“August 1st – Lee’s Birthday – ends on 31st”

Celebrating  “Lee G. Aldrich Sr. Birthday” on August 1st and all month long  – – even on the 31st… and forever – – as long as we can celebrate “BIRTHDAYS” – – by remembering those that we did LOVE – – and that we will always LOVE – – and until that “DAY” when we are united together… forever and ever – – with our CREATOR.

These “Photos”  were all taken when  we lived in “Fort Lauderdale, Florida”  in the 1960’s. They are all favorites of mine as they are in this small  photo frame – – which is sitting in my office  – just where I will be seeing all of those I LOVE when we lived in “HEAVEN” – –  because…  we had the “head of our FAMILY”… with us  alive and well.

Life… here on Earth – – is not suppose to be “Heaven on EARTH” – – because of “Adam and Eve” – – we are NOW on a journey to seek that which is possible to attain – – but we have to take the test of LIFE. Early on … we learn  as we go – – new lessons daily – – and all  learning comes to us starting with our FAMILY.

 When I was a child.. our Family went to Church… and the PHOTO on the left, above… is all of  us dressed and ready for DADDY to drive us to Church – – the next PHOTO  is “DADDY giving MAMA”  a big “KISS” – – because… I will be out in the KITCHEN – – for awhile… preparing dinner.

The third PHOTO, on the right – –  is “DADDY” home from the RESTAURANT – – for a good hour… as he goes in at six o’clock in the morning – – getting things ready for the BREAKFAST crowd. Sometimes and  after  the “LUNCH” rush – – “DADDY will come home  for “forty winks rest” in his favorite recliner – – so that when he goes back to the “RESTAURANT” – – he can  do more “cooking” and  or helping where needed… should a worker not show up… or if … everything has gone just right – – he can just  sit at a table with a customer or two – – and do what most customers like to – – just have a good “CHAT” with the BOSS!

Here’s the secret to having “HEAVEN” here on EARTH – – just in case you need to know.Where ever YOU are… home –  work –  play – –  – – and you are with others – – forget your own-self – – always be mind-full  of those with  and around you – –  are they happy or sad… do they need something that you can give or share with them.

Life is really about seeing what …”I can do for YOU” – – do not sit around expecting another to do for you – – you be the one to offer HELP to those around – –  be generous in trying to serve another – – let others feel so good – – and while doing so… you will find that you, YOURSELF – – just feels so much better – -just because you were able to  do  for someone else… making them  feel better – – than they ever did… before.

It truly is… in the LOVE and CONCERN for another – – you are living LIFE to the fullness that will make you even healthier and younger… than you  have ever  felt before!

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“Is there… LOVE… in what YOU are doing… today”


On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know …

… that what is important in your life is what you decide is important —

and this decision will indelibly create who you are.
When you awoke this morning, what was the first thing
on your mind? On your list of Things To Do, what is #1?
As you contemplate your current priorities, is there a person
at the top, or is it some kind of doingness …?
Only you can know what is catching your attention,
what is calling to you for your energy.
Yet you can ask yourself a key question…
Where is love in all of this?


Love, your Friend ...


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“Daddy and Me… BIG AL”

“WOW” It is me… “BIG AL” all ten pounds of me – – and I am ready to go – – – May as well say it here… “I want to FLY  into the highest SKY!”

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“Lee would sing this song to ME… with LOVE”



“There was one extra special thing  – – that…  I would just  “LOVE”  about…  MY HUSBAND, LEE – and that was the way he would sing to me. Somewhere in some box … there is a long playing “reel to reel” tape of my husband, Lee singing and talking and playing the harmonica – – and if  ever… you have heard  “Dean Martin” sing – – well … their voices   are almost  a match – – in the fullness of LOVE – – that you feel when  every word in the song is coming to you – – with such LOVE  in their voice – – and caring that you could just believe – – that this was right there in HEAVEN – –  and be hoping that  –  in  every minute – –  this  minute… would last forever.

