“Start Making YOUR PLANS for Tomorrow… Today”

Look Back and Look Forward

Can Not wait for the Last day of  January to determine just  exactly what I must do NOW… and what the PLANS for me  will be to start this NEW YEAR off on the right foot… so I  may as well look back quickly… over the past months and the whole year… 

Just have to   check out if those plans… that I. QUICKLY  made…  on the  first… will still be what my MIND is thinking about as these hours  are still  moving  up and on track? 

Now is the time… each and every single  minute  to think about and  to review… all of   my  many plans for this year.

These  very  first hours are turning into  days… all going by… just as quickly as they can… it is a good thing, that I am writing a few of my ideas down, and that I have plenty of paper…so that …  I can still make huge corrections… as I   can not make more time… but I  sure can  delete lots of  negative  thoughts, that are a total waste  of my time. 

So,  Right NOW… if. I will really start using my time more wisely… so that all of those top  drawer plans on my  pretty full chart … which as of right now is full of   my most wonderful and terrific  resolutions…  that did take almost too much time… but, every minute of that time… was well spent!

It just seems to me… that this time is being well spent… if and when…  I go to bed tonight and think about all of those wonderful things… that I have thought to do this year… to make great changes in what I do daily and by the week end… I can sit back and give Thanks to our Almighty Yahweh… for the  inspiration to make changes … and that I will really try to accomplish… that which is best for me… in this NEW YEAR  of TIME and ACTIVITIES … and of…  my getting things done right… for a change~!

Have to always remember… to give THANKS  for inspiration at this time of the year…that in these few and very fast moving hours… these are  some of my most precious hours I  am receiving to get started… and wonders  will be accomplished!

January is that look forward  and backward month…so having done my backward look… I can now  move on to the forward look?

Now  to  check my list  for the plans  I have made,  and listed on my calendar –  approximate  month and dates for  each activity.

One of the first on my list  for this year … I  have scheduled two trips…  so, I will have to make  “Lists” for packing…  telephone numbers (updated) for everyone…

Also…   most important to me  are books , pens and paper  –  can not forget to stock up on stamps and postal cards and envelopes to mail stuff back and keep everyone… back home informed of where I am… and what I am doing.

Almost forgot that most important thing for me…  must have two (2)  pair of walking shoes.

How can anyone  “travel”…   if they can not walk miles and miles –  and must be able to stand around…  while someone else  is telling us…  all about where we are and what we are doing? 

Sometimes they suffer from that which  … what we all call…  “run off of the mouth disease?” 

The most important part of making a full new year of plans  is  the asking of…   our CREATOR  – for His blessing over the plans and the trip  – as… He already knows! 

  Some times we  may run into “detours”   all… along the way    –  meaning   – that  a better opportunity is just around the corner!

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