“Trivia Through the Decades!”

Have a  FUN TIME…with your friends and make new FRIENDS …Saturday… April 16th,  2016…  – –  Doors open at  6 pm

                                            TRIVIA at  7 pm




Early Bird Registration is $160/table or $20/person ~~Only available until March 1st!

Regular Registration: $200/table or $25/person

Double your Impact… Empower a Future! Joining us for trivia will immediately benefit st. Vincent’s Kids by helping us reach our challenge grant of $134,000 provided by Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinqufield.

In kind support generously provided by: Companion Baking Company, & ABInBev

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“February 29th, 2016…”


“The rest of the  STORY…. from February of 1946…”

My  younger brothers… DENNY  and TOMMY  and myself  were in the German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home…because my Mother needed a place for us to stay – – while she went to the hospital  – – to give birth to our sisters …which were twins…   KATHLEEN and EVE KAREN  McClarren.

Since we  each are  a  year apart in age – – each of  us was in a different grade in school. I was in the third grade – DENNY was in the second grade – – and TOMMY was in the first grade. Also… in those days  – – the MOTHER – Superior of the Orphanage would visit each class-room – – when the report cards were to be given out and there was a “REWARD SYSTEM” attached to the grades that you received.

Still…today – – when someone does something  – which to me seems to be superior to  that which  is expected…I always say…”You deserve a “GOLD STAR” on your report card, because – –  back in the day – when I was a kid – we received fifteen cents for each GOLD STAR!”  So the “GOLD STAR”  was given for grades 95 to 100 – – and a “SILVER  STAR”  worth ten cents was  given  for grades  90 to 94 – – and the STARS… RED and BLUE were worth five cents and for the grades 80 to 89. So…if you could – – you did put forth the extra effort to earn a few nickles and dimes.

Another occasion…from time to time…”MOTHER  ERENTTRUDE ALTHOEFER”  (Sister of Christian Charity) would make the rounds to the classrooms and she would enter the classroom with someone at her side that would set up a table with “PRIZES” – – and these were for special recognition. So this is the rest of the “STORY” about the picture frame and picture of the little girl on her knees  and the two ANGELS –  titled “HER PRAYER” – which when I saw that on display – – wanted  it for my baby sister.

During the HOLIDAYS – – my  little brother, TOMMY – – was taken to each classroom to recite…”Twas the NIGHT before CHRISTMAS” – and part of his make-up  and that is from the day he was born – – – is that of being an “ENTERTAINER” – in that he knows the words of everything and if singing or reciting something… he is on “STAGE” – – hands and face and every movement  is full of joy  with added flair.

AT that time he had been entertaining  everyone and  in those days it was like seeing a “LIVE STAGE SHOW” – so TOMMY was allowed to have first pick of all these items that were to be given out  as trophies.  Since…  I had spited the “HER PRAYER”  – – knew TOMMY could pick that as his “PRIZE” – I ask him to select that “PRIZE” –  and who received prizes after that … who remembers – — I was just so happy that we had the best of gifts – that we could give to our MOTHER when she would come out to see us on “VISITING SUNDAY”   – a special gift to hang  on the wall  above the baby’s crib!

To have a “Guardian ANGEL” is what I grew up with  and we always said the “GUARDIAN ANGEL” prayer – – in our morning and night time prayers and I feel it is very important to remember – – that as we go through LIFE – – we need guidance and the ALMIGHTY will send that guidance if we will… but – –  only  “Ask.” Just today was reading “MATT 18:10” – “for I say unto you –  that in heaven their ANGELS do always behold the face of my FATHER, who is in heaven.”

So… with that verse from the BIBLE – I believe that the Almighty is sending us HELP – – if only we will ask?  D.V.


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This Photo…could be at  least – 140 years old…so and  if…  I did not get to post this PHOTO – –  NOW – –  just  got to thinking …that it – – just after   more time… pass   on to  the  WORLD  of no return – – well…  and then…  you just would  miss out … not  ever getting    to see  this “prize”  photo …  of one of  the little “BRADY” boys!

In the  “Thomas F. Brady” family…my MOTHER  was the  thirteenth    child  and the “lucky last one” to survive for some seventy years. The brothers were the first to be born – then  one girl came along… our Aunt IRENE BRADY- RILEY… and then another boy PHILL – – then the last… my MOTHER.

