“Surprise!”  …   “Surprise!”  …  “Surprise!”

********* “A real ‘Barnyard” first for us – – to find a new born baby – – and Mama taking care of everything …. herself! *********

********* On …   10.20.2017 –  – “Who would have  even had a clue – – that this would be a first for us??? *********

As you can see… the Mama is a Donkey – – and when I receive more PHOTOS – – will show you … that the  “DADDY” is a miniature  horse. This… I  believe to be a rare occurrence – – –  since the  Mama, Donkey has not taken to be  able to breed for   the last four years. Maybe she was just waiting for the right… TIME?

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“How’s this for the  – – front view – –  –  “mama” is just the best and most attentive Mother – –  – – just does not leave  “BABY” alone – – even at night time stands guard  over “BABY”  – – so that “BABY” feels that she is getting all the LOVE a Mother can give.”

“The BABY’s name  tentatively is…  “Surprise” – – as “MAMA” never gave off any signs – – she was gaining some weight – – but not really that much – – so everything was a complete… “Surprise” – – and a  RARE Surprise… at that.”

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“When all is said and Done…”

“Sitting in your very own… “Rocking Chair” is the best TIME spent – – – doing and or going somewhere!”

When “YOU” stop to think about how much TIME is spent in the just sitting around position – –  My favorite spot is a very good “Rocking Chair” – – it is so comfortable – – while just sitting – – and if the need arises – – – well just put those legs to work – – a little lite push – – now and then – – and your back nerves are feeling so relaxed – – you could just fall asleep.

I have had all kinds of  “Rockers” – – over the years – – and have  found…   that the ones that have plenty of sitting room – – should you feel like doing some “Crocheting and or Embroidery” work  – – you will have enough room – – to set something near to be used – – without stretching a mile or two away.

Another thing that I like for the comfort that  will keep me “HAPPY” to be sitting for a long period of TIME – – is for the “ROCKER” to have fitted…   but,  removable cushions for that extra  TIME  spent – – and the “BONES” – – do not feel like they are bearing too much pressure – – requiring an early  “get-up and move” – – to recirculate the “Blood” to the legs.

AND… of course – –  – – if there is a foot stool handy – – and adjusted so that I can prop up the legs for a “CAT NAP” – – that would only mean one other thing to have fitted for the perfect “ROCKER” for me – – – A very nice and cozy  “Head-Pillow” – – that fits around the  top of the “ROCKER” – – for  when you just want to take a “snooze” – – or like the “CAT” – – a quick  “40 WINKS” – – so that – – having rested just enough – – can NOW take on the WORLD and whatever the next “JOB” is … just a waiting to be taken care  of – – so that as the “WORLD TURNS” – – “I’ve had my “40” and now “rip roaring-to-go” – – before the day is over.

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“Here ‘SHE’ comes on her very own Scooter”

“How’s this… for some “High Flying” travel in the 1940’s?”

This next PHOTO… is just an old antique scooter in color – – not mine – – but so that my “Grand-Daughter” will know – – that  – “when I was a little girl – – everything was not only… all in black and white” – –  – – when she was very little – – and  I would watch old  movies – – and they were all in “black and white”  – – SHE ask me…  “Is that the way you remember everything… only black and white?” – It was difficult to explain – – about the world always in color – – but the “FILM Industry” during the WWII – –  had to economize – – like everyone else in those days – – and that is the way it was.

That is “baby TOMMY” with me… and behind  us – – the window is really the focal point of these PHOTOS – – as one day  – – “TOMMY”  did climb up and into the “window  sill”  – – and just too close to the “Window screen”  – – “TOMMY and screen” fell out and to the ground below.

“Emergency” vesicles were called… and “TOMMY” was taken to the HOSPITAL – – nothing wrong with him – – nothing broken – – no damage… because – – for two to three days prior – – we had continuous rain – – and the ground was so wet and soft – – all he needed was a good bath!

This is a real good “close-up” of TOMMY” – – He sure does look good and healthy – – after taking such a fall out of the window – – the terrible and decrepit condition of the window screens.

BUT… that was but only the first of many “falls” for TOMMY – – so I am guessing that is “WHY” he is tagged with the  nick-name, “MR.  WONDERFUL” – –  – after all – – to still have  the very same big smile and good looks – – and a superior brain – – what more could a guy… ask for?

