July 20th recognizes National Lollipop Day as a way to celebrate this enduring and ever-popular treat. Pick up your favorite flavor to savor! 

Ever delightful and sweet, lollipops have been satisfying the sweet tooth for generations and possibly for centuries. How long lollipops have existed is uncertain. During prehistoric times, a form of lollipop may have preserved nuts and berries in honey. As sugar became plentiful, lollipops appeared much later in 16th century Europe. 

In the United States, confectionaries and medicine shops as early as the 1860s sold lollipops in various forms. However, George Smith gave lollipops an official 20th-century story in 1908. He gets credit for inventing the modern style lollipop. In 1931, Smith trademarked the name which he claims came from his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pops.

Lollipops range in size. The smaller lollipops can be purchased by the bagful. Banks, barbershops and vendors at parades give these away to customers and more! Confections make large lollipops in a variety of bright colors, shapes, and sizes. While they are attractive, these lollipops can be cumbersome and often are more than we can handle!

Lollipops in Pop Culture

1934 – In the movie Bright Eyes, Shirley Temple sang the song “On the Good Ship Lollipop.”

1939 – The Wizard of Oz brought us a world of characters, including the Lollipop Guild. Armed with a giant spiral sucker, The Lollipop Guild welcomed Dorothy to the Land of Oz.

1969 – How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. The Tootsie Pop (the trademark name for Tootsie Roll’s lollipop) commercial debuted on U.S. television. The 60-second advertisement included a boy, cow, fox, turtle, owl and the narrator.

1973-1978 -The lollipop-loving detective, Kojak, from the TV series of the same name, softened the tough guy while at the same time, toughened up the lollipop.


Enjoy a lollipop today to celebrate.  Post on social media using #NationalLollipopDay.


The National Confectioners Association founded National Lollipop Day.

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To Remember Friends and Good Friend Forever”

Remembering “Beverly Theresa Porter”Betty, Beverly,Me 001

In the photo above,  this picture  of the three of us,  is being taken by Gail Porter. Also,  in the above photo is Betty Jean Musgrove, and she is taking  this  picture of  me, Mary Ellen and,  I have  my left arm around  “Beverly Porter,”  who is  our very good friend.

This photo was taken in my last year at  the German St. Vincent’s Orphanage,  and  as you can  see,  I  do have  some long hair, and I wanted it to be very long,  for our  “Graduation Day” in the  up coming,   June of 1952,   but the NUNS,  had a thing about long hair,  that is, long hair on me. They told me,  that they would pay for me to get a permanent at the “Ragsdale Beauty Shop” if , I would have it done,   just as soon as possible?

It was January 1952,  and they promised me,  that  as my hair grows fast,   that it  would be long again,  in time  for “GRADUATION.”   I did not really believe them, but, and so that,  I would not be  harassed,    any more  about my long hair,  as it was disturbing  to them,  when we were all  in Church. 

In my  opinion, instead of looking at my long hair, in Church, and maybe,  wishing that  they still had their own long hair, as  it may have been the case, before they entered into the Convent,  they should have been reading  from their Prayer Books  and  even,  maybe doing some  extra Praying – like we were all in Church to do.

Just let me tell you,  because I know, it does, for sure,  take longer than six (6) months to grow that  long hair, back. And now that I am older, and have the good news – “HAIR is just dead stuff”  – and no matter  how and or what you try to do,  to make it look  even good  and or better  or even to grow long faster, you are wasting your time, it is just  plain ole DEAD stuff, no more beautiful  living LIFE!, to it!

This was to be a message to remember  “Beverly Theresa Porter Hitchcock”  as she was a very good and dear,  friendly  person, to everyone that I know,   for  all of her LIFE  and  just five  years ago,  this month,  she  left here,  for a much greater  and  a far more heavenly  resting place, with her CREATOR, ending this  long journey here on Earth.


Well, I was able to add this much latter photo of  “Beverly Theresa Hitchcock” and she did  live 74  very good years, with all of us,  which  includes,   her very many friends and Family!     D.V.

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“Life-Sized Bunny Sleeps in My BED”

Sometimes you just run across a PHOTO – that just was not put in to any story,  because it was just sitting there, out there,  in LIMBO.

It is funny that  the word  “LIMBO” should have just popped up into my mind – regarding this PHOTO. The PHOTO was sent to me after,  Little  “Great Grand-son Lex”  had visited me for EASTER,  since an extra large “BUNNY” was on the Dinning Room table – taking up so much room, as only this terrifically   large size “Bunny Rabbit” would  be patiently waiting  for the smallest of our family.

Just such a  great big  “Bunny Rabbit” and all white and fluffy, just right for a small child to cuddle up in  and or,  also could be used for a sleeping blanket or just a big, or maybe a  huge  addition   to a very large size  bed, that is  full of over- sized pillows and  such things, to talk about.

This is one of  those,  “million dollar smiles” if ever,  I saw one,  and so happy to be able to share this “PHOTO” with the whole wide world!

