“If YOU have a BIRTHDAY – this MONTH”

“How would you like  for me, to send this beautiful Birthday Cake to you, no matter where you are  – in the World?

With so many BIRTHDAYS in this month,  so… I thought that I should send out some Birthday Greetings to one and all, and then, remembering,  I do not remember the exact date for each  of the Birthdays girls? 

Now that I am thinking on the front burner, I do not know of any men having a Birthday this month, gruess only girls were born this month?

During the mid 1940’s when we were  active in WWII, and you needed a ration coupon stamp to purchase “SUGAR” as well as so many other important things, my Daddy would  make “Divinity Candy” and “Fudge Candy” to send to our American Soldiers.

My DAD, being  a Chef could make  these candies and my two brothers Denny and Tommy would be sitting around the Kitchen table, watching and waiting for our turn to sample the the candy mixture as it would have to at a certain temperature to then be whipped up  and dropped on the wax paper sheets, each a perfect  piece of candy. Each of us would get our turn to sample a small glob of this candy that was dropped into the cold water – to the perfect hard stage, setting up  so perfectly!

Every flat surface had sheets of WAX paper, for the Divinity to set-up,  till ready to be boxed and labeled and to the Post Office to be sent overSEAS to the  Army, for a special treat.

The reason we were doing this, when my Dad was a young man in the Army, his mother would send  homemade candy  to where he was stationed to share with those men in the SERVICE and they all enjoyed  the boxes of candy that they received.

Since I was the oldest and always like to ask questions, my questions was,  “What did you get, when you were in the Army”

When my DAD had first signed up for the Army, he was a little younger than you were to be to sign up – but times were bad and lots of men signed up as there was no work , and they needed something, there were too  many mouths at home to taken care of. So, for my DAD, a very young man and his first Birthday coming up and not at home, his Mother decided to bake him a “BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

Those were the days when everything was made from scratch, and they had a farm, in OHIO, so they did have all the necessary good ingredients to bake and cook something delicious.  My DAD continued to say,  that this was  a nice large BIRTHDAY CAKE, because of the size of the box that  he did receive, after having  been in the mail  for at least a good month or more.  Evidently he was moved  from one place to another location, and the box with the Birthday Cake, was forwarded to each location.

 By the time, that my DAD received his “BIRTHDAY CAKE” it was no longer in one piece. When he opened the box – and lots of his friends anxious to see what he received, all standing around, were amazed  to see several layers of wrapping paper all around  a ball of several layers of wax paper all around and covering  a newly broken up cake?

Since the cake was so well wrapped up and secure in the wax paper – most of the  young men in his unit decided to taste the cake – as this was the first time any of them had heard of any one sending a “BIRTHDAY CAKE” through the MAIL System – and my DAD said, “It was  so well preserved and tasted good, even though it was broken up!”

“Wishing everyone a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and many more…Best of WISHES  – and may the Almighty Yahweh  continue to bless you – with more blessings,   than you  would have been ever expecting!”       D.V.

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“Don’t Fence Me In”

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
Don’t fence me in
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
Don’t fence me in
Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze
Listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
Send me off forever but I ask you please
Don’t fence me in
Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western skies
On my cayuse, let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise
I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
Gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
Can’t look at hobbles and I can’t stand fences
Don’t fence me in
Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western skies
On my cayuse, let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise
I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences
Gaze at the moon till I lose my senses
Can’t look at hobbles and I can’t stand fences
Don’t fence me in

 and… Dalene with the new foal, Diggar – Mr. Lee taking the Photo!

and… learning the new ways of getting something to eat from Mommy, herself.

and…  time flys and we have the time  now, to watch the people that like to take care of us!


Lee did learn to take care of horses when he was in grade school, and did learn to get up early for all of the chores that are required to take care of – when you like to live with your friends – the noble horse!

With this early training, the next step in LIFE was to sign up for the NAVY – and with this additional training  – and having put my six years in the sailing around the globe – just like most NAVY MEN do – nothing better then  after serving and doing your duty for the land you love, AMERICA  than to get your own  farm and have your favorite  horses – just like you did in your early childhood!

Since I like music, just love to hear my favorite  song – so must share with you.

“Just remember to listen and remember,  that there were a good number of Servicemen that gave their lives for our “Freedom”  and along with that, AMERICA is the best place to have your very own little farm and to also have that favorite horse and all of your other extra special animals!”    D.V.

