“After the PARTY – Start Working”

When you celebrate all week – – that is eating some leftover Cakes and other goodies – – a few extra pounds decide to make their home – – right around your middle section!

So, looks like,  I have to get that old bike out and run it around the neighborhood – – and see if I can drop a pound off – – here and there – -and maybe if   in a few weeks – – be back to the old weight, that I thought was safe for me to be carrying around.

If everyone is like me, just LOVE to have that extra slice of cake and an extra dip or two of the ice cream  (my  big  down fall) – –  just can not say “NO” to the extras that are handed out – – they are so good and they look so temping – – just have to have just that one more little taste – –  what does some one do or say, to STOP!

I remember years ago,  some of my “class-mates” could eat an enormous amount of cake and ice-cream and they never gained a pound. Have not seem them in years – – so I am wondering that – – if that is something some people  can do and  they  have  ‘it’  for their whole LIFE – –  that, they can “over eat” the wrong kinds of food – – and always stay thin?

A very long time ago, at one of  the “seminars” that  our “work group”  attended  –  this “Guest Speaker” started off with  this little  “tid-bit” to get all of us  interested  and  have all  of   us  relaxed for the  starting day , thinking we all needed this  funny but good information.

“Good Morning to all”  “I can see that so many of you are drinking extra coffee – -hoping to wake up and get into the mood for some extra special information to make all of your careers start making more income – – right NOW!   So, this is how I start my day… I have been  doing this for  many years to keep in good shape and to have a very alert mind as soon as I get out of bed.  My first step starts with “ME” running around the “block”  at least “10 times” – – sometimes,  I  will run more times around the block   – – and then,  being highly exhausted –  I bend over –  pick up my “block”   –  put it back under my bed –  go downstairs for breakfast and feel like a new man!” 

Naturally everyone in the room – – had the best ever laugh – – everyone was NOW ready to start the meeting – – knowing that this would be a FUN DAY, after all!

So, the next time,  that  you might be asked if you do any exercising – – You can pass on to them – – all about your personal exercise plan – – about you running around the “BLOCK” every morning,  before you start your day – –  and YOU just LOVE  – – your own personal “workout” plan – – ’cause it is  soooo GREAT!        D.V.

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“How to Safely Light a BIRTHDAY CAKE”

When it comes to “Birthday Cakes”  – – just exactly  – or who would decide – –  the number of candles to put on a cake – – before you start a major fire situation?”


   “When, the Birthday cake is for Grandma, how or who does the deciding how many candles would be a safe number to  put on the cake?”                                                                                                                

Is there a standard number of candles that could all be burning brightly – – and not burn up the cake –  and also not start a major fire – – causing a disaster instead  of a pleasant and happy day for all those that just want to have Fun and Games?

The big problem that we were having – – was that some of these candles were  of the kind that keep relighting even after they have been blown out – – and blown out time after time. “Granddaughter Jaime”  had  the sense to grab a coffee cup – -fill with water and grab candles and drop in the water to put out.  I’m guessing,  that she has some of those  “Fireman”  genes from a long distance ancestor – – to be able to think quick,  and act at the same time – –  otherwise we could have  had  a very sad situation on our hands!

Sure glad that we were all ready for something exciting – –  as it was FUN watching the candles re-light and I was running out of  “wind” – – and,  all that I could think – –  “I guess that I will not get my wish – – this time?”

Senior citizens just do not have as much air in  their lungs to be doing a lot of extra blowing – –  just to be blowing – – and I sure do not have what I used to have – – guess I better look for a vitamin that rebuilds the “LUNG” capacity – – so for the next time – – I will be able to blow candles out all day – – if,  that is what it will take to get my wish – – all done with only one breath!

“Thanks for a wonderful week of celebrating and to all that came by and or called – – and,  “Thanks to the Almighty”  for giving to me a wonderful week to be  with Family and Friends – – and another year to work for HIS greater glory and praise – – He is  every thing that we need for LIFE!”    D.V.

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My Birthday Week is almost over”

There is a good reason to celebrate your BIRTHDAY all week and this is why;    “Every year your “BIRTHDAY” lands on a different day of the week and the original “DAY”  that you made your  GRAND ENTRANCE on to this EARTH – – that day only shows up “once” in a “BLUE MOON” – –  meaning that your BIRTHDAY will be here every day of the week, some time, some year, and so we must  “Celebrate”  for a whole week to give honor to each day of the week – –  remembering that some days of the week – – work out better for a “BIRTHDAY PARTY!”   

“WOW” – That was a whole lot of stuff to say –  just to justify having a whole week to celebrate a BIRTHDAY.  This celebrating comes from the earliest of my Birthday Parties –  as far back as I can remember.

My Daddy was the kind of guy that like to do things up in a big way –  and that included him having lots of Food and Drink for the adults that came to  partake in the “PARTY”  for his children. He would have  “tubs full   of ice for the  soda and beer” and then he would cook enough food –  you would think that he was going to feed an ARMY!