The reason for the order of births – – is that the   “BRADY BOYS”   married and moved out of the FAMILY HOME – so…  some things that  were  left behind after their leaving HOME… were saved by the parents and as my MOTHER grew older – – some of the left behind items were boxed up and saved even longer – – and no one seem to want them – but they continued to be saved.

So…after all of the saving of stuff… “memorabilia” – – I did come along…  and  did look through a lot of these saved items – especially…when we were moving. At different times… I did ask my MOTHER about all these PHOTOS and as to “who”  they were and what they did…and  how they were all related – – and never wrote any of this important   information down. Just thought that I would be able to remember…  every thing… forever???

No one …has a perfect memory – – as we are all making NEW  memories as TIME fly’s by  – and all the old stuff …about the old people …that  we never  ever did get to meet – they  all pass away so nicely –  and no one KNOWS … and – – who cares???   I do care… and often wish that  “IF” my  MOTHER would have married sooner – – I would have been  here – and maybe would have been able to meet all of the BRADY FAMILY.

 But…that is  LIFE… we get here…when it is so ordained and not before – – so I am making the best of this  “old PHOTOS”  situation – and what I can remember  – – well… that is all that I can pass on – just in case… there are some others  – – who might think that they are related – – as there were lots  and lots of cousins  and married related people that  – – due to the distance in years – – in some members  of the FAMILY – -starting  their FAMILY   too late to find all those other ancestors – that are  OUT there…but who can find them???

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“To Little…Miss Marie Brady…”



Front and back side of an old  1910 POST CARD.






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On this day of your life,

Mary Ellen, I believe God wants you to know…

…that all you have to do is know where you’re going.
The answers will come to you of their own accord.
Earl Nightingale said that, and he was right.
Set your sights, and do it now.  Do not wait until
“conditions are right” or you have all the money saved
or until whatever else you think needs to be “in place” is
finally in place.  Set your sights now.
It is the setting of sights that creates the outcome.  Life
proceeds out of your intentions for it.
…that all change is change for the better.
There is no such thing as “change for the worse.”
Change is the process of Life Itself, and that process could be
called by the name “evolution.” And evolution moves in only
one direction: forward, and toward improvement.
Therefore, when change visits your life, you can be sure
things are turning for the better. It may not look that way
in the very moment change arrives, but if you will
wait a while and have faith in the process, you will see
that this is true.
…that dreams get you into the future
and add excitement to the present.
Robert Conklin said that, and he was right.
So dream away, and dream often, and dream big.
And never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.
What is your dream today? Is it vast enough, bold enough,
to hold your soul? Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you.
Dreams are the container of the soul.
That is, they are the Holding Place of God.
So dream big, yes, because the bigger you dream
the more of God you let in!

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Dune Buggy 001

When it  “SNOWS” – what do you do???

Make sure the kids…and BIG KIDS – bundle up in the warmest of warm wear – – and let them go.  When they… have had enough – they will soon be in – and asking for some “HOT CHOCOLATE” – and sit  by  the warm FIRE PLACE – and tell all about the FUN…that were were doing in their SNOW-mobile – – – doing ‘DO-NUTS’ – – and if you were inside by the window looking out –  you could hear them  yelling  to the high heavens –  –  that they were having so much FUN!

Well… with the terrific  SNOW fall last night – – all the kids that could…were at SUNSET PARK.  Parents were pulling some small kids up the hill on their sled – – and lots of other children were getting ready for a very fast …fun full sled ride done…and yelling all the way  – – I think that the yelling louder… than anyone else…  means you are having more FUN…than the rest of your friends!

Well… it is afternoon – – and the early birds  – all have… had their FUN – and with their parents – got a warm ride home. There may still be some SNOW and ICE out there – – but you have more FUN early in the day – – as the early bird – up and did it – – NOW is on their  phone… to call the  good friends – the ones who missed out …on TODAY’s SNOW DAY off from school – but were able to make it to SUNSET PARK…for FUN and GAMES.

Sorry for those who missed a good FUN in the SNOW DAY – – but one never… knows – another – one –   may be just around the corner.  SEE you all soon  – then!

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