When Lee would sing to me – — I am now guessing that he knew his TIME… here on EARTH… was short – – and being older than me – – he knew he would not be able to always be here to sing  as he did – – and the singing that he could do NOW – – would have to last for a “LIFE-TIME” – – and or until we meet again – – but for as long as I would be here – – and… until that date for us to be together again – – a few of his favorite songs – – would just have to last… till then.

“Detective Lee G. Aldrich, Sr.” – – till we meet again… DV



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“Get off your duffs!!” “Let’s get a move on”

“This good information was sent to me…  and just because it is so good …  will pass on to those … who are tired of  just sitting…. and are planning on doing more walking…   or maybe even riding their bikes?” 

“Let’s see how many of us…  will meet at the  end of our street…  or maybe even go further …   like around the block… a couple of times…  and  just…  for the FUN… of it!”

*********         *********         *********         *********

Here is an article based upon a book called, 

Get Up, by…   Dr. James Levine.

Dr. Levine posits and proves that little activities throughout the day support weight loss and health.

I recommend getting the book and watching his videos on YouTube.

In the meantime –

Here is an article by Mary MacVean from the Los Angeles Times about Dr. Levine’s work in this area and what it means to all of us:


And – get off your duffs!!

-Coach Wendy

There’s a saying going around that sitting is the new smoking. It’s a bit snarky and perhaps a none-too-subtle dig at those of us who spend a lot of time on our rear ends for work and pleasure. But Dr. James Levine, who is credited with it, is dead serious. In fact, he says, sitting could be worse than smoking.

What to do about it? “Get Up!” is the title of Levine’s new book, a jovial tale of how he came to the scientific conclusion that our chairs are killing us and what can be done to stop the threat.

We lose two hours of life for every hour we sit, writes Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk. Sitting all day is not natural and to blame for all kinds of ailments, including obesity, he says.

“We have created for ourselves a modern way of living that clashes with the way we’re meant to be,” he writes.

So the obvious answer is to move more, by, for example, taking walks after meals, something Levine writes that he does after every meal.

“On one hand, the good news is that this is incredibly easy. The bad news is this is incredibly difficult,” especially for a computer-centric workforce, Levine said in a telephone interview.



But Levine is optimistic that the revolution to overthrow sitting is at hand. He sees the arrival of dynamic offices, with walking paths from department to department, active senior centers and classrooms. And those will lead to healthier and happier people, he says.

“I think the revolution is coming. It’s going to happen. The cool companies, cool executives are not driving BMWs, they’re on treadmills. My kids won’t be working the way my colleagues and myself have,” he says.

“This is about hard-core productivity. You will make money if your workforce gets up and gets moving. Your kids will get better grades if they get up and get moving,” he says. “The science is not refuted.”

That was not always the case. As he tells it in the book, he was ridiculed by a number of colleagues when he first began talking about the dangers of sitting.

The science turns on the study of NEAT, or nonexercised activity thermogenesis, the energy expenditure of activity other than sports. It includes dancing, going to work, shoveling snow and taking a walk, Levine writes. So you can imagine a construction worker uses a lot more NEAT calories than a computer programmer in the course of a workday.

“Low NEAT is linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer,” Levine writes.

In an experiment in which people were overfed by the same amount – 1,000 calories a day – Levine and his colleagues found that some people had a “powerful NEAT switch” that gets them moving to use excess energy.

“Those people who do not have a NEAT switch remain sitting in response to overfeeding and are predisposed to obesity,” he writes.

The difference was two hours and 15 minutes a day of movement versus sitting. Levine and his colleagues did other studies over several years to look at how the brain controls movement – or lack of movement.

Levine puts the dangers simply: “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

Standing up? Follow me on Twitter: @mmacvean


Copyright © 2017, Los Angeles Times

Mayo Clinic

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“A must see… Watch till the end”



“Let me know how you like to see – – how well your sons can dance and sing – – after all the fine training… they received – – in the very early years of their education?” “No matter what career choice you follow – – those early  lessons – – will never ever  be forgotten – – but…  will bring pure enjoyment to all those  – – that they can entertain – – with true LOVE and FRIENDSHIP!”

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