In 1942, in an article written by columnist Bob Balfe in the Palm Beach Post, his children received War Stamps to put in their books when they lost a tooth. It was a popular alternative during a time when giving to the war effort was a motivating factor.


February 28th is a day to look back on the history of one of dental care’s little helpers and to keep encouraging our children to develop good dental hygiene.  It’s National Tooth Fairy Day. 

Download this coloring page of the tooth fairy to celebrate!

Like some of the fantastic creations who oversee children, the tooth fairy is a relative newcomer to the world of childhood fantasies.

In the mid-1920s fairies were used for all sorts of health education from bath fairies to fresh air fairies as a way to get kids to remember to eat their vegetables, wash behind their ears and get a good night’s rest. Like toothpaste, today that advertises fruity flavors and sparkles to get kids excited to brush their teeth, in 1925 it was probably quite a bit more difficult considering the pastes were mostly peroxide and baking soda. One advertisement was for a Fairy Wand Tooth Whitener. This product promised to brush away cigarette and coffee stains.  The ad was aimed at both children and adults, we hope!

Then in 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold printed an eight-page playlet for children called The Tooth Fairy. It was the same year Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “proved” his claim that fairies and gnomes are real and “verified” with pictures of two little girls surrounded by fairies. The world was ripe with imagination and primed to have a tooth fairy about to come collect the lost teeth of little boys and girls and leave a coin or two behind.

Arnold’s play began to be performed in schools the following year, and the tooth fairy has been slipping into homes ever since.  She (or he) started leaving nickels and dimes under the pillows of sleeping children. Over the years there have been variations on the theme.

 In 1942, in an article written by columnist Bob Balfe in the Palm Beach Post, his children received War Stamps to put in their books when they lost a tooth.  It was a popular alternative during a time when giving to the war effort was a motivating factor.  

Today, the tooth fairy jingles much less than ever.  The average payout for a lost tooth ranges from $3 to $4 and can go even higher if Dad is on duty or if the tooth is lost late at night with no time for a parent to run to an ATM.


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 While our research did not unearth the source of either the February 28 or the August 22 observance, it is interesting to note the American Dental Association’s recommendation to have cleanings twice annually.

D. K. Smith  D. K. Smith

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“Magic Door”

from little Tommy… xoxoxoxo



Watch again with friends… xoxoxoxo

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“After Thanksgiving …What To do” “Start Walking”

“3 Cheers – for the COOKS!”



“HIP- HIP!  HOORAY!”  “3 CHEERS  – for the COOKS!”

Sure hope that you remembered to say  “THANKS” for whoever made the best of meals this year, and that  you were there to enjoy all of those special selected   and only once a year foods that always put a hundred extra pounds of muscle on … since you will be sitting and sitting … since they taste so good, you just… can not move yourself away from the table…and  join others who have more sense …  as they are having  lots of “FUN” mingling  around the  great outdoors with others… making room for some great desserts!

This picture was taken several years ago and this senior chef with her very  young and helpful assistant, Alyssa  is  also  my Granddaughter of two very loving children…my  extra special great-grandchildren… so,  the two of us pulled off another big feast   for all of those up at the Airport  and for everyone  just flying in …to enjoy???

In this picture you can see,  that it does not  pay to wear  something   “all white” and then have the nerve to stand near the refrigerator???  

This  is not  the best of pictures, since it is also a copy  and … I will have to locate the original…  just to see who’s… who and what’s… what???  

 This is a quick item… since we are still doing things with the last of  one of the  biggest old turkeys!

Sometimes “Turkeys” can last longer…  than you want…  but… they do make good sandwiches, when we are all  in a hurry!

 Hope that you are also… enjoying the last of your “Turkey! …     …. TOO???

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Aviation History Month - November

When it comes to Aviation History Month in November, there’s plenty to celebrate. From the first balloons sent up into the atmosphere to every device invented that elevated humans above the earth, our imaginations have been captured by the idea of flight. Aviation History Month recognizes the achievements of the men and women who make it happen.


Looking back, many of us quickly identify Wilbur and Orville Wright. However, long before the brothers took to the air, others were lifting off in other devices. In fact, the Wrights were inspired by these inventive pioneers in aviation. For example, Otto Lilienthal built gliders and flew them near Berlin, Germany. His very invention aided the Wright brothers in the design of a powered aeroplane.

