“Remember about TIME and the TIDE”

When you have a few minutes to just sit back and think about the good ole days… do some of the things you think about bring you back to when you were in grade school?

Just the other day I was talking to someone about writing stories in the seventh and eighth grades and in our classroom… the  eighth grade class sat in the seats on the left side of the room where the windows were facing the side of the classroom, the side that you could look from your seat, and  would be able  to view that which  was happening on the road in front of the building…. “Causing you to daydream at various times of the day”

At various times and for different subjects of study, we were requested to write a story regarding the subject to see if we did retain some of what we were to learn. This was very easy for me to do… as I did like to make up a story about the way I felt things should go  and could write lots of words that made sense to me, but… sometimes I  would not be too sure that someone else would see things …the same way I would.

My Mother would tell us kids about  the work that DADDY would do  and sometimes… she added some line  like, “The MAIL must go through…neither Snow nor Rain will keep this carrier  from getting the MAIL delivered!”  That is not exactly the correct way that line goes, but at my age I do not remember it correctly, but you get the idea! That story that I wrote… way back then… I did get a high grade… I was satisfied, as I did know what I was talking about then.

Another line that I heard so often and maybe it was meant for me personally to get a move on and get something done. The “NUNS” also had  a full list of  suitable phrases that were meant to  do something… just in case you did not understand “ENGLISH” you would understand when your ears were “boxed”  around a couple of times and you heard… “LOUD and CLEAR”…  “Time and Tide wait for no Man”  and followed with… get a move on and in a hurry!

So now… just this message today… which made me think back about hearing this at least a million times so far… and was remembering that… when I was in “HIGH SCHOOL”  and in my classes there… also received a high grade for using this phrase and putting a good story with it!

When children hear words and phrases that may make sense or that have a special “ring” to their ears…  these little tidbits just find a special place in the brain… always ready to be pulled up at a moment in time and spotted off… just as they did … the first time, that they were introduced to them!

Everyone will remember the first time… that they were  introduced to a word  and or a special way to learn how to remember the correct way to spell that word – as that is what is happening in my brain right now!    ***** “Just so  that I do not forget… the word is  “business” and that was  way back in the third and fourth grades, Sister Florence was that teacher.”

Now … for a final word  about “TIME and TIDE” just ran across this  little message  regarding “TIME” as it seems there are so many people today… that have no idea that there is no “TIME” to be wasted! Once a day goes by… it is gone, just no redoing until you get it done correctly… as the saying…  “TIME FLIES” and you are getting older and never ever to have that spent time to re-use!

Never to forget that “TIME” is worth millions … but only if you use it well… something like that verse in the BIBLE… “WELL done good and faithful  friend… you exceeded that which was given to you… and now those TEN shares will be doubled for you.”  “Must always use the gifts we are given  to the fullest” … for that time in the future… we will understand about having done  the best we can… with the “TIME” allotted for each of us!     D.V.

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“Ruby is thinking… I Like that Song”

Just received a call from Lee,Jr. – told him earlier in the day that the new baby’s name is “RUBY”… and guess what… his wife “Darlene” has been singing that old song about “RUBY” all day… just can’t get it out of mind!

 and… while talking on the phone… looked the song  up and started playing… – Darlene got on the phone… said that’s it!  Guess we have a new baby girl and a song from the past – everybody is singing all about “RUBY” and so…  we are all  so happy to have a new  baby girl,  just the sweetest and best  of all  new additions to our family!

“If ever…I saw a picture of a new born baby… and in looking at the picture… could tell immediately…what was going on with the baby… no words spoken – just a very easy observation on my part…

Our two-day old little “Miss Ruby, herself” … with no words spoken… is telling me… loud and clear… “I am thinking”” about all of this big fuss and attention that I am receiving… the QUEEN of ENGLAND, herself…  and on …the best of days in all of her LIFE…does not get this … A# 1 –  FIRST CLASS attention!”

Just have to be extra THANKFUL and GRATEFUL to the Almighty CREATOR… for sending… this first class GIFT as only HE knows of our dreams and desires… and in reading Psalm 139… the WORD describes the full message about our most precious GIFTS that we receive… just by asking and following HIS word!        D.V.