For us children, there was a large “play pen”  and we were in it.  So no harm to us –  the center of the attraction and some people would come and blow those “extending horns”   right up and close to the “BIRTHDAY Child” –  we had our own toys to play with –  and the adults were having the best of times –  doing what they do – eat and drink and have so much FUN  –  and now,  that I think about it – I am wondering if we even got some of the Birthday cake?

It sure is FUNNY –  some of the silly  things you will remember,  as you think about  some of your long ago BIRTHDAYS –  some BIRTHDAYS were just too much to do and no FUN – -and then others, were nothing at all prepared –  and  “WOW” –  just more FUN  and to be remembered,  for always!

This year was the best ever BIRTHDAY –  since in addition to the FAMILY,  GRAND- Children,  this year a real  first class  “A#1”  addition was my first “GREAT Grand-son, Lex” –  and to have this special addition to our FAMILY –  makes LIFE feel like “Heaven on Earth” –   that is to me – – can not speak for others –  since there are some in the FAMILY that are no longer here, but,  I still remember them as if they were still here –  but to have NEW babies added to the FAMILY –  that is what  we all LOVE having to remember  –  how the NEW Life replaces the old –  and always more  real good  heart warming memories to pass on!

“Thanks be to our Heavenly Creator, the only ONE to give us  those that will be with us today and  then for tomorrow new  children to build us up –  with the desire to live for the next exciting day and time for the whole FAMILY to gather together!”    D.V.

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“Birthday Parties and GREAT-Grand Child”

“Nothing in the world makes for a better Birthday Party – – than to start off with a big  “HUG”  about the neck from your very first  “GREAT-Grand-Son,  little LEX,”  himself!”

 When you are,  the brand new  and  first  Great-Grand Son and also,  the first Grand-Son – – you are more important that any thing else going on – – even if  it is,  only a “Birthday Party for  the   Great-Grand-ma Ellen,” herself!   There is such a  policy that,  you may or may not have heard of, and that is,  when there is a very special  new member of the  royal FAMILY – – he out ranks – – even the “QUEEN BEE, herself”  – and everyone     wants their fair share of the “hugs and kisses of baby, Lex”  – – if and when he is available!

So, also sitting with  our new baby, LEX, himself  – showing all that he is quite content with all of the handy-dandy toys at hand – – and also in the arms of his “Grand-Mother, Jill, herself”  – –  with a big smile to have this wonderful addition to our FAMILY – – and with proud  and happy smiles for all of us  – – having fun showing off   our  “BABY, LEX”   – –  as just the best little baby boy – – that ever could be – – and we all just LOVE him!

“Thanks be to our ALMIGHTY Yahweh FOR ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL CHILDREN, GRAND-CHILDREN AND ESPECIALLY OUR  GREAT GRAND-CHILDREN – It  is this kind of LOVE for each other – – that keeps the world in a peaceful  state and greater unity  for a better LIFE for all!”   D.V.

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“Birthday Photos”

“Boy O’ Boy” those candles that just keep on coming back on – – just can not get those candles all blown out at the same time! – – I’m guessing that is so that the “guy”  that makes WISHES come true – – does not have to bring so many surprises to everybody,  that can  really blow out – – all  of their candles!

Finally pulled out all of those candles from the cake – – almost  thought,  that we would have to call the “FIRE Department” – – as those ‘candles’  just kept  relighting their selves – – and poor old  “me”  – – I only have so much extra  high power “WIND” to spare for the blowing out of candles!

 “How’s this for our extra special and youngest “guest”  to his “GREAT GRAND-Ma’s” birthday  party,  “Master Lex, himself”  and in the arms of his favorite “Big Gramps, Al!” 

Since we have several PHOTOS of the Birthday Party – – and still will be celebrating  for a couple more days – – may as well save a few for the next day or so  – – for “show and tell”  – – like the little kids say – – when they have to bring something new to their class at school – – something worthwhile and exciting to talk about!

“Special Thanks,  to all  those,  that came by and those that also  made all of this FUN  possible for all  of us – – and extra special  Blessings from our Almighty CREATOR,   the ONE,  that gives to us,  all of these wonderful things to share in our celebrating birthdays,  each year – – and for letting us SHARE our LOVE with FAMILY and FRIENDS with only the best of  MEMORIES,   for as long as we are all here together!”     D.V.

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“Party…Party…Where are the latest PARTY PHOTOS”

“Have a PARTY and expect PHOTOS…immediately, if not sooner – – just like to say  ‘that’   that way – – sounds so nice and silly!” Wearing my favorite color, “blue”       dress – – so could be for “September”  and that would be for ME!

Those wrapped gifts look just like the  gifts that I opened earlier  – –  starting to wonder if this PHOTO was for someone else, at this table – – could it just be a ‘dream’  from the past, or is this just in anticipation of waiting for today’s’  Photos – –  just can not wait to see how they turned out!

“Now that “TIME” is going bye so fast – – why  does “TIME”  NOW, seem to be going so slow when   “Party PHOTOS” are out there in space – – trying to get here to ME!     D.V.

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