When is National Aviation Day?

Another notable figure in aviation history many will name is Amelia Erhardt. While she earned many records, the one record she never successfully circumnavigated the globe. The first woman to gain that honor was Geraldine Mock. In 1964, Jerrie Mock completed her feat in twenty-nine days, eleven hours, and fifty-nine minutes. She flew a Cessna 180 named the “Spirit of Columbus.”

In 1941, The 99th Pursuit Squadron was activated at Tuskegee comprised of black pilots and ground crews. They became known as the Tuskegee Airmen, a segregated military unit. Because the NAACP had forced the military’s hand, the airmen were undertrained and expected to fail. Though they did not perform at the same level as their counterparts, they completed their missions and met demands while overcoming obstacles. As a result, they led the way for integrated units in the U.S. Air Force.

HOW TO OBSERVE #AviationHistoryMonth

Do you remember the first time you flew in an airplane? For some it’s the most exhilarating experience and for others it’s nerve-wracking. Explore aviation history, the people, the places and the technology. There are numerous ways to learn aviation history, too.

  • Read a book about aviation.
  • Visit an aviation museum.
  • Talk to a pilot or go for a ride in an airplane.
  • Listen to a podcast about aviation history.
  • Watch a video about aviation history.
  • Find an airshow event near you.

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use #AviationHistoryMonth to post on social media.


We were unable to identify the source of Aviation History Month.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar®!

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“Our Big Excitement Fifty-Three Years Ago”


Did You See Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs 0011967 Dinosaurs come to South  St.Louis County!  

At the time we lived in this area… I remember a Bank, Grocery Store and Famous Barr Department store in the  corner of South Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry Roads.

Today everything has just simply expanded so much so that this area is highly congested in the Fall of the year…  trying to accomodate all of the people that find … this to be the best shopping area.

This section brings in more money than any other area of St.Louis County! …  That’s because this area welcomed the Dinosaurs!

******* Tallest Man*******

Tallest Man 001Tallest Man in 1967.  

 That is Al Aldrich and Lee Aldrich standing next to the  “Tallest Man”   and … recently,  Al said  that  he remembered this visit and everything we were doing this day!

This is the same year their father died,  and I did try to be  “Father and Mother” and everything else…  just to make up for  no longer having their  “DAD” … someone that they loved and were missing.

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“Live and Learn to FLY Today…Forever”

Pre Flight Test!

AA 001How’s the  “AIR”  up there?

This is Cape Canaveral, Florida  and we are on our way to  Merrit Island  to visit our cousin  Jimmie Brady Shilling.

I remember…  as if it were  just yesterday…  our loading up the vehicle with just about everything that you can think of… since we… the whole family were invited to stay a week  with the  “Shillings!

To be able to just leave the house and not fix Breakfast for all of us first…  and  then a hundred other  little things that one does have to think of… when you know… that you will not be home for a week… is something we were able to do back then.

One thing that I can say now… we never had a key to the front door… or any door… as we never did lock the doors… I do not believe anyone  took the time to lock their doors… back then!

I did all the driving … do not  know why… but when I bought my car… it just seem to be the thing to  do and my husband left the driving up to me and so with me at the wheel … just driving up the  Florida Highway  coast and  far enough away from home … with an eye looking out for a good place to  stop for  our breakfast.

We  started our day nice and early, just so  that we could stop at a fancy  eat-in  restaurant,  other than our own… and just sit back and enjoy the comfort of being waited on… and not thinking of doing any clean up… as families usually do at home when you have small children. I can still see all of us… just having fun and enjoying  the time having some relaxing fun time… no real work for a week!

We were planning on staying a week and enjoying the  swimming at  Jimmy’s  place on  Merrit Island.  They had spent some time  at our home in Ft.Lauderdale, and said to come up to their place just as soon as we could make the arrangements and plan on  doing some sightseeing.

That is little  Al Aldrich, sitting  and holding his hands… I just  can not see nor tell from the above picture… if he is about to cry or if he feels that he will be stuck up there too long… as he can see all around the area… from his…  top of the whole world  position!

Al is near or he is  just 2 years of age, sitting  so high and all  by himself.

Al made a solo trip from Ft.Lauderdale  to St.Louis, MO   via Eastern Air Lines  at the age of eighteen months.   He is happy  now. being a licensed pilot  and as of today … I believe that   Helicopters are his favorite!

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