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“Happy Birthday to Sister Alvira”

Do you know anyone that has a BIRTHDAY on Halloween?

Sister Mary Alvira is the NUN sitting on the left of this photo… enjoying an ice cream cone on the  “Anniversary” Sunday  Celebration taking place at the German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home.  That would be at 7401 Florissant Road, Normandy, Missouri 63121 – in the Saint Louis County  – North – not to hard to find.

The Nun sitting in the center is Sister M. Celestine and she worked on the “Girl’s-side”  the Dining Room and on the right side  of this Photo is Sister M. Luitroud and her work assignment was in the Laundry.

When I  saw this photo in the Newspaper, I just had to cut it out – since you never did get to see the NUNS eating  in public, as their uniforms, before this one you  now see,  did include a large white bow that ties up close and under the chin – and to eat in public, really would  be taking a chance on food getting onto the uniform and that just would not look good.

Now that I think about it, that just might be  why this new version of their uniform was made.  The Nuns were usually all so nice and thin and perhaps they did not  get any  extra  – in between meals and or snacks?

Well, when you are my FRIEND, like Sister Alvira,   and  I KNOW YOUR  BIRTHDAY –  it will always be a day that is implanted,  into my brain – a day I will never forget!

So, I have this little card with a nice verse on it – something,  that I guess we should always  give a thought or two about – because we are here on Earth for a short time – and then, one day we will all be together for all Eternity!

Reading the above message  over a couple of times, does make you think about being with your loved ones,  here on Earth and then that day,  that your  NAME is called, when we  are to start to leave here – and even though some  of our family and friends have gone on ahead  – we all – one day shall  all be together.

If only most of us would think about  that time, a time  of getting to meet our family and friends again – maybe we would remember –  that our memories are always with us – and it sure would be good to carry a large bag of  terrifically superb memories –  than an old empty sack – that only makes us sad!

“Have to leave a good message to all,  and to Sister Alvira – that we are thinking of you,  as we did long ago,  when we were all here on EARTH and we were  all the best of FRIENDS – and someday soon –  we just never know when,  that happy day will be –  that  we will all be celebrating our being together – making  so many more new  and the HAPPIEST  of Memories in Heaven!”    D.V.

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“From TWO to Fourteen – What a Difference”

When we take Photos – usually they are taken for a good reason. 

So looking through some old Photos, that I have not used to post  as yet, and just decided on this  raining day, a day that  it is to rain,  all day long and  –  I mean all day rain pouring down just like it is supposed to do – right  here in Missouri, when it would be  just terrific –  it it was pouring down on those parts of California,  where several big Cities are going up in flames.

The situation is so bad in California, that  they have turned off the utilities in those Cities – so that maybe, the disaster  there will not be entirely a total lost for everyone. So far it does look like, a total disaster for everyone living there.

They are really  in need  of PRAYERS, as I did see on television, that people were getting into their cars and trucks and  were only able to grab a very few things, as the fire was blowing so fast into their areas – it will be a miracle if half of those people  are able to get out alive?

Sometimes I do get carried away with what I hear on the NEWS, so now,  let us get back to these old PHOTOS.

That is ME on the right, bottom step of this four-family flat where we may have lived for a short time.  On the back of the picture it just read,  “Vantervanter” – which would be a street  in North Saint Louis. My Mother said,  “that they moved more times,  than  a Carnival Show  selling tickets!”   Evidently, my Father did not like a neighbor and or, did not get along  very well with them, for some reason,  and or the other?

“OH” – also on the back of the picture, “two years old” so looking back – I guess  I was able to play with the big kids  – as I was told – that I always had plenty to say – whether or not- someone wanted to listen?

This  is ME  at the foot of the slide, and I am a big girl now!

In a previous post, You saw me with the long hair and I had to have it cut.  Here I am to please everyone –  now it is nice and short.  So I would  now,  have to be thinking about my Graduating in JUNE,  and kind of getting in the mood, that at last,  I will get to go home to  finally live with my MOTHER.

All the seven years that we were kept here, was because they were able to collect my Dad’s pension – that he was receiving for being injured when he was in the ARMY. In fact – they continued to collect that portion that was for ME – for over a year after,  I was no longer here, and was  living  at home with my MOTHER. I still have  all of the  old paperwork,  for the simple fact – that they never did  return that portion, that  they were receinning for me. No attempt was ever  made to pay to my MOTHER, who really  did need the money,  and that she was also  entitled to!

