and reminisce.  Find time for new brother siblings to spend some fun, enjoyable time together.  Use #BrothersDay to share on social media.


C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama founded Brothers Day.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar!

Sure am glad that I have some old PHOTOS – which include both of my brothers and myself!

So,  this is my message for TODAY, “Happy BROTHERS DAY”  to brothers, DENNY, Jr. and Tommy –  and as you can see –  Denny has his shirt on,  and brother, Tommy does not have his shirt on – due to,  having taken a high dive off that BRIDGE in the back ground.

With brothers, I’m betting that we all have lots of good stories to tell – that is what  we call, “Making LIFE Exciting” – otherwise we would have nothing to laugh about – and no real exciting stories that  will last, for  a LIFE time  and or more.

“Hold your glass high and WISH – “GOOD LUCK to OUR BROTHERS, One and ALL”  –  where ever you all are!”   D.V.

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“For as LONG as I can Remember”

For as long as I can remember,  “Daybreak” hung above our sofa!”

“On Living Room Wall – – 4252 Linton – May 1st, 2018”


Today’s Birthday Boy is Artist Maxfield Parrish!

Maxfield Parrish Art

Paintings and Miscellaneous Work

The Art of Myth and Fairy Tale


19 inches by 13 inches. $91

Maxfield Parrish, one of the most celebrated American painters and illustrators of the 20th century, was born 96 years ago today. Most of you parents will have heard his name before, but we think it’s time he influenced the youngest generation as well. In honor of his birthday, teach your kids a little something about the talented artist (don’t worry; we’ll teach you about him first).  [all pics via parrish.artpassions]

Maxfield Parrish was actually born “Frederick” Parrish, but he took on his grandmother’s maiden name first as his middle name and then as his professional name. So, to all of us, he’s Maxfield. Born on July 25, 1870 in Philadelphia, Maxfield Parrish was the son of a painter and began drawing as a child, encouraged greatly by his parents. He was a dedicated art student, first attending Haverford College and then moving on to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Drexel Institute of Art.

His schooling, however, is far less interesting than his actual artwork. He built his own home and studio in New Hampshire, and lived there with his wife Lydia until she passed away in 1953. Maxwell is perhaps best known for his work as an illustrator: Versions of Mother Goose in ProsePoems of Childhood, and Arabian Nights that contain his illustrations are exceptionally popular collectors’ items. 

Much of Parrish’s popularity stems from the rich, bright colors of his artwork and the fact that his work cannot be categorized under any movement or school. It is fully individual and exceptionally influential. Indeed, his most popular piece of work, Daybreak, is worth more than $7 million and is used as the cover of multiple music albums, including that of the Irish musician Enya.

If you live in Rhode Island — chances are slim, we know — and are looking for a way to celebrate Parrish’s birthday, you can head on over to the National Museum of American Illustration, which boasts the largest boy of his work in any collection; they have 96 of his pieces. But even if you don’t live in Rhode Island — yes, that’s most of you — you can still catch his work at the Met in New York City, or at the Hood Museum of Art in New Hampshire.

Of course, you can celebrate by appreciating his work via the wonderful world of Google, too. Happy birthday, Maxfield Parrish!

“Just another  “Birthday  to be remember… forever!”

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“In the Mid- 1940’s and in the Orphans Home”

“This is a story, that I may not have told on “fourgrandmas.com” before, and since this is,  “National Tell a Story Day” – just thought it,  would  be a story that you would never forget!”NATIONAL TELL A STORY DAY – April 27


National Tell a Story Day is observed in the United States each year on April 27th.  People of all ages are encouraged to share all kinds of stories on National Tell a Story Day. Whether it’s read from a book, one from your imagination or an actual story from a childhood memory, April 27th is the day to gather friends and family and share those stories.

Libraries around the country participate in National Tell A Story Day with special storytelling times for children.

Storytelling is an ancient practice used to hand down knowledge from one generation to the next.  It’s a wonderful way to pass on family traditions, histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational. Some of the very best stories come from real life experience.  

Many people enjoy listening to their grandparents share their stories about when they were growing up (back in the day).  Spending time telling stories with family, friends and loved ones is a time for all to learn from each other, to remember and to grow closer together.


