“January in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and NO SNOW”

When you live in Florida and you have good FRIENDS in Saint Louis    that   know where you are – – enjoying all  of that nice “SUNSHINE” and there is lots of SNOW building up by the  big  “Foot Size Buckets” – – “How can you say “NO” to their request,  to come on down and visit  with you?”

On the left is a very good friend of my husband, Lee – – and since this PHOTO was taken in  1962 – – I am thinking that  his name is “Dick Price” – – but,  to be  for sure – – I would have to look up our old “Christmas Card” lists – – and check out…  who we sent  “Christmas Cards”  to… way back then?

Just looking at this PHOTO – –  a thought comes to me… that this was DECEMBER 1961 and January 1962 —  and it is amazing how green and good looking the lawn is – – since and  if we were up NORTH – – I do doubt that the lawn would be in such good shape and the weather so nice – for us  to be in the front yard with short sleeve shirts on and such wonderful “SUNSHINE”  for all of us to have  FUN  – – just to enjoy  some outdoor activities!

 It is hard to say if this PHOTO was first or second – – as it  looks as if they are getting up from the  “Previous”  PHOTO – – or  just maybe – – I am telling   them to find a nice spot and pose with some nice big smiles for the camera – – so that I will have a memory of this  good time – – spent with a FRIEND from the NORTH – – escaping  from the “deep freeze” in the Saint Louis Missouri area – – just maybe our guest, “DICK PRICE”   will want to stay in Florida… forever!

SO… For  and with  the old memories  of   “50 Years ago”  have to include an old song that I remember  that you would sing to me – – so that where ever you are, Lee  – – You know that I am thinking of you, too!

*** and a  HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. just a couple of weeks till  the Big Day!*** 

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“Just One More” before…

Some days… just require “you” to look good in your uniform – – as there will be persons that you  may not really know – – but they want a PHOTO remembrance of that day – – that they were some where extra special – – and they were able to entice a good looking POLICE Officer to just be in a PHOTO with them – – so that they can tell all of their friends – – that this POLICE OFFICER was the best thing that happened into their LIFE  – – “he” was so very nice, cool, calm, collected, courteous and not bad looking   – –  and someone to remember… for always!

 This is at the old “Ball Park” –  – Are..  YOU old enough to remember?   “The old …Sportsman’s Park …  at the northwest corner of Grand Boulevard and Dodier Street, on the north side of the city.

Originally called the Grand Avenue Ball Grounds and later, Sportsman’s Park, the ballpark was opened as early as 1867. It was first used as an open lot for baseball in the 1860s, and as a result, many different parks have called this place home.

The site hosted the St. Louis Brown Stockings in the American League(later the St. Louis Browns, before the team moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles) and the Cardinals in the National League. For more than a half-century, the city of St. Louis was home to both professional baseball franchises, and they shared Sportsman’s Park for 33 seasons.



Here is another of those job assignments that our POLICE OFFICERS   par take of – – since we have large crowds of people to attend different  functions in and around the Saint Louis area – – and at all times of the day and evening – –  we do need to have someone  with authority to direct the driving traffic and have streets open for walking traffic – – otherwise how in the world would the  “special Attraction” be attended in an orderly manner – – without good and correct direction – – to where and how to PARK vehicles – – and  also have safe ways for the walking traffic.

“Without our good POLICE Force – – we would have  “Mass Chaos”  – – so in order to enjoy good entertainment  and  other large gatherings of large crowds of people – – we really do need the best POLICE FORCE to make our “Day of FUN”  – – remembered as a day that was so enjoyable – – we will keep PHOTO memories… forever!

“Tomorrow is the big day, LEE – – “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – – as we will be remembering you…forever!”     D.V.


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When I have a camera and some film that just needs to be used – –  It sure is a good thing to have a small baby around to grab a few PHOTOS  – as one never knows just exactly what the end PHOTO will look like  – – if it even will be a keeper?

   This certainly is a keeper – – as it is evening time and probably time for the baby to have a bottle and while the bottle is in the pan of hot water – – getting warm enough for  Baby, Al – – nothing like taking a quick shot of the surprise of what is going on – – as baby, Al sure looks HAPPY and having FUN – – some quick movement up and down – – in front of the mirror in the Living Room – – and DADDY getting to use some of those strong muscles.