As you can see… I always have some “FAST and FURIOUS” transportation – – to keep  up with little…  TOMMY – – who is now – – today … over six feet tall – –  and still keeping everyone on their toes – – as to what he will be doing … NEXT!  D.V. 


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“We are in LUCK… I found it”

This looks like my first bike… and do you see that it comes with brakes??? – – That’s right…  that  “big FOOT” of my DAD’s – – keeps me from going – – when  I want to get moving on! – – BUT… I guess we have to stop… for “PICTURE” taking. This PHOTO is so old and almost faded out – – can hardly tell if  – – the baby is my brother, Denny, Jr., or  or baby, Tommy?  That is my DAD,  Denny, Sr., – – probably  checking out  – – how far I can go down the street – – in each direction – – to see if – – I get too tired to ride back? – –  I was always on the move to go – – surprised that  I did not get lost?

Here we are on Clara Avenue – – the house  in “Pine Lawn” sold so fast – – and then we could not find another house – – this was during the beginning WWII years – – and with three children – –  my parents were looking for a house to buy – – but the TIMES – – were hard for everyone.

This is baby, TOMMY and ME – – looks like I was like all the women in those years – – wearing slacks and a “HAIR  NET” – – since all the young men were drafted for the WAR effort – – and the women were now working in the “ammunition plants” – – we did have to do our part – – no matter what!

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“Did YOU… See “ME” just Fly By”

There must be something  ‘strange’ going on in MISSOURI – – or just something in the WATER – – or maybe  just the WEATHER – – something that ‘wakes up’ these old bones and makes “ME” get up on this  ‘BIKE’ – – and just FLY around on the streets – – just like a kid… again?

I wish my Grandson, ALAN would have caught a PHOTO of the youngster – – maybe seven years old on his bike  – – posed just like me… above – – looked like to me – – that he was waiting for me to enter into the street area – – and he was going to tag along with me???

My son, Al – – also saw the boy and said something – – and when he heard us  – – and then…  saw us all look his way – – he took off – – guess he was thinking that I would be too  much of a match for him – –  he probably sized me up – – as someone having too much experience on a bike – – and I would just  “FLY  BY”  – – and leave him behind???

“How’s this………

When I was in High School… “Rosati Kain” and there was a “BUS” strike going on for a week – – I had to get to school – – so…  for this  picture I put on the  ‘dunce cap’ – – just in case I did not make it…  to school? My school  cap… flying around on top – – just for effect? My biggest problem was – – trying to hold on to an arm full of books – – and then – – making sure that my skirt was not ‘flying too high’  in the air???  “What a trip…  for a week – –  “but I made it” – – here I am – – to tell all about it!”

And… here is…

a much younger   “MARY ELLEN” at the  “Orphans’ HOME” – – may  be in the fifth or sixth grade – – and if…  I find the first of my riding a bike – – well – – it will be posted also!   D.V.

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“Do I have GOOD NEWS… to TELL”

“2017” – – Put that number down in your  ‘BOOK’ – –  This is one number bearing “GOOD NEWS”  for us two older citizens in this PHOTO!

In…  this PHOTO of  GREAT-GRANDMA,  Phyllis Ferris  –  –  and of course myself, Mary Ellen – – – just thought  – – that I should declare to the world – – that I have to change my old title of  a plain  ‘ole’ “GRANDMA”  to the next position … going up – – to… soon…  be called a “GREAT-GRANDMA” – – since one of my “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – are doing the honors of  expecting a baby shortly after the first of the coming New Year…2018. “WOW”… “WOWeee”

Just … a second thought…  since “Phyllis is already a “GREAT-GRANDMA” – –  do we add another “GREAT” – –  and introduce her as … ‘This is “Great – GREAT-GRANDMA, PHYLLIS”… because…in the BIBLE is states that you will see your children’s… children – – as a special BLESSING!

I believe … that the BIBLE also states … ‘to count your BLESSINGS’  – – and when doing so – – do not forget to  give… PRAISE and HONOR to our Almighty Creator — –  and that means to remember to give some  “THANKSGIVING”  – – for the wonderful GIFTS – – that we receive – – and not to be as those … “nine out of ten”   –  that forgot to give a  “THANK-You”  for their healing – – for only the  “one out of the ten”  went back – – so from that equation… Who do you think will receive more BLESSINGS?D.V.     


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