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“Me…With Inquiring Eyes Wants to Know”

For as long as I can remember… this Photo taken of me…was hanging in place where everyone could see everyday. The wall outside  and on the right  of my bedroom is where this PHOTO  was hanging with little ole “ME” just  looking up and wondering… because what else does it look like I am doing  or thinking of doing?

Looks like all I was doing… is growing older and with the years going by… I was gradually turning brown with age in the frame… just hate to see what would happen if I opened up this frame… would I just fall out and into a hundred old pieces?

In LIFE… you might say that we are young and vibrant… full of energy and enthusiasm, but when we are left alone in and  on a small high and elevated  space … doing nothing at all exciting, just minding our own business, going nowhere, just maybe existing a stagnant life style… it seems that then… you are forever just looking up and maybe toward something that you might like… but just never comes a knocking at your door!

BUT… On the other hand… when the Photographer said, “LOOK THIS WAY”  and then snaps  “YOU” with full attention to getting that expression of the “gift of gab” in motion – he snapped a “PRIZE WINNER” photograph… if ever I saw one!

Here’s the story… from wherever my DADDY had been… re rushes  home  tells my MOM that he is taking my a place  for a PHOTO  CONTEST of babies… and grabs “ME” from the playpen!

My Mother wants to clean me up…maybe put some nice clothes on and whatever it would take to make me look more presentable for a PHOTO!

No time for such foolishness, and I am now  in DADDY’s arm and out the door and into the automobile and  in the 1930’s there were  no laws about children being put into a seatbelt or any other restriction as to how fast to drive … when a small child is in the front seat… and the driver is going way past all posted speed limits… because he wants his child to be entered into a “BABY PHOTO CONTEST” right NOW!

Beside the “BLUE RIBBON” and my PHOTO being in Color and in a frame that hung over the FIREPLACE for everyone and anyone to see… that is the full results of being a first place blue ribbon award winner. More than that I do not know… the PHOTO  hung … and I do believe that when you are in a house for years and years… you really have no idea of what is on the wall… no one  sees it and no one cares… there is never any conversation  about  what no one sees… any more!

After all is said and done… it good to think about the old pictures  that hang on the walls… that no one even gives a second thought about and never thinks to ask anyone a question regarding?

Just have to gives THANKS for my “Fifteen Minutes” of  public recognition… today everyone is doing something and some times for the wrong reasons – but this Photo of ME – is a terrific feeling that I had at a young age – come to think of it – I did not even know and or understand any thing about it at the time!    D.V.

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CHRISTMAS EVE – December 24

Christmas Eve on December 24 kicks off a series of holiday traditions. Some are ancient practices with a modern spin, while others date back hundreds of years.

Christmas Eve is filled with both religious and nonreligious traditions. Religious traditions center around the birth of Jesus. Different denominations have their own traditions. On Christmas Eve Roman Catholics and Anglicans hold Midnight Mass. Lutherans celebrate with candlelight services and Christmas carols. Many evangelical churches hold evening services where families celebrate Holy Communion.

Around the world, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a variety of foods. In Italy, they celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes. Russians traditionally serve a 12-dish Christmas Eve Supper before opening gifts. Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, the Christmas Eve meal consists of an odd number of meatless dishes.

Besides food and religious services, the holiday is when Santa Clause takes to the sky in his sleigh to deliver Christmas gifts around the world. Other names for the white-bearded man in a red suit include Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and Saint Nicholas. No matter what he is called, the legend of Santa is based on a real-life man named Saint Nicholas of Myra. The early Christian bishop was known for secret gift-giving, as well as many miracles. Through the years, the legend of Santa grew to include the North Pole, a sleigh driven by reindeer, a naughty or nice list, and his jolly laugh, “ho, ho, ho.”

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChristmasEve

What are some of your holiday traditions? How did they begin?

There are many ways to observe Christmas Eve. For many families, the most important thing is to make lasting memories with their loved ones. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Attend church for a candlelight service or Midnight Mass
  • Read the account of Jesus’ birth from the book of Luke
  • Put out milk and cookies for Santa
  • Pass out Christmas cookies and other goodies to your neighbors
  • Host an ugly Christmas sweater party
  • Gather around the tree with your family and cups of cocoa and share favorite holiday memories
  • Go caroling in your neighborhood or at a senior center
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Hang up Christmas stockings
  • Read Christmas classics like The Night Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol
  • Watch a fun Christmas movie like Elf, Home Alone, or The Grinch
  • Rent a limo and look at Christmas lights

As you can see, there are many wonderful ways to celebrate Christmas Eve. Share how you’ll be celebrating this special day by posting on social media with #ChristmasEve.