As you can see, this is truly, one very large  size “Bunny”  – bigger than “LEX” and almost as large as any  adult.  Sure hope that “Little Lex” has lots of FUN,  with a  big old stuffed  “Bunny” larger than himself – and  that “LEX” gets to fall to sleep having  the very best of  “DREAMS”  when-ever  he and the  great “BIG Bunny”  decide to take their daily naps!    D.V.


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“More about Charlie Brown”

         “This is a ‘REAL’ DOG’s Life!”


This is “CHARLIE BROWN” our little “French” poodle and she is being groomed by a professional dog groomer,  that makes house calls.We were living in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time and,  I thought it would be nice for our little son,  Lee Jr., to see exactly how, our  “CHARLIE BROWN” is made to look beautiful,    when she has “someone” to take good care of her.

Looks like “Charlie Brown” knows that this is, a regular course of events, when you are a poodle? You do  have to have your hair trimmed just so-so,   and a special bath,  with all the good smelling soaps, made just for the “well-care-for”  little doggie?

When,  having good experiences like this done at home,  for the children to participate in, that is –  in my opinion –  it helps for the children to always love and take  good care of their animals.

It helps for children to have a healthy and safe bond with animals, because as in our case,  the children have always had animals in their  home with us and  even NOW, also in their own homes with their own children,  and now, as TIME has gone by,    even the grand-children have their own animals, in their homes,   all are happy, with a very good and healthy  life as TIME passes on, for all!

It was handy to have a good size  “card-table” that we could use for the “Groomer” to set up and with lots of  “news-paper” to protect the table, we were in business for these home events, where  the children  could enjoy seeing and helping, or at least thought that they were helping,  and learning things that they have been able to put to good use all through their own LIFE and  even now,  able to do  all the same for their own animals.

“Thanks be to our Almighty CREATOR,  to have  given  to us beautiful small animals,  that we  can bring into our homes, sharing the LOVE and CARE,  that we all need,  and all together  treat each other,  just like FAMILY,   for all of their and OUR  LIFE,  for as long as we can.”    D.V.

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“Little Lee and Charlie Brown”

           Charlie Brown – 06-13-1963img098

Lee Aldrich  Jr.,  and little Charlie Brown having fun in a rocking chair that also swings around  are the best of friends and  just having fun!

Just  like a boy and his “favorite pet”  should do. Charlie Brown is only (7)  seven weeks old on this photo.

This over-stuffed rocking chair was always the “best for rocking the baby”  to sleep,  as you are  just as comfortable as,  “you can be”  and as  you  rock and turn any which way,  just  as fast or as slow,  as your legs can move you around,  and  all in such sweet  comfort.

It won’t be too long, now  and little Lee and Charlie Brown will both,  be  sleeping and not even mind, that  they are   falling asleep together,  since they have each other to be with in the “LAND of BIG DREAMS”  forever!    D.V.

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NATIONAL SUGAR COOKIE DAY – July 9Observed each year on July 9, National Sugar Cookie Day honors the ever popular and delicious sugar cookie.

A holiday favorite and very easy to make, sugar cookies are sure to disappear quickly once they come out of the oven. Most sugar cookies include sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda. While most people have the ingredients on hand at all times, some of the ingredients should be fresh for the best outcome. Children enjoy baking and decorating anytime someone makes a batch of sugar cookies.

The sugar cookie is believed to have originated in the mid-1700s in Nazareth Pennsylvania.  German Protestant settlers created a round, crumbly and buttery cookie that came to be known as the Nazareth Cookie.

Today, sugar cookie making and decorating has become an art form for kids and adults alike. Starting with the shape of the cookie, the dough is formed with either a cookie cutter or other methods of cutting and shaping the dough. Once the cookie is baked, the cookie artist adds colored frosting or icing. Sprinkles, edible glitter, colored sugars, and additional details may be added. Some cookies receive so much detail, it’s almost a shame to eat them. 

Practice making some delicious and beautiful sugar cookies. Marvel at the skill of bakers who have mastered the skill.


Try this delicious sugar cookie recipe for you. For more recipes, be sure to visit the National Day Calendar® recipe pages or share one of your own. Give a shout out to your favorite baker and let them know you appreciate their delicious cookies. Post on social media using #NationalSugarCookieDay.


Sugar Cookies
Prep: 15 minutes + overnight
Cook:  1 hour 
Total Prep:  1 hour 15 minutes


2 cups sugar

1 cups Crisco

3 eggs

1 cups buttermilk

1/2 tsp. salt

1 table almond flavor

1 teaspoon soda

4 teaspoon baking powder

1 tablespoon vanilla


Preheat over to 350 degrees (when ready to bake).

Mix all ingredients and cover; refrigerate overnight.

Roll dough out on floured board and cut out using a biscuit cutter.

Bake for 9-12 minutes or until just done.

Serve warm with dipping sauces if desired.

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