On National Tell A Story Day, it does not matter if the story is a short story or a long story, fiction or nonfiction, a tall tale or folklore. This is a day for them all.  We encourage you to tell your stories and even share them on social media using #NationalTellAStoryDay.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for lessons designed around National Tell a Story Day. 


Our research was unable to find the creator or the origin of National Tell A Story Day.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!

This is not the best of PHOTOS – it is doubled exposed and old, maybe  late 1940’s. On the swing and seated is “Patsy Counts” and standing on the swing behind “Patsy” is “Gail Porter” just so happy,  for me to take their picture – as I was LUCKY to have a camera and some film – but,  not very well informed as to the –  how to take  “GOOD” PHOTOS!

It was on these same  swings, one nice and warm day of the week,  and I was sitting on one of these swings, when a “Famous Barr” truck was coming into the side entrance of this  “ORPHANAGE” to make a delivery at the receiving door – right there at the “KITCHEN” and in “eye shot” and “hearing” of me, swinging – and immediately – “bells and whistles” went off in my brain!

On the last “Visiting Sunday”  when my MOM came to visit us,  I was asking her,  if she would get for me, a record player, so that I could listen to all of the records we had at home.  We had in the basement of our HOME, maybe two or three bushel baskets of long playing records, and I felt that at least,  we could play them  at the Orphanage and even dance to the music.

Knowing that my Mother did shop at the “Famous Barr Store” downtown, Saint Louis – I jumped off the swing and went close to the truck – to see and hear better – as they were having the “NUNS” sign for the package that they were delivering for “ME” – and of course they would not give to me – said they had to take it to my teacher, “Sister Florence” and that she would let me know when and what and  that I should wait – till she gets in touch with me?

The next day, I was informed that when the next “Visiting SUNDAY” came around that I was to inform my “MOTHER” that I could not have the “Record Player” that she had sent out, because it would get broken by some of the kids – and or that most of the “records” would be broken and or destroy – and there would be too many broken pieces of records all over!

“So the “FAMOUS BARR” truck came out another day to pick up the “record player” and when I got to see my MOTHER on an other “Visiting Sunday” – had to try to talk my MOTHER into buying me a “radio” that could be used with the electric and also have a battery pack – if I were in the “ORPHANAGE” in an area where there was no electric outlet available? It is the “Pitts” when you have to almost beg for something, that you think would be nice to have – and of course, no one else had any such thing.

I am grateful and Thankful – that my MOTHER did bring  with her on another Visiting Sunday just the best radio which I used and vaguely remember finding a PHOTO of it – which I can not find now, but when I do,  will  add it here! Had it for years and always able to use it  –  with  electric or not!

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“Easter Today and Yesterday”

When it comes  to EASTER – what can one say that  would be better,  than anything ever said,  before?

Everyone does go to Church for EASTER and CHRISTMAS -but,  do they go to Church any other time of the year?

These are two days that, when you have small children, you just have to surprise them,  with all kinds of good things, candy, treats, and even toys that relate to that day, and since there, just  is not enough time in one day to do everything that, would come as a great big surprise for your children – you do have to do all of these    surprising things, in two or three days – just so that all basses are covered, and everyone feels that they have shared the  FUN and RESPECT for the day – in a way, that all FAMILY members feel very good about doing even more, for next year!

Now this PHOTO, above –  is “TOP DRAWER” stuff! All these many years of getting things ready and set up for EASTER or even any other HOLIDAY – I just think that the above set-up, for EASTER takes a “Blue Ribbon Award”  – if,  I say so myself!

That is my “Great Grand-son, LEX, himself – just  the best looking “EASTER BASKET” filled with the best of all the best of gifts for a FAMILY to have on display – in his very own basket, surrounded with such wonderful gifts, that,  when he is older and looks at these PHOTOS – “LEX”  will certainly know forever – that, from day  “ONE”  that, he was always wanted  – and  in this PHOTO,  it just  shows,  how  very much he was LOVED and WANTED –  just tops everything else in this world!


and  now…  for  a Yesterday’s Easter…


Easter Sunday and an “EASTER BUNNY” is all  foreign    information,  for a fifteenth month old baby, and we can see that,  “baby Al”  sitting in the “high-chair” just has no real idea of what all that stuff is doing on the dining room table,  and so early in the morning?