Hearkening back to the 16th century when Christian traditions were first influenced by winter solstice celebrations, decorating and preparing for Christmas Day took place the evening before. This included putting up the tree, decorating with mistletoe and holly, bringing in the Yule log and making dishes for the Christmas meal.

Jewish traditions have historically influenced Christian practices, too. One such practice is that the church day traditionally begins in the evening. Christian churches have celebrated Christmas Eve in part because it is believed that Jesus was born at midnight. Many churches today hold Christmas Eve services or Midnight Masses. They may also hold candlelight vigils, Nativity productions or sing carols.

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“Getting Ready to be with the Family”

“Christmas in the Orphanage”

Today there may not be as many Orphanages, as there were when I was a kid,  in 1945 – there was St .Mary’s Orphanage for girls –St. Joseph Orphanage for boys – and then there was German St. Vincent Orphanage for boys and girls! 

St. Vincent was the place, my two brothers – Denny and Tommy and me, Mary Ellen – decided  that at least we would be together. The year this change in our lives took place was 1945. My mother went to her parish church, Perpetual Help – asking for assistance for a couple of month’s assistance. 

(My advice to anyone – don’t ask for help – it is not available, nor will you ever receive what you think that they are going to do for you – just plan on yourself … actually doing something different – to really get that which you really need. In the long run, you will pay a price that will break your heart!)

On the Dec. 20th  post, you will find a photo of the yearly custom of Procession of Baby Jesus brought to the crib scene, with a church service, and some of the children participating.

As you can see the children are dressed in their regular play clothes,  not their uniforms as for Church Services – and what they are really thinking about is  – how fast will be getting to our classrooms for the best part of these activities – the activity that will be taking place when we all go to our own  classroom, and what – will Santa  have brought to each of us “GOOD ORPHANS” – after all…  we did behave as instructed or we did get  know what “trouble” is, one way or the other.

Marching in our class room, singing “Christmas Carols” around the perimeter  of the room – each child looking at their own desk to see or make out just exactly what you will be opening up in a few minutes. The suspense is growing, and as everyone marches – you try to also figure out what your friends are getting – is what they are to receive better than,  that which you will have? Everything is about the same for each child, couple of games, and some small items to play with, also puzzles that not many kids like getting.

One year, Eleanor Faucher, in my class room, and her sister Rosemary Faucher in another class room, each receive a brand new bicycle, their father worked for the downtown bus company.

Another year, I received a “BRIDE DOLL” with real hair, in banana curls, and with a whole new outfit custom made just for me! This doll was mine,  before coming to the Orphanage,  in an old “WAC UNIFORM” as  these were the “WAR  YEARS” – with lots of wear and tear from being used in rough play – – my Aunt Irene Riley took the old doll to the “DOLL HOSPITAL” to be overhauled, and  also to use some of her  own hair that  she had – when she first had her long hair cut in the 1920s.  “I was tickled “PINK!””

Christmas morning, each child received the best gingerbread dough cookie in the shape of a large sled – it was a very long lasting cookie and so good. That was breakfast, with cup of milk and apple butter bread. If you were “LUCKY” and your parents would be taking you home for a couple of weeks, you would hurry and get your things ready to leave as soon as they came for you.

Going home to be with your parents as a family should do…  for Christmas is the best of feelings for kids, just ask me…  I know what “Christmas Love” feels like!    D.V.

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“BATHTUB PARTY DAY- December 5th – Lee’s Birthday”



Bathtub Party Day encourages us all to skip the ordinary shower and linger in the tub instead. On December 5th, add some suds to the tub and pamper yourself.


HOW TO OBSERVE #BathtubPartyDay

Gather your favorite bath bomb, a good book and a glass of Moscato and let the worries of the day fade away while you relax in the tub. Use #BathtubPartyDay to post on social media. And be sure to use soap behind those ears of yours too!


Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat created this National Day. 

        “A #1  Splish Splasher himself, Little Lee”

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