Just a short reminder – – these are the days before “Micro-wave Ovens” –  had to use the stove to warm up stuff – – in a small pan of water – –  some one with some brains put two and two together – – and decided that  there must be a  much better way to warm up a bottle of milk for our  baby!

Here we are visiting Lee’s  Niece, Elaine – – the one that really likes to make large batches of cookies – – always plenty to eat and even take a few home – – when you leave – – terrific place to go and enjoy good eats. Looks like baby, Lee,Jr. is trying to ask “DADDY”  – – “Would drink that milk from the bottle… when it is too hot?”   “There just has to be a better way to serve a baby a bottle of milk!”

Just took notice of  a cake on the “Coffee Table” and a few pieces missing – –  and now I am wondering if  that could be that I did have to sample  a piece – – since I do like sweets – – especially when they are so very  good to see and they are  just sitting there and begging me to sample!

Each baby in the above PHOTOS  started Life at nine and a half pounds – – three years apart – – and in just a guess as to how old they are on these PHOTOS would be for Al maybe two months and for Lee,Jr. –  maybe six months of age. Little clothes for a new born baby coming in at maybe six pounds – – as expected – – those clothes were too small from day one – – so my advice for the new MOTHER – – no matter what the clothes look like before the baby  gees here – – just hold off in buying too many  real cute little things – – the “BABY”  will  grow too fast – – too soon – – and unless you are planing on a large family – – you  will have lots of wonderful  brand new clothes – – just to give away!

“DADDY, LEE, SR.,  we all miss you and we are all sending our LOVE and best of WISHES   – – for a real good time in HEAVEN  as we will never ever forget YOU – – – HAPPY BIRTHDAY with Blessings coming from the  Almighty  Yahweh!        D.V.       

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“Down MEMORY LANE toward August 1st”

“Florida does have some nice “Horse Racing Tracks” … so Lee and his brother, Al  were interested in what the horses were doing – – which “TRACK” they would be  racing  – – as there were several “Tracks”  and  from time to time would  also take ME and also Al’s wife, Thelma.”

 In the above PHOTO – which I am taking… Al  is on the left and looking to see just exactly  how the  “Bets” are  increasing…  as that will make for a  big difference in his bet  and on which horse  he  feels will be the  WINNER.   Thelma has own system  as to figure “WHO” the winner will be – – she  had told me… that  she likes the “grey” color horse first in any race – – something about that color that is a WINNER  in her book.  NOW … we come  to Lee, my husband  and  he has  the best  “WINNING” system to beat all  – – he keeps track of  each   horse and rider  and what they  are doing here and there – – and on what the turf and weather had to do with the previous  performance and then determines which “HORSE” is really  “ready”  to WIN!

“My system is – – wherever  there is a  store that has something that I NEED and or Want –  and it does have to be important for me to  really NEED – — that is where my money is going to go… “On a SURE THING” because… for me to take a  “CHANCE” on anything – – it is strictly a DONATION!”

 This PHOTO of Lee and our  “Friend, Dick”  who is a regular to our restaurants when the  “SEASON”  stars in the FALL of the year – – as it does get too cold in MICHIGAN –  – and when you can afford to come to FLORIDA   for several months – – to stay warm – –   well… we do LOVE our FRIENDS to return year after year.

Look back to the first PHOTO –  immediately  and at the left arm of  “LEE”   and  “DICK”  is  almost hidden – but… you can see the black frames of his glasses and  “Dick” does have  his racing forum – – checking which of the horses will be the “WINNER HORSE”  for him on this race – – and  of course…I do not know his system or even if he had a system?

Lee and friend, DICK  with his many Friends in Florida would all partake in the activities that  were enjoyed by all – – as in this next PHOTO  – – you can see that  at least five or six  “FRIENDS”  are  leaning forward – – just to be sure  to be in this  PHOTO.The bottom of the above PHOTO gives the date  “April 1961” so that tells us that it was still “COLD”  weather up   NORTH – – and still “WARM” in Florida for the enjoyment of  all of our  “Northern Visitors” – – everyone still had enough money to play the “Horses”  –  and with  the  smiles – – there was the possibility that some were even  “WINNERS!” 