The table is set up,  for four boys,  “Tom” in high school gets the smallest basket, and  for  “baby Al”  the youngest boy,  gets the largest basket,  but it is not the size of the basket that makes you feel good,  it is all of the sweet treats that are spread out on the table,  that,  when  being  bigger and older,   you  already know , there is   more  that your hand can reach for  and grab,  “all”   without any help  as every  thing   on the table is there  for a variety of tastes,  for each boy  to enjoy  what they like,  while they   just share and even  enjoy sharing with their class mates, when they  will be  coming over!

“The early bird gets the worm”   he who gets up early, can start to try out some of those colorful and fancy wrapped candies, mostly chocolate,  who wants any thing else, but,  who will get the  big “Chocolate Bunny”  some of the larger size bunnies  are now made hollow inside, such a  big disappointment, I always enjoyed the solid “Chocolate Bunny” as you would have more of the good stuff,  and the longer it  will last,  the more you think about  “EASTER”  and all those goodies,  I can see  that you,   and your friends  are enjoying “EASTER”  too!”

That’s big brother, “Lee”  serving baby brother, “Al”   with some  of the “EASTER” treats,  the ones he knows he can give to  “baby Al”  but, he is big enough  and knows  what he likes, as  Lee has been around  a little longer, and NOW  can tell, his  little baby  brother, “Al”    all about the way,  that things happen on  “EASTER”  so nice to be the bigger brother,  the one who  NOW   knows  and has  all of  the answers  and  just knows so much  for being  a,   “so” big  four years old.

“PHOTOS” taken along time ago always,   have a good story, and  do help one to remember the “GOOD” old days!” ***    *******   D.V. 

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“The REST of the STORY”


(DENNY –  (TOM) –  (ME)  and  (DENNY – (ME) – (TOM)


      Since  Tom is the  ‘baby  senior citizen’  in our FAMILY  – if you  take a look   back  –  in TIME   – you will find pictures of the  “golden oldie trio” – at their finest hour  – by the edge  of  “Fairground Park Lake,  in North Saint Louis.”

The above Photos may have been taken in 1943 or 1944 and we lived  near and able to walk to the “Fairgrounds Park” every day,  if we wanted,  or even walk  going  in the opposite direction,  to the “O’Fallon Park” – as that is what,  we would do during the WWII  days.

We had the great outdoors to discover and  in walking every where – we did develop our legs and did receive     plenty of the “SUNSHINE  vitamin”  – just being in the great out doors. I guess you could  call us the  “Three MAC-eteers”  as,  we were always together and I was suppose to be watching my brothers, so that nothing would happen to them – in our wondering around.

Just talking to my brother, “Tommy”  the other day – just happened to be talking about this photo of us in the PARK – and I could never before, figure out why  “TOMMY”    was not dressed as “DENNY”  and I were for a PHOTO? In our conversation “TOMMY”  reminded me,  that he did  like to see a little   further,  than he should – in some situations.

Take a look at the “BRIDGE” in the PHOTO on the left side – well,  “TOMMY” was telling me, that he could not see the water below, while standing on the bridge – so he crawled up on  to the  “Stone Rail”  just to see below – and,  as he was up there,  then  looking down –  just went a little too far  out – and just fell over, and down into the LAKE, he landed!

In the falling, Tommy did lose a  shoe and sock and was  just so “LUCKY” that,  there was not that much water, as he  was not a swimmer, yet – but,  evidently there were people around to see and hear screams for “HELP” – and so  – his shirt and extra clothing that was all wet –  came off – and the good old “Sunshine” kind of dried him off – enough for this PHOTO – so that, for the rest of his LIFE  – maybe he would be more careful – when trying to see  – all that is not always fully available for him to see – at all times.

Isn’t it  “wonderful”  – to know the  “rest of the story,” after all of these years. – With such good LUCK in LIFE as a youngster,   one, that always wanted to see  “way” beyond ,  was  now, able to survive – so that when he was old enough – would you believe,  “TOM” did sign up to be a “Paratrooper” – You know, those people, that like to fall out of a perfectly,  good flying Machine –  so that now, we all call him, “Mr. Wonderful –  as he always lands fair and square on  his own two feet!     D.V.


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