“What is that old saying, about only receiving LEMONS – in LIFE,  just start to make  for yourself  some real good old fashion “Lemonade” with the  addition  and the correct amount of Sugar or Honey added – you will very  soon find, that the old day turns out,  to be a most  wonderful day, just  full of Sunshine!”    D.V 

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“A VERY Expensive Lesson”

This is one time, that I did hope, that the pictures that were being taken, would at least be taken correctly.

On Visiting Sundays,  of which this is one of those special days,  but also, an extra special day!

Just because this was so special  of a day –  we had to take a

 picture, so as to have a terrific  memory,  so we started  to take a photo of the bracelet, that I have on my  left arm.

Posted on this right side is, all  of             the three overlapping

pictures so that you

can see why the only

single picture is still 

not of the best  of

quality –  but the

reason for that  one 

picture a little  larger,  is to see that “sparkle” on my left arm! And when this picture  was taken – this was a real beauty to see, but that did not last long.

I sure did think that I would know,  that this bracelet was on my arm at all times, but evidently someone  else in my class may have had another idea,  just waiting for me.

On Saturdays, after we had our chores done, some of us girls would go down beyond those buildings you see in the background, to play “Volleyball” on the Tennis Court, which was not  in a  well kept  area –  but we  could still play sometimes,  and this one time  – just was not the time for me to be there.

In our playing – it did get rough and as tall as I was, there were a couple of other girls just as tall. We were really playing hard and using all of our power to WIN with each of  us trying to keep that ball up in the air and then over the NET – I was not conscious of that bracelet being pulled from my arm, as we were trying our hardest to WIN!

Can not remember how long we were playing, but when the game was over and we started to walk back up to the  GIRLS’ side playground  – I did  noticed that the bracelet was gone!

Immediately,  we  all ran back and everyone was looking to see where it was – thinking it fell to the ground as we were playing. It could not be found, not alongside the Tennis Court, not in any tall grass around the edges – I ran to the “Maintenance Shop” – where the grounds’ worker would be and told them what happened. Ask them to keep an eye out for it – but  it was never ever, to be  found.

Since it was  not found – I figured that, that there was  one person playing, that knew the value of that bracelet  and could  have so easily  grabbed it from my arm, as we were playing, as we were bumping into each other so much with such roughness as per usual – that I did not think it would fall off, nor did I give it a thought, that someone would take it.

Sometimes in LIFE – it is better to not give your children things that are not really appropriate for the times – wait till they are older – and  I should have known, not  to mix beauty with rough game playing – the two do not mix well!    D.V.

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“An Idea or Two For Dress-up Day”

When someone asks me to look for an old Photo or two – sometimes, I find something so Wonderful -just thought that everyone would like to see something just right, for the upcoming “Dress-up Day” this next week!

and… This dress was made for me by our Aunt Irene – and for my Graduation in 1952. The hat is another gift from Aunt Irene – something that I just could not at the time – find the right place to wear – but did want to see what it would look like – and how  I could possibly look, if  and or someday, I would ever wear it?

My Mother would not allow,  for me to wear high heel shoes – and these came from Aunt Irene – and so with a couple of other pairs – I found a “Second Hand Dealer” in the neighborhood – and he was glad to pay a pretty penny for these and some others!

I never looked so good – so nice and tall, slim and trim  –  just all those wonderful qualities of a good model – and just so LUCKY to have a wonderful brother  in the family to do the trying on of the clothes for me – just to get an idea of what I might look like?

My other brother was very handy in the helping  to get the things ready and the place to take these PHOTOS – as he said he was  not tall enough to really get the right idea, of  what these clothes would look like – and  that with his red hair and big smile – we would not  get the same effect as we had  wanted at the time.

Who in the world, would think – that these old PHOTOS that have been resting all these  many years – and safely in a nice PHOTO Album – would finally be pulled from their peaceful rest, for these many long  years – to now see the light of day.  I have to say that these sure do bring back memories of those good old  years – when young kids have so  much FUN –  and the old marbles in the brain – today –   begin to  bring back those happy go lucky  older days – when the world was enjoying the time – before we had to really get down to work!

Will have to see what else there might be in  that old PHOTO BOOK – that I have not thought about for a good many years? Everyone should take time to do the same – enjoy the Fun and same the LOVE!   D.V.

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