Have to give THANKS to the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH – – for all of the BLESSINGS we receive and for all of the WONDERFUL MEMORIES we still have – – of all of the   FUN  days and times we did get to share with good FRIENDS!   *******   “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEE”     D.V. *******

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“Living in FLORIDA requires TRIPS here and there”

This PHOTO lets everyone know  – – right up and in front where we are – – no million questions about it – – “It is Silver Springs, Florida” and we also visited other surrounding places – – while driving around.

 We are sitting in  and on the left side  area  of this boat – – the little boy up front belongs to the Mother in the  left side corner –  next is Lee, Sr. holding our son, Al  – – and just his head is showing  – then “ME” in the white dress and “Lee, Jr.,” in the white shirt – and I am counting maybe eighteen people aboard the “Glass Bottom Boat” – -and in the middle of the boat floor – – there is the glass that we can see whatever decides to float under the boat as we take our  trip around the designated area – – but first these  “PHOTOS”  for all of us  that would wish to buy –  – and like us a memory  to last forever  – –   when we get back from the trip.


Seems that we just  had to pack a “LUNCH” and find  a spot along the “Inter Coastal” areas where some well advertised  “Boat Racing” was to take place. Since this was a first time for us –  and a full day of racing  – we had taken lots of stuff with us – – sure did not…  have to want some thing  most important – – and find that we forgot to bring  ‘that’  very necessary  something – – that would really make  or break our having  a very special and FUN  day… especially for the children!

That is big LEE and baby Al, – – so close together – – since you never know how fast a “baby” will move and or just decide to lean too far in the direction of the water… falling in – – but LEE was an expert in swimming and  in saving people – – so no fear for us.

Lee, Jr., is most probably wishing that he could  just jump in and swim around – – as he is what I like to say… “Part FISH” – – he is always ready to jump in  the  Lake Melba,  across from where  we live and also into the OCEAN – – where we go so often. “Lee did join the NAVY when he was eighteen – –  served aboard the USS Ranger (CV-61)  for six  years!

This PHOTO is us enjoying some time  along the “OCEAN” front in Fort Lauderdale – – just a mile from our home and  we even would show  up on “NEW YEAR’s DAY” – – just like all of the  “visitors from the NORTH” do – – when they come down for their VACATION time  – – just to spend time tanning in  the SUN!


Just an idea of the USS Ranger   (CV-61)  off the coast of California. May the “Almighty Yahweh”  Bless and keep safe all of our  young men and women that decide to be in the Military to protect all of AMERICA!    D.V.

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“More Memories Make for LOVE Messages”

Here is a real nice old PHOTO  – – that is  “me”  holding baby, LEE, Jr., – – and I sure am in the best of shape  and strength – – that I  kind of wish – NOW  that there would have been a way that  I could have saved some of  those “young cells” for  me to be able to use… today.

From the left is Lee’s younger brother, Albert and his wife, Thelma – -and she is holding the black dog that she  and Thomas  is sitting  next to her – – had just picked up from the “Dog Pound” – – as Tom wanted a pet for his own  and this particular dog was available to go to a good home.  The name for the dog was “MISSY”  and was a very good dog for our  family with children.

In our front yard is  Lee with  our new baby boy, AL – – maybe a month or two as there is not date on  the PHOTO and also getting some extra “SUN”  is big brother,Lee, Jr. – – and Little Lee seems to be waiting to go play with friends…  as he has his socks and shoes on – – and  being the big brother has lots of stuff to do with his friend, Arthur  that lives on the next block down from us.

Lee, Sr., is home  from the Restaurant for a while in the afternoon just to spend some quite time with the boys – – baby, Al  is trying to crawl to see what that  big  RED stuffed looking “FOX” of a dog is – – and of course big brother, Lee is watching to see if he has to share one of his favorite stuffed animals with his little brother – – to share is one thing  but…  to give is all together something else!

Those were the days when you could eat off the floor – – I was always cleaning while I was young and  so full of energy – – especially when you have small children  on the floor – – getting into stuff and hanging on to furniture and making a big mess if  at all possible – – they do make sure everything is on the floor – – for their own  greater comfort!

Those days and times seem to be so long ago and almost forgotten – – but with old PHOTOS you can bring back those  really good and old  – – and NOW  remembered  – –  as  some of  the very best of  times  back – – just as if they were just  happening…yesterday!

“More Happy Birthday wishes  are being sent to the best of people that I was LUCKY to know and LOVE!